Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine for Erectile Dysfunction

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Acoustic wave therapy uses low intensity shock waves to facilitate blood circulation towards the male organ. It is done through a process called neovascularization, in which new blood vessels improve blood flow to the male organ for a hard erection.

Acoustic wave therapy machine is used to generate low intensity shock waves. The waves are targeted around the male organ area. The shock waves repair and strengthen blood vessels to promote smooth blood flow in the body. It is an effective therapy for males who are facing vascular obstruction as a primarily cause behind erectile dysfunction.

Role of acoustic wave therapy in erection process

Acoustic waves are low intensity extracorporeal shock waves generated by the machine. The waves are noninvasive waves directed on the different areas of the male organ. The wand like the device is used to direct the waves on the penis. The time spent with the waves can be up to 15 minutes. The entire session is conducted without anesthesia. The male is fully aware of the process.

Low intensity waves pass through the tissues around the male organ. The constant incoming waves restore the natural erection process by clearing obstructions in blood vessels to blood flow. The repair of damaged blood vessels also promotes the blood flow. Blood vessels get damaged due to aging process, excess smoking and alcohol, etc. The blood vessels are revitalized and repaired to allow normal flow of blood towards the male organ.

The slow-moving waves also relax vessels in the penis. The combined effect is improvement in blood flow leading to an erection. However, it must be mentioned that shock waves only improve the blood flow. The erection comes only with physical stimulation. With improved blood circulation, erection becomes easy to gain.

The frequency of the waves and intensity depends on the comfort level of the male receiving the therapy. The doctors or medical experts giving the therapy check the intensity of erection difficulty before deciding the number of sessions. Some males get results in one session, while males with higher erection issue need more than one shock wave therapy session.

The Acoustic wave machine description

The machine is in compact portable form. It is easy to operate and maintain the machine. Manual control is done by rotary knobs. The waves are generated by the machine and directed to the area around the penis. The depth level of waves remains 10-85 mm. The frequency and intensity are set by the medical experts matching the intensity of the erection difficulty.

Efficacy of shock wave therapy

Medically it has not been proved that shock wave is a cure for higher doses of erectile dysfunction. But it has proved itself an effective treatment option for males who do not want a higher dose of erectile dysfunction medicine. The treatment also is effective for males who have mild erection issues.

The effective shock wave therapy can supplement the lower dose of sildenafil citrate. It can also be used for males who are recuperating from a long illness. If males with higher erection issues do not get desire erection degree, then, the doctor prescribes Sildenafil citrate 200mg a higher dose. It has high efficacy rate.

Combination of the shock wave and ED pills

Erectile dysfunction pills can be used with shock wave therapy. The efficacy of a lower dose of erectile dysfunction pill is improved with the simultaneous use of shock wave therapy. By using Cialis 60 mg tablets with one session of shock wave therapy, the severe cases of erectile dysfunction can be cured.

Acoustic machine therapy can be permanent solution for males with low and mild erection issues. The couple of therapy session can eliminate vascular blockage forever, provided males is health and does not suffer from any medical ailment.


Acoustic wave shock therapy restores the natural erection process of males by improving blood flow. The low intensity waves removes blood blockage in vessels, repair damaged blood vessels, and stimulate new blood vessels to increase blood flow towards the male organ. However, it is one of the promising treatment methods available for males with erection issues. Wave therapy also reduces the need for a higher dose of erectile dysfunction.

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