All You Need to Know About Mobile App Development Process

All You Need to Know About Mobile App Development Process

People are moving mountains, becoming one with the divine, revolutionizing societal architecture; in the middle of all this, don’t you feel we all earthlings are equitably entitled to knowledge? So, we thought that why should we keep the secret to a brilliant mobile app to ourselves?

Hence, we got in touch with the number one Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur to prepare an app development process that — if followed closely — can render astonishing results for your app business.

First, let us get going about why apps?

Well, why not?

If the entire search-frenzy internet audience is put together in a room and you roll a dice, then there is an exceptional possibility that the dice will stop at around one or many.

Imagine the dice stops at a person named ‘X,’ now the X rolls it again to Y, then so on and so forth.

Imagine the dice as your app business; how many people will physically interact with your business?

Many, savvy?

Now, replace the dice with a small tabloid or a video cam, with you going to everyone, asking them to either get captured or look at the content. What will happen?

They may pass it off, saying they are busy or not interested, or stop hovering around them and mind your own business.

Too bad; the tabloid or video cam was the brochure or website of your business.


Now let us look at the key takeaways of the Mobile App Development Process-

The tabloid doesn’t stand a chance against the dice, as the latter has the ‘connect’ with the audience — like an app — that feels like holding the world of your business under a few fingertips.

The dice did put your business in the minds, hearts, and hands of the people, just how an app would do, whereas, a website or brochure has to be found on the web again and again, amidst all the competitors. What will be the odds that the consumer is going to click on the result featuring you, every last time?

The dice roll presents different results for everyone, which is the case with apps as with in-app notifications, loyalty programs, special offers, etc., you can reward your consumers with tailor-made info, giveaways, emails, and whatnot?

It’s just like waking up in the morning and finding a notification like, “Hey @X, Good Morning, you are doing great in life, keep on what you do, you matter, and munch on your favorite pizza from Pizza House to start your morning. Order now.”

Wouldn’t it be nice?

So, without further ado, let’s see what goes into the process of coolest native or ionic app development –


That million-dollar idea

Yep, it’s there, in your brain, in your hands, in everything around you. Race down your thoughts on it; put in your sweat and blood, and keep doing it unless you make it big. It’s crucial, as unless the idea is revolutionary and focuses on what’s keeping the world behind, it will not push the world forward, including you.


Design & develop your emotions in Mobile App Development Process


Apps should have this human touch, instead of just buy-sell, read this, read that, visit us, tell us your number and email id so that we can spam you, among other things.

So, whenever you are designing the wireframe on a piece of paper or mockup on software, you should always keep your instincts in mind; leave professionalism aside, it’s not a rule but a mere guideline, put yourself on the line and create delectable results that leave a smile on someone’s face, that creates a spark in somebody’s life, that can force anyone to think.

In case you don’t know much of the design or development part, the following ideology remains incontestable whether you are looking for iOS or Android App Development Services; always go for the humane and intuitive approach.

Ten years down the line, people will remember your creativity, not the tried and tested or socially-accepted demeanor and application. If you don’t believe, then give one example of who made it big while sticking to the basics!


Revenue generation

Whether your app is a freemium, paid-one, relies on ads, collaboration, etc., to make money, or to keep the business afloat; you should always add the scope for revenue. Money and resources only can help you bring and stay there at the top; empty motivation will do you no good.


Marketing and Deployment

Do some surveys, test your app multiple times, take feedback, incorporate them, build again, deploy on the platforms, repeat.

Only the fools would not keep thinking a lot about marketing unless they don’t want their apps to go beyond.

That’s all from our guide, do let us know if it is of any help to you while sorting through iOS or Android app development services. And if you are looking for ionic app development to save on the cost & effort part — then we suggest — think again as native and ionic both have their advantages and disadvantages that a premier mobile application development agency can help you figure.


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