Android App V/S iOS App, Which One Is Right For Your Business?

The two greatest rivals in the mobile app markets, iOs, and Android are business owners’ first dilemma before setting off for their app launch. They have to hire mobile app developers for the specific platform because the implementation differs entirely apart from the logic.

While both of them dominate the market, it is not affordable for many small businesses or startups to develop an app for both of them. They have to choose either one based on their budget. The industry, geography, and features also play a significant role in selecting a platform.

Customers also have different opinions regarding this choice. Based on their budget and needs, they choose Android and iOS. Still, the burden stays upon businesses to select a top mobile app development agency that understands the target audience and develops an app for them.

Let’s check out which platform might suit a business in different scenarios.


As evident, the two platforms have unique features that offer different benefits. Android OS is open-source, meaning developers can customize code as per their needs, but it often leads to unforeseen threats.

Apple iOS makes a safer environment for carrying out transactions and exchanging sensitive information. Based on the business, one can prepare a layout of what essential features have to be rolled into the app. A platform can be chosen based on the development agency considering security or customization.

Device Fragmentation

Based on business objectives, device fragmentation can be an asset and a liability. First of all, let’s understand what device fragmentation is. It happens when users are using apps on different versions of the OS. It requires a different programming approach and compatibility issues and, therefore, a headache for developers.

Due to Android’s accessibility, several companies are launching thousands of devices with Android OS. This means device fragmentation is enormous in the case of Android. This isn’t a problem of much concern with iOS as you get a hold of developers, and the app is compatible with all platform users.

If you want to reach vast demography of users, Android will suit you the best; given its usage on so many devices, while if you aim to get high-paying customers with ease, iOS is the answer.

Development Budget

It is seen that Android app development involves higher budget allocation than iOS app development. This is mainly due to the variety of devices supporting Android with different screen sizes. 

Due to these variations, Android development also takes longer. With iOS, such issues don’t crop up. The limited number of Apple devices supported by iOS doesn’t require much configuration, and the development process is faster. Henceforth, the development costs are lesser compared to Android.

It will be wise to mention here that app development cost isn’t chiefly governed by platform. The complexity of the application also impacts the budget designed. Here, Android being open-source, can be easily fused with available online features. 

Also, both platforms have different fees incurred to be listed on their app platform. Android has on-time registration fees, while Apple charges it annually. 

It can be a difficult choice, but the platform can be your business’s revenue-generating haven if done correctly. One has to understand the market, budget and features involved.

This is where prominent app development agencies come into the picture. They can guide business owners step by step over which platform to choose and why.

TechAhead is precisely what business owners want from development agencies. With their rich experience of 12+ years in understanding businesses and developing products for the same, TechAhead can make the superior choice for you.

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