Android App Development Tools to Use For Creating Unique Mobile Apps

Android App Development Tools to Use For Creating

Google play store is the world’s largest app store with the maximum number of apps. Not just the apps, even the number of Android devices is huge. Android is in the lead as compared to other operating systems. This has given rise to competition among Android app developers. To enter a market that is highly competitive takes nerve, research, and a strategy to success. Are you looking to launch an app in the market?

You need to decide plenty of things before making the deep dive. You need to decide the features of the app, the Android app development company to hire, and the cost to develop an app.

All the mobile app development companies are also on the edge to do something which their competitors can’t do and deliver a top-notch product. This has led them to use the latest tools for development. Here are some of the best tools to use if you are developing an Android application.

Best Android App Development Tools

1) Android SDK

A software development kit consisting of a complete set to develop and debug your Android app. Android SDK is all you need to create a robust application. Android SDK has a modular package that can be downloaded individually with the help of the Android SDK manager. Here is a list of the toolkit which is included in the Android software development kit.

  • SDK tools
  • Google API
  • SDK platform-tools
  • SDK example
  • SDK documentation
  • Google API
  • Android support

2) Android Studio

Android studio is the official integrated development environment for Android. Android Studio has every feature that is needed for developing an Android application. It is very popular as the development environment for Google’s Android operating system. Android Studio offers some of the best features like fast simulator, Intelligent code editor, APK analyzer, visual layout, and a real-time analyzer along with a flexible build system.

3) B4A

B4A stands for Basic4Android. It is just a simple development environment yet a powerful one. B4A is a rapid application development tool that allows everyone to develop an amazing app whether it is a beginner or an expert developer. It is very much similar to a visual basic language. The tool compiles code into the Android native application without any assistance from another runtime environment. The tool offers an easy IDE and interpreters allowing developers to create applications in a simple programming language.

4) Android Debug Bridge

This tool is used for debugging your mobile application. Debugging is as important as development. The tool is basically known as a client-server program for Android developers. It offers a tool package for the Android SDK platform. The developer can download the tools package with the help of the SDK manager. It includes features like:

  • The client delivers a command
  • Command runs on an Android device by using a daemon.
  • The server takes care of the communication between the client and daemon.

5) Fabric

The fabric enables the mobile app development team to create better applications and take the business to the next level based on the analytical data. Fabric is an Android app development tool that delivers a real-time app performance and health condition of every team member. Developers can also get data regarding user activity and give details about where can the users interact with the app. Mobile apps like Twitter use this tool Fabric for developing their mobile app.

 6) Eclipse

It is an open-source tool for developing mobile apps. It is basically an integrated Java-based development environment. Eclipse is not just limited to developing apps in Java, it can also be used for developing apps in various other languages. Most of the developers have adapted Eclipse for mobile app development. The toll offers various other packages like Eclipse Java development tools, Mylyn task list, Eclipse Git team provider, and several others.

7) MockPlus

MockPlus gets one of the top spots in the list of best Android app development tools. It is a prototyping tool used for creating a prototype interface that can have rich and interactive functions in just 5 minutes. The tool provides plenty of app prototype design samples along with an Android component library for downloading it.

 8) Instabug

Every developer with experience and expertise tends to make some mistakes during the development phase. Instabug tool helps in finding the bugs and fixing them. This tool is used for beta testing and reporting errors. With this tool, bet testers and user groups can share screenshots. Detailed error logs can also be shared with the developers during quality assurance and debugging. Plenty of popular Android apps like Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Lyft, PayPal, and others use Instabug for checking errors and bugs in their solutions.


There are several tools for Android app development in the market. Every Android application development company has its own choice in picking the right tool and environment. Choice of the tool depends on the category of the app to build. The number of tools for development is also increasing with the increase in the number of apps. Choose the one that fits your requirements and is easy for you to understand and work with.





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