Another dawn of the domestic mobile game: The Condor Heroes

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Mobile Game: Today, the editor of the uncle’s hand specially showed him a game, which is very different from the previous domestic online games in terms of screen and operation method. Uncle deliberately played in the company for a while today, and now I will write down some of my feelings in the afternoon. The picture is matched because the equipment is not around, so the uncle can find the picture on the official website.

At present, “The Legend of Condor Heroes” only has the ios jailbreak version and the Android version, and the genuine ios version should be submitted to the App store for review. I want to share with you the good news that this “The Legend of Condor Heroes” developed by Perfect World is authorized by Jin Yong and is a formal copyright. I hope that domestic mobile games can continue this atmosphere and create a good copyright atmosphere in the future. If you want ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล you can easily get all the highlights there for latest Updates.

What surprised the uncle most was that the screen of “The Legend of Condor Heroes” no longer tried domestic 2D scenes, but adopted a completely 3D real expression method. The game’s performance on the screen is similar to the well-known PC online game “Western Journey”. ! This is also the first time that a domestic game has given the uncle such a deep feeling, so from this point of view, “The Legend of Condor Heroes” has a reason to recommend it!

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“The Legend of Condor Heroes” is also particularly powerful in operation, guided operation, and the accuracy of the accusation is also very high! “The Legend of Condor Heroes” is the first mobile game that the uncle has seen on the mobile platform with a solid PC game style. Although it has not been too in-depth experience, but from these Fengmao water chestnuts, the uncle also decided to experience it in depth. Something.

After participating in this year’s CJ, the uncle has already felt that the domestic mobile game market is very competitive, so at this time, creativity + exquisite products can achieve a better market. Uncle thought that this kind of domestic games would the skin, but he didn’t expect to see such a caring product this time. As a senior mobile game player, the uncle is very optimistic about the current mobile game manufacturers, although the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but this can force better products! Uncle will write a detailed evaluation for you as soon as the original ios is on the shelves.


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