Akamai Alternative. Blazing CDN is 70% Cheaper Than Akamai.

Blazing CDN has now reduced all prices for corporate clients, starting from just $0.005 per Gb without any contract requirements. That makes them 70% cheaper than one of the market leaders in Akamai moving forward.

The BlazingCDN servers can be found in all geo locations and the company has invested in premium datacenters and the lowest latency networks latency to maintain next-level quality of service for each and every customer. This makes BlazingCDN the best static content delivery service in the world when it comes to speed and price – the perfect storm!

However, they do not expect you to simply take them at their word. For any results-oriented company looking to save money on IT infrastructure, BlazingCDN is holding free test events and will even quote individual offers for your specific situation.

  • The grouping of powerful servers in large nodes gives us a low response time and high quality of delivery comparable to Amazon, Akamai, and Google Cloud.
  • The best price-quality ratio on the market.
  • Single price for delivery to all regions: America, Europe, and Asia — global reach! 
  • Best Asian Prices on the market.
  • No contracts — we’re always on your side
  • Starting tariff PAYG without a subscription fee: only pay for traffic as you use it.
  • Individual plans start from just 25TB+ per month.
  • High level of individual settings and customization for enterprise clients. For example, any PoPs location opening, dedicated IP addresses, dedicated Edge servers, custom rules and configs, and so much more.
  • Integrated Object Storage as a content source for CDN, from 100TB+ CDN traffic free by request*.
  • The most convenient control panel on the market. Quick initial setup and then you’re ready!

Our main advantage for companies operating in Asia is the super low price for delivery within Asia, due to the private BlazingCDN network.

BlazingCDN are ready to give you the best price on the market.

More information can be found here: https://blazingcdn.com


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