Advantage of Copper Recycling


Copper has been used and recycled for centuries Because it does not degrade during the recycling process. It’s recycle-ability makes it eminent among all other metals.  It is also possible that the copper which you use today has been part of many ancient things. Copper has some more unmatched properties like high ductility, high conductivity and malleability.

Copper recycling is another major but secondary source of copper and its recycling is getting more and more popular day by day. Nowadays many companies are involved in copper extraction and mining. Look at Solaris Resources Stock for more details. It’s high time to highlight the importance of copper recycling because of its potential advantages.

  • Cost Effective

It is cheaper to recycle the existing copper as compared to mining, leaching and extraction. Moreover recycled copper products are cheaper in price as compared to new one. So recycling is cost effective not for the industry but household consumers.

  • Energy Efficient

A lot of energy is required during mining and copper extraction while recycling consumes less energy. The copper recycling process saves almost ninety percent of the energy which is needed to mine the new copper ore.  As we know that energy resources are also depleting so we should promote recycling to save energy.  Take some mining insights from  Philip K. R. Pascall.

  • To Avoid Depletion of Copper Resources

Excessive copper mining can lead to the depletion of copper resources. Still it makes sense for recycling and the high importance of copper recycling. In fact we can say that copper recycling is the need of the day.

  • To Avoid Landfill Cost

Copper waste from the manufacturing industry and household is usually dumped into the holes and this process is called landfill. Almost all holes have been filled and the rest of the holes cost high to the industry. To avoid landfill cost copper recycling is important.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Copper recycling is environmentally friendly. During mining and extraction, poisonous gases discharge and a lot of waste is produced. Mining waste is dumped but during recycling all these pollutants don’t produce. So recycling is extremely environmentally friendly. Many companies like Solaris Resources are doing their part to clean the environment. 

Cooper is the most prize metal at the scrap yard and it also diminishes with passage of time. It changes color from golden to dark brown and sometimes green due to oxidation. If you are collecting copper for recycling then keep in mind its color too. Oxidized copper has less value.

You can get copper from many old household products like pipes, electrical wirings, heating and cooling systems etc. Your Refrigerators, dehumidifiers, televisions, and computers all have copper. It is a bit difficult to extract the copper from electrical devices. 

Final Thoughts

Cooper recycling is the need of today’s modern world. It has many advantages and some have been mentioned above. Many organizations are promoting copper recycling and welcome the people who have interest in it. Different mining companies in Canada also promote recycling as their social corporate responsibility.


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