A Healthier You, With the Instant Hot Water Dispenser

instant hot water dispenser

Hot water helps expand the blood vessels and improves circulation throughout the body, and this helps muscles relax and reduce pain. The hassle of having to heat water is long gone.

We are introducing the instant hot water dispenser feature of the “Kul,” the most advanced hydration system ideal for all homes.

Hydration For a Better Tomorrow, Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The health benefits of hot water are widely accepted across the medical community. With hot water at the touch of a button, say hello to your next healthy habit.

We all enjoy that first cup of our favorite morning beverage, and anything that can help you make that first cup is without a doubt worth it. We provide you with a hydration solution, giving you instant hot water, instant cold water, ambient water, and even instant sparkling water.

All at the touch of a button.

Healthier Mornings with The Instant Hot Water Dispenser

With advanced filtration, our instant hot water dispenser is the best hydration system on the market, making health a priority. The ultimate filtration system filters are created with the best raw materials.

Including plant-based renewable carbon, a superior ingredient for filtration, paired with our leading filtration materials, creates the best filters on the market.

Our filters can remove upwards of 80 contaminants in everyday water. Pollutants like chemicals, including chlorine and chloramine. Waterborne parasites like cysts.

Medications that are dissolved in the water, like ibuprofen and estrone. Heavy metals like lead and arsenic are also filtered out. The advanced filters can also remove pesticides and other contaminants from your water.

We are giving you a pure glass of refreshing water every single time. The instant hot water dispenser is designed to be user-friendly for the entire family.

Create healthy habits with your children and the “Kul.” Showing them the importance of staying hydrated and being independent. The parental controls allow the hot water feature to be accessed only after entering a code. It makes any interactions with your kids and our system stress-free for you, even when unsupervised.

We are proud to highlight that with our instant hot water dispenser a single CO2 cylinder can carbonate up to 125 16-ounce sparkling drinks right at home. Each ultimate filter can go through 350 gallons of water and replaces the need for 2,800 16-ounce plastic bottles.

The removable hygienic faucet is easily removed and is dishwasher safe. Get your choice of water with a temperature slider control built into the touch screen display. The display also gives you access to your filter and CO2 status. You are keeping any future upkeep hassle-free.

A fresh glass in 10 minutes right at home. Our 10-minute start to finish guide helps you through all the steps to set up your “Kul.”

We start by choosing a water supply. A direct plumbed-in connection can connect to our best-in-class instant hot water dispenser.

It can also be connected to a sidekick reservoir. The sidekick reservoir makes the entire system completely standalone and can be used anywhere without a water connection.

With our serious contaminant removal ability, you get 350 fresh gallons of water with the simple twist of the wrist to replace old filters with new ones available at verykul website. All orders are shipped directly to your doorstep, making for a seamless experience from ordering to hydrating.

The energy-saving sleep mode works around your schedule. It reduces energy consumption and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. The touch screen display also has various wallpaper options to suit your mood.

Our instant hot water dispenser can be in whatever room you desire. It is ideal for your kitchen to help simplify the cooking process and provide easy access for your entire family. It can be used in any recreational room with various colors to fit whatever aesthetic you desire.

You can also use our system in your home gym to make hydration between workouts very convenient and as healthy as possible.

A healthy choice for the planet, 35 billion plastic water bottles are thrown into landfills across the USA alone every year. These plastic bottles can take 500-1000 years to decompose and even then, can cause serious harm by turning into microplastics.

We use 5% of the earth’s fossil fuel to produce single-use plastics. Almost 71% of all plastic bottles are not recycled, and a total of 74% of all glass bottles are not recycled.

Even if you throw them into a recycle bin. There are not enough recycling plants to help clean up the trash we toss and forget.

The earth is drowning in disposable plastic bottles that cause more harm than good. We toss 1 ton of plastic into the oceans every minute, leading to disastrous conditions for marine life. It’s time to live more sustainably to help the world heal now.

Be the change at verykul website and help reduce your carbon footprint. We all have to start somewhere; the sad irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to create each single-use plastic bottle.

However, this plastic bottle can hold only 1 liter of water, showing just how unsustainable this exchange is and why it deserves attention.

The “Kul” instant hot water dispenser removes 500 pounds of CO2 emissions with each filter, and it saves 2800 bottles from being thrown into landfills.

Each filter also saves 85 gallons of oil used in plastic manufacturing and 8,400 liters of water. In a world where every drop of freshwater is important, such steps go a long way in helping the earth have a better tomorrow.

We spend countless amounts of energy and fossil fuels, and it’s all wasted to make and transport plastic bottles. Eight million tons of plastic are tossed into the oceans every year, creating toxic garbage patch islands the size of states.

It’s time now to think outside the bottle. Health is a priority for us, both yours and the planet. Help us take this important step with a “Kul” in every household across the USA as a start.

Author: My name is Charlotte, and I have been working as a nutrition coach for over 15 years. In addition, I have also been active as an independent product tester for quite some time now, which actually started as a hobby. I am thrilled that I was able to make this my work as well. The best thing about my job is that I can often combine these two well, giving my customers the best possible advice. That is why I regularly write articles about this passion for informing other people about the latest trends, developments and sharing my experiences in this way.


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