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Boruto Episode 209 – New Release Date and Spoilers Out : What happens to Boruto’s Karma?

Momoshiki's Manifestation boruto anime episode 208 review

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 209 was delayed due to the Tokyo Olympic 2020 broadcast. Japan hosts. The new episode release date was announced by TV Tokyo recently. It will air Sunday, August 1. Let’s see what we can expect from Boruto Episode 209.

Boruto Episode 209, “The Outcast”, will continue the story after the brutal fight in the last installment. Kawaki is sorry for Konohagakure. Kawaki has witnessed Karma in action, and knows how dangerous it is. Kawaki witnessed Momoshiki Oksutsuki use Karma to control Boruto.

What happened?

Boruto Episode208: New Team Seven fought Boro in a fierce battle and eventually freed Lord Seventh. Boro was attacked by Momoshiki Otsuki in a new form. Boro was astonished to see Momoshiki Otsuki disguised in Boruto, as he wondered if Otsuki was attacking him.

Boruto Episode 209 will show that Jigen wants Boruto’s Karma following Boro’s accident. Kara closely observes what Boruto’s and Kawaki do.

Boruto Episode 209 Shikamaru gives a detailed explanation to Shikamaru about the shinobi. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 209 is now available.

This video shows Kawaki and Himawari, Boruto’s younger sister. He will be surprised at how Himawari behaves.

Momoshiki use Minato justu

While they were fighting, Sarada & Mitsuki were stunned to see Momoshiki Otsuki. Boro tried to punch Boruto but his arms were broken in half. Boruto keeps beating Boro. Boro’s Momoshiki discovered that there was a Jutsu called Rasengan. He unleashed the huge Rasenga. Boro got scared.

Kashi Koji knew he had been misled, but he didn’t tell him about the giant Rasengan. Boro was shot in the head, and Kawaki is now awake. Boruto lost all his memories as soon as he was back in his old form. The New Team Seven took him back to Konohagakure.

Boruto episode 209 will air on August 1, 2021. The latest episode of Boruto airs every Sunday at 3:30 EST. Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 209 can be viewed at Crunchyroll and AnimeLab, as well as Funimation or Hulu.

The Boruto anime’s latest episode, titled “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”, showed Boroshiki’s power and gave us lots of information about Kara.

“Momoshiki’s Manifestation” picked up right from where Team 7 and Boro left off in the previous episode. Amazing to see Boro dealt with quickly by Momoshiki after he took over. Boruto had a different level of power than Boroshiki. His teammates could only see Momoshiki’s impressive speed and strength with Boruto as his body.

Boroshiki required a way to kill every cell in his body even though Boro had lost all of his regenerative speed. It was wonderful to see Boroshiki take chakra from Naruto to create a large Rasengan. This scene showed that Boruto could still get a boost of chakra even though he was overthrown by Momoshiki, and Otsuki. Manga fans know that the limitation of Boruto running out chakra will continue to be a factor.

We learned that Boruto was unable to recall what happened when he was in Boroshiki form. Boruto could be healed by the Boroshiki form if he has suffered from injuries while fighting Boro.

It was amazing to see Mitsuki being the first person to get up again after an injury. Orochimaru’s invention made it obvious that Mitsuki would heal faster. Boroshiki attacked Boro while Salad, a normal human being was unable, stood. Surprisingly Kawaki, a Cyborg, did not fare as well. Both Salad and Kawaki had to be admitted to the hospital after bringing Naruto from Hidden Leaf Village. Oh! Oh!

Hospital meeting

Correct me if this is incorrect, but Naruto or Minato son was not kept unconscious in the manga for as long as the anime team. After Sakura’s treatment Sasuke was able to return to normal after their fight against Jigen in manga. It was also revealed that Jigen needed ten days to recover from the battle against these characters in manga a few episodes ago. My memories are that Jigen only took a few days for his recovery from the battle with these characters. __S.19__

Boruto’s anime series is preparing to release anime-only content. Next week’s episode will be the first to feature this. Some characters may be given longer recovery times to allow writers to explore interesting narrative arcs before the main event in the manga adaptation. This creative choice seems to be acceptable in a way. The manga is a bit too fast to keep the story moving.

