All About Duplex Steel 329 Round Bars

Duplex Steel 329 Round Bars

Duplex Steel 329 Round Bars are made to be stronger than typical austenitic stainless steels like Type 304 or 316 and to offer improved corrosion resistance, notably against chloride stress corrosion and chloride pitting corrosion. A Duplex steel bar, a Super Duplex grade, has a minimum of 550N/mm2, and a 22 percent Cr duplex stainless steel round bar has a minimum 0.2 percent proof strength of about 450N/mm2.

• Lean duplex round bar, 22 percent Cr duplex steel hex bar, 25 percent Cr super duplex round bar, and even higher alloyed, hyper duplex grades have been developed are the three main categories of duplex steel round bars. This division is based primarily on the alloy’s level of alloying, such as in terms of the “PREN” (pitting resistance equivalence number), a measure of the alloy’s resistance to pitting corrosion.

Duplex steel bars PREN is derived using the straightforward formula: PREN = percent Cr + 3.3 percent Mo + 16 percent N, with an optional 1.65-factor adjustment for W. A super duplex hex bar has a PREN between 40 and 45, a hyper duplex round bar has a PREN over 45, and a duplex stainless steel round bar has a PREN less than 40. Lean grades often have less nickel and are therefore less expensive.

Features of Round Bars Made of Duplex Steel

• High resistance to corrosion in general.

• In settings with chloride, they exhibit exceptional resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

• Outstanding resistance to corrosion in crevices and pitting.

• Extremely high mechanical toughness.

• Physical characteristics that facilitate design.

• Excellent weldability and high resistance to corrosion, erosion, and fatigue.

• Outstanding mechanical qualities that enable lighter constructions, smaller-scale designs, and less welding.

Round bars made of duplex steel have a variety of uses.

• Pipeline engineering uses it.

• The oil and gas sector uses duplex steel round bars.

• In mechanical engineering, the usage of double steel round bar.

• The marine industry uses duplex steel round bars rather frequently.

• Wastewater management uses for duplex steel round bars.

• The chemical industry uses duplex steel round bars.

• Utilization of round duplex bars in the petrochemical sector.

• The uses of duplex steel round bars in the power sector.

• Using circular steel bars that are double-sided in the aerospace sector.

• Food processing sector uses for duplex steel round bars, among many other uses.


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