A Guide to Buying Lamp Holders To Lighten Up Your World

A Guide to Buying Lamp Holders To Lighten Up Your World
A Guide to Buying Lamp Holders To Lighten Up Your World

Lamp holders are electrical devices that hold a light bulb or a lamp on the wall. They secure a bulb in place and supply an electrical connection to power it. Also known as lamp fittings, bulb holders, etc, these devices are designed to fit specific sizes of light bulbs or cap types and will not fit others. So it’s important to buy the right light holders as per your requirements. Reach out to the top provider of electrical wholesale online in India to buy the best pieces. Here are some Guide to Buying Lamp Holders.

How many types of lamp holders are there?

Lamp holders are everywhere and are needed for all types of lamps. various manufacturers and suppliers produce various kinds of lamp holders as each lamp type demands a different design. Holders are essential as they are used to hold lamps and connect them electrically to the power supply.

As mentioned above, there are different types of lamp holders. The most commonly used ones and the most important ones are:

There are various types of light holders available in the market that serve different purposes. Some of the major types are:

1. Pendant holders:

This type is used to hang fancy lights from the ceiling or wall. There’s a portable wire that connects the holder with the ceiling rose where the building’s wiring is connected in a direct way.

The holder secures the light directly from the ceiling or wall. However, pendant holders are a good choice for lighting your living room, kitchen, bedroom, restaurants, cafes, workspace, task lighting, etc. where you use a screw to secure the light. You don’t need any fabric cable to connect the light source to the wall, which in turn, bypasses the need to get an electrical cord to hold the light.

Some exclusive features of the pendant light holders are:

  • Firstly, these are very energy-efficient
  • Secondly, durable and sturdy
  • Then, comes the design. It’s Simple yet modern
  • Also, they have a glossy finish
  • Moreover, these are absolutely shock-resistant
  • Also, comes at an affordable price
  • Last but not the least, they can accommodate multiple angles and surface requirements.

Pendant light holders are safe to use since you get comfort and ease of switching the lights whenever you require them. Hence, it’s a great choice for people with a shortage of space since these devices look fancy and work well, too.

2. Angle holders:

This type is built-in light fittings connected to the wiring of the house and holds lamps directly onto the wall or ceiling. You can use it in your houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. Angle holders are simple, flexible, durable, easy to install and use. You can use it for your home light arrangements. Also, for DIY lighting or shortage of space, it is a good pick.

There are different designs of the angle holders available in the market. You will get an option with different shades attached to the holder which is specifically useful for updating and cleaning the shades with ease. Some major features of these angle light holders are:

  • First and foremost, these are built with great concern over safety issues
  • Moreover, the primary material of this device is polycarbonate
  • Also, they have an elegant glossy surface
  • Then the frame is durable and sturdy as well
  • Not only that, they look simple yet have a leading-edge design
  • Also, they are shock resistant and affordable

3. Batten holders:

These types of light holders are also a useful pick to secure lights directly on the wall for your home, offices, cafes, etc. Using batten holders will eliminate the need to use an electrical cord to secure the lamp. There are multiple types of batten light holders available in the market. So you can buy as per your choice and needs. Some remarkable features of batten bulb holders are:

  • Firstly, these are built with the covered terminals
  • Secondly, there’s a nice shiny finish on the surface
  • Thirdly, polycarbonate is the primary material for the production
  • Also, these are safe and easy to use for all relevant needs.
  1. Slanting Holders

These are bayonet-type lamp holders and are usually constructed of bakelite or brass. They are primarily used for floodlights, advertising boards, and stages. These are specifically used for shades for the lamp to be concentrated on the material display and do not cause any reflection for the viewers.

  1. Watertight Bracket Holders 

The watertight bracket holders are specifically designed for outdoors by lamp holder suppliers and manufacturers. Hence, they are used primarily in street lights are covered with a glass cover to avoid water.

  1. Lamp holder Adapters

These adapters are used to tap power temporarily for small pieces of equipment and appliances from the lamp holder. Lamp holder adapters are most commonly used in bathrooms or any place which is dampened.

  1. Bracket Holders 

Bracket holders provide direct light to the space or room They are not hung or fixed on the ceiling but are placed on the walls Bracket holders are made of brass and they are used in table lamps.

  1. Miniature Screw-Type Holders

Miniature screw-type lamp holders are mostly used for decoration purposes. They are either placed and fixed to the wall or on a board in a similar manner like a screw. These too are constructed of brass or bakelite and are available in two types of specifications- 100 volts or 230 volts.

How to wire a lamp holder?

Wiring a light holder requires efficiency. You can wire lamp holders yourself or you can also speak to a professional electrician for expert help. However, here’s how you can do it yourself:

  • Firstly, you need to connect the holder to the lamp fitting. Pull the thread through it and secure the screw below the holder to lock it.
  • Secondly, you need to attach the two wires you have left, to the holder. After that, just insert these wires into both sockets in the connection unit and secure the screws.
  • Now secure the connection unit to the upper section of the light holder firmly.
  • Then connect the entire bulb holder and ensure that the tools are secured in the right direction.

Fixing Methods of Lamp Holder

The technique required for fixing bulbs into lamp holders varies according to bulb type and lamp holder mount – i.e. the type of connection.

  • Push Fit

Push-fit mounts are utilized on knife cap (BC) light holders and bulbs. Insert the bulb into the holder, aligning the prongs on the bulb with the corresponding slots, then twist the bulb into place.

  • Snap Fit

Snap-fit mounts are a more specialist fixing method. They use downward prongs which permit the bulbs to be immediately embedded into and taken out from a light holder.

  • Screw Fit

Screw fit mounts feature threading and are present on Edison screws (ES) bulbs and lamp holders. Insert the bulb into your lamp holder and turn carefully. Most ES bulbs have right-hand threads and so require a clockwise motion, but left-hand threads are also available.

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