Momoshiki's Manifestation Boruto anime episode 208 review
Naruto, Sasuke and Sai, Shikamaru and Team 7 share their reports in “Momoshiki’s Manifestation” – Boruto Anime Episode 208. (Image: Screengrab).

“Momoshiki’s Manifestation” featured Sasuke and Sai meeting in Naruto’s room to discuss mission reports. We were able to learn important information from the anime. Our heroes now have a better grasp of Jigen’s plans and the Kara organization. It was a proud moment to see Salad using the Chidori against Boro during the scene with Sasuke. She is well on her way to becoming a formidable ninja and future Hokage candidate. It will be easier for Boruto to learn Naruto from her dad.

Naruto Uzumaki Unleashes the Power of the Six Paths in New NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER

One problem is enough to end the alliance of Five Kages and bring about the Fifth Great Ninja War. Shikamaru has to ensure that this doesn’t happen. He and his family also have their own problems that cause them to be apart. What can he do to fix his family’s problems and save the world?

1. Politics

While some people may not enjoy politics, it is a great way to learn more about the Ninja world and the inner workings. This story has some interesting similarities to reality. However, not all of it. Please remember that this is fiction.

To return to the topic: Shikamaru is the advisor of the Hokage. Naruto is his boss. You probably already know Naruto as an optimist and kind person who believes everyone can achieve peace in their countries. This article will give you Shikamaru’s view on his role as advisor and ninja. There are many things you should consider, both inside and out of Konoha Village.

Shikamaru is a light in the world of ninjas, but Naruto is Shikamaru’s shadow. It’s incredible xD it’s like if i said the fourth hokage Minato is the shadow of Orochimaru or Jiraiya. He prefers to do the dirty work. We mean dirty work when we gather information and make tough calls that could jeopardize individual safety to gain benefits for Naruto. You know Naruto doesn’t like these actions. Shikamaru will never forget the possibility of preventing a war or forging a path for Naruto’s progress.

2. Being a father

Shikamaru was a victim of the Great Fourth Ninja War, and has experienced the pain and horror. This is what drives him to stop potential wars, even if it means sacrificing his safety and that of his family. As a Hokage’s Advisor, you must complete a lot of paperwork. You have to memorize the future developments of the application and explain why clients were rejected. This job is not conducive to Shikamaru having enough time with his family and doesn’t allow him to gain sufficient experience to become a father.

Worst of all, Shikamaru forgot Temari’s wedding anniversary. He was a victim of her anger and cold gazes. All the wives and husbands out there, don’t forget your wedding anniversary or you will be punished. Shikamaru doesn’t feel sorry for not being there to support his family. He has to find a way to work while also caring for his family. His work includes the whole Konoha village. Although he is smart in the area of working, family matters are not his strong suit.

Last Thoughts

Happy Birthday to Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sasuke is Naruto’s best friend and one of the strongest Ninja. Sasuke could be called Naruto’s second protagonist.
  • Saskue was born to fight against Naruto. He left the Hidden Leaf VIllage to say goodbye to Naruto & Sakura. But now, in Boruto, he is Sarada’s loving and cool father.
  • His main ability is Sharingan. This allows him to copy the actions of his enemy (Kakashi uses this skill often).
  • Sasuke has been practicing his skills to kill Itachi, and this hatred is the root of all his behavior & actions. He is afraid of deep relationships because of the traumatic death in his family. Therefore, he has tended to be isolated since childhood.
  • Orochimaru was attracted to Sasuke’s body and talent, so he plans to take his body as a vessel. Sasuke is aware of this, but he decides that he will follow Orochimaru to kill Itachi. This causes Sasuke and Naruto to be separated, which is when they embark on different paths.
  • He hated Konoha after he learned the truth about Itachi’s family. Uchiha Sasuke saved Konoha and many other ninjas there, along with Naruto. He became one of the heroes.
  • Favorite food: Okaka Rice Balls and Tomato.
  • The most disliked foods are Natto and sweets.


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