All In One Solution For International Credit Card Processing

International credit card processing

Nowadays, many businesses are running successfully all over the masses. Somehow its credit goes to international credit card processing as it helps customers to check out fast.

A credit card is one of the most popular payment methods for online business. Approx 41% of online transactions are made through international credit cards.

Accepting an international credit card is a hassle task. The merchant ought to understand that there is a great risk. Let’s discuss in brief all about International credit card processing.

How does international credit card processing work?

Before going into how international credit card processing works? first, try to understand the payment gateway. To accept online payment, an individual ought to need a merchant account and payment gateway.

A merchant account is a type of bank account (specialized for business purpose) that help to accept credit card payment. A payment gateway connects your merchant account and your online business and processes the transactions. In the whole process, the merchant bank account and the card issuer’s bank are also involved.

Step-by-step method of international credit card processing work –

  • At the very first, customer should enter their international credit card details.
    • The international credit card information transmit via a secure connection to the merchant payment gateway.
    • The credit network contacts the international bank to provide the customer’s card for authorization.
    • At this point, the issuing bank verifies the cardholder’s credit card by checking some important details such as validity, balance, etc.
    • The information return to the payment gateway, and finally the customer and the merchant depend on whether the transaction allows or refuses. If everything is correct, the transaction will approve otherwise it will decline.
    • After batches of authorize purchase data have been processed by the payment process, the credit network and foreign bank, pay the merchant account.

Is it difficult to accept international credit cards? Why?

Today, large credit card schemes are used globally. For the merchant, it’s not sufficient to accept the card alone. To accept an international credit card it is essential to have a high-risk merchant account and international payment gateway.

With a traditional payment gateway, it is quite challenging to accept foreign currency.

There is a various factor which does not allow the merchant to accept international credit card transactions.

Payment providers which accept all the major credit cards –

Nowadays, there is a various credit card available which is popular in a different part of the world. Only a visa and MasterCard are not enough. For example – In Japan – JCB, In Brazil Elo, and in China UnionPay. To accept all these credit cards, an individual ought to need a payment gateway that accepts a variety of credit cards globally.

Transaction rates are highly declining –

When an overseas transaction send for authorization and a merchant only uses one acquiring bank in their own country’s market, then the transaction recognizes as foreign and is more likely to be detected for fraud.

In case, if the merchant has an international payment gateway, then the transaction will always regard as local and can easily authorize.

Greater fraud risk –

Online shops that accept credit cards are at high risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraud where fraudsters use the stolen details to place a fraudulent order.

The merchant needs to know the fraud risk in the country where they established their new business. Marchant must have to take serious action to reduce the risk. Along with this, the integrated international payment gateway must have fraud-preventative tools.

PayCly accept international credit card in a hassle-free manner

To run your business globally and successfully, you can select PayCly as your international payment gateway. PayCly is an all-in-one solution. PayCly can accept multi-currency at reasonable prices.

It provides you with a robust solution and better support system which help you to gain your customer’s trust. It takes care of all the requirements of its clients and effectively supports the business globally.

PayCly has many other features which make it the best. Let’s check –

  • Offers their client white-level solution.
    • The customer’s data is completely protected.
    • Very easy to integrate.
    • Compatible for all high-risk businesses.
    • Provide PCI compliance and other high-technology tools like cashback, anti-fraud tools, etc.

Summary –

We all are living in the age of a truly global market and all business owners want to expand their market globally. Here, we have already discussed how the international credit card process works and why most merchants face difficulty while accepting credit cards.

There are many factors like a domestic credit card, highly declined transaction rate, great fraud risk, etc. are there which do not allow payment gateway to accept the international payment gateway.

But now, for all the problems you have a simple solution. PayCly offers you an international payment gateway and fulfills all the requirements which are essential to gaining profit globally.


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