An Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Spray Painter

best spray painter for house
best spray painter for house

Are you fed up with the rough stained walls of your home and looking for a reliable spray painter who can get the job done for you within your budget? Well, hold on, because there are a few things you should have in your knowledge before closing any deal. Finding the best spray painter for house is a tough job given the impact it will have on your house for a long period. Any wrong choice can make you more frustrated after spending a lot of money and still not getting the perfect paint.

The good news is there is a list of just a few measures you can take before hiring anyone and not messing things up.

Look For Good References

One of the most important factors in hiring someone for any job and getting a job is to look into the network. Network or references is the most overlooked thing when people are searching for anything. It happens a lot that you get a product or service from an unknown person and later find out that you could have availed that service at a much cheaper quote from someone you knew all along. This is therefore necessary to hunt the references rather than getting into the big marketplaces where you will either end up getting a good service at an expensive rate or poor service without any refund.

Meet Your Painters in Person

This is not necessary but can make a big impact on your decision. Visiting or attending the spray painter before hiring can make you more aware of what he can do. If he is professional or not, how he manages to answer your queries and what you can expect from him once the job is done.

Ask a Lot of Questions

This is something that might not seem worthy but this is all that is worthy. Questions can help you dig deeper in finding out what you will get and how much you can negotiate. You should go for questions that extract meaningful information from the potential candidate. Questions like:

  • What can they offer?
  • What special do they offer?
  • What makes them stand out?
  • What are their service charges?

Get a Few Estimates

This has proven to be a great way of getting the best deal in shopping. But when it comes to finding the best spray painter it will work even better. There is tough competition from service providers in the market. You can leverage the benefits of this completion by getting the best deal close. All you need to do is to contact as many paint sprayers as possible and list the quotes and services they are providing. In the end, this list will be your go-to for hiring the one who is giving the best services under a reasonable quote. 

Look at Past Work

A decent portfolio of services should not be something your potential paint sprayer is not ready to share with you. Reliable and professional spray painters always have a decent portfolio of the work they have done for their previous clients. If the spray painter is hesitant to provide you the portfolio, there is something fishy about him. Moreover, a good spray painter must have good ratings and reviews on social media and business listing directories. 

Get a Contract in Writing

A really good and formal practice of doing business or getting products or services is the written contract. You and the service providers are both assure that the contract between you and him is secure. Any abrogation of the contract will be subject to a penalty. Another benefit of having a formal written agreement is that you have the security of the person. In some cases, it has happened that the service provider was an unscrupulous person who caused damage to the property or the person seeking his service, but when it comes to writing, he will never act like an unprofessional.

Ask About the Tools

Spray painting is a modern way of painting. It is necessary to use the right set of tools to finish the job. Even though the painter has the expertise and is a reliable service provider, he might lack the good tools. This is where the quality of the paint will be compromise and you surely don’t want that to happen.


The punch line is that not every spray painter is the right option and for reaching out to the right painter you need some research and knowledge. Don’t compromise the quality of the work for the quote or end up paying too much for some decent service. 


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