Airlines Say It’s Safe to Travel. But should you fly yet?

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The pandemic last year created many hurdles for the travel enthusiasts and everyone who had plans to visit somewhere. Also, many got stuck in foreign countries while working or studying overseas. It created a sense of urgency once the world started opening and an influx of people who wanted to take flights and go somewhere else. While many already went and came back after vacations and their homelands, there is still speculation and fear. The pandemic and the coronavirus is here even after a year, and still, the news and headlines of hundreds of people infected and dying are prevalent. People are reluctant to fly somewhere, even if returning to their families, as the virus is a dangerous and lethal disease. Especially for the old ages people, it poses a threat to their health and life. Many people are not going back to their families only because of the fear of getting infected and passing it on to their parents or loved ones.

The airports are a high traffic place as many workers, attendants, travellers and people are present daily. There is no way to make sure that you won’t catch the virus as the number of people is significantly large. Also, ensuring that everyone on board has an accurate test report or even your flight staff isn’t suffering is not possible. All of these things pose a vital threat and risk for all travellers.

On the other side, airlines are telling people that it is safe to get back to their plans and start flying. This has created a sense and atmosphere of confusion in the minds of people everywhere. People are unwilling to stick to the words of the airlines as many think it is just an effort to increase their sales. While the airports and airlines are adhering to all the necessary protocols, there is still a significant question of whether it is safe to fly again or not. Nobody can answer this in a sure foolproof way and ensure the safety of someone else.

People worldwide are grabbing the low airfares prevailing right now and going on long vacations to escape their monotonous life. The tourist economies offer great deals and discounts to everyone visiting, acting as a conductor to the increasing travellers. People are constantly booking flights to popular travel destinations and going on trips even in this pandemic. Business class flights to Abu Dhabi, for example, is one of the options that many people are looking to get on their travelling list. Let us discuss all the aspects of whether it is safe to fly again or not:

The safety protocols on airports and flights

The airports and reputed airlines are following the necessary global guidelines for the prevention of the coronavirus. Also, there are many rules that passengers need to follow or else they can be even denied entry to the airport. Here are the protocols that airlines are following:

  • All the flight staff, including pilots, flight attendants, and everyone else, undergoes thermal screening when entering.
  • The team goes through regular testing, and any person with symptoms is not allowed on board.
  • All the attendants wear masks, use sanitizers and gloves when attending to the passengers.
  • Many airlines are opting to leave the middle seats to maintain a healthy distance between two passengers.
  • There are machines and the latest thermal screening technology for passengers. The temperature of every person is recorded before allowing them on the flight.
  • New cleaning and sanitizing protocols for the aircraft ensures that the entire carrier is sanitized.
  • The meals on short flights are also not served to help contain the virus’ spread.
  • In some airlines, bathrooms are also kept in check by not allowing a line to form.

These practices ensure that there is nothing left unturned by the airline and that they follow every protocol. Also, it has been a huge element in increasing the confidence of the passengers to travel in this pandemic. Apart from that, airlines are offering many discounts and contribute to improving the trust of people:

  1. The prices of the airfares are at a record low level due to the negligible demand in the previous year. This is an excellent opportunity for all the budget travellers who want to go on an international vacation.
  2. The fees for changing the travel plan and booking are withdrawn, allowing people to secure the current low deals and change the booking dates and plans if they want to without any extra charge.

The protocols for passengers

All the passengers need to follow specific guidelines if they want to have a comfortable flight and avoid any trouble. They are also helpful in minimizing the risk of transmission of the virus if someone onboard has it. Following them is crucial as you can be denied entry if you do not:

  • Masks, gloves and face shields are mandatory to wear for travellers. They need to carry it themselves, and many guidelines provide it to the passengers too.
  • People need to follow the social distancing protocol and maintain a minimum of the 1-metre distance between themselves.
  • They should follow basic hygiene manners and wash their hands frequently.
  • Carry a sanitizer with you and wipe down any surfaces you are touching.
  • You need to go through thermal screening and get a temperature check to ensure and identify and symptoms.

All these rules are mandatory, and you should keep them in mind. Also, you must avoid travel and stay home when showing any signs of the virus. Get tested and inform the local authorities if you have any difficulty.

Country specific guidelines

Many countries have their own set of rules and regulations for international travellers. If you are planning to visit a foreign country in this pandemic, you need to keep up with the latest practices. It will allow you to be safe and start your trip without any problems. When visiting India, you need to produce a negative test result for the coronavirus and carry it with you before boarding those direct flights to Goa from USA. Similar to that, various places have their rules.

Here are some of the general guidelines for entering a new country:

  • Get tested for the virus and carry the negative report with you when boarding your flight. If you already recovered from the virus, bring proof of your recovery, which can be easily obtained from the doctor you consulted.
  • A self-declaration document ensuring that your report is authentic and you do not have any virus symptoms is also vital to carry.
  • The need for quarantining yourself is also mandatory to follow after arrival to a new place. The protocol can vary from 7 to 14 days. Keep checking the requirements on the internet before your arrival and make the necessary preparations.
  • Some cities and countries have different travel restrictions, such as night lockdowns or the number of people together in a group. You need to keep them in mind before making any plans.

The final decision

No person or organization can ensure the safety of the other. If you want to travel somewhere or there is an urgent need to, make sure that you follow safety practices. You cannot be careless and expect that you won’t catch the virus. Everyone is playing their own part in this pandemic, and being safe is something you need to ensure.

Wear your mask, use a sanitizer and maintain social distancing whenever going out. This virus is still prevalent in the world, but it cannot stop you from living. Book your plans and follow the rules for a safe post-pandemic flight.

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