Are Square Bathtubs Any Good?

Square Bathtubs

Square bathtubs can be a highly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing choice for modern bathrooms. Baths have always been an important part of every bathroom. Everyone loves taking a bath at the end of a tiring day outside. However, today there are so many bathtub options available that it is easier to get confused. If you have been planning for a bathtub replacement recently, then square bathtubs may be a great choice for you. But it is important that you completely understand why a square bath can be a better choice and what are different types of this bath are available. 

How Are Square Bathtubs Different?

One of the first questions that may come to your mind is what is square bathtubs and how it is different from the standard type. It is simply a bath that has a square interior. One of the major features of this design is a sloppy and curvy interior that goes till up. So, when you are sitting inside the bathtub, it will cover the till should part. That means you have ample space to support your lower back. In addition to that, the straight upright design is a great choice for most bathrooms. 

Square BathtubsAre Square Bathtubs Comfortable?

The square bathtubs have a kind of unique interior that, due to the upright angular shape, may feel like an uncomfortable design. However, due to the lower back and should support with curvy sloppy edges, it is even more comfortable than the standard bathtub. So, such a square design is created to enhance and improve comfort, not to reduce it. 

Different Types of Square Bathtubs.

There are the following different types of square bathtubs

  • Square Straight Bathtubs. These are simply the regular type of fitted style bathtubs that you can install alongside the wall or between two walls. That means there will at least one or two open sides reaming will be covered. These have square shape interior with an upright angle. So, you can sit comfortably in it.
  • Square Shower Baths. These are a kind of baths that combines both shower and bath into a single unit. At one of these, you can simply install a shower, while the other end will be bathed. Such baths can have various shapes, but the most common are I and p shaped. In addition to that, you can also get a straight shower bath that has a square interior but with a square shape interior. 

Freestanding Square Baths. The freestanding style square baths are great for large and luxury bathrooms. Not only is their interior is a square shape, but exterior the out shape also appears to be square designs. These are available in various sizes. The big size square bathtubs can be a great option in case you want luxurious baths. These are highly comfortable and create aesthetically pleasing looks in the bathroom. 

Benefits of Square Bathtubs

The advantages of square bathtubs generally depend on the type of bath you choose.

  • This type of bathtub with straight shapes are a perfect fit for corner or wall fitting. 
  • Due to the straight interior angular design, these have a bit more depth in comparison to other shapes of the bath. That will help you to fully submerge yourself into the water.
  • It is a kind of shape that has a spacious desk available that you can use for multiple purposes. It can store bathroom essentials and keep your bathroom clutter-free.
  • Depending on the type of choice, these usually have a lesser footprint in the bathroom.
  • Whether you choose a freestanding option or a square straight bath, all of these looks elegant and contribute highly to improving the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. 

The Shower Baths- A Combo Bathtub

Whenever you plan for a new bathroom makeover, it is not unusual to face many issues related to choosing. The biggest concern can be to choose the functionally right option. When the space is your biggest concern, and you want both amenities of Bathtub and shower. Then your best bet would be the combination of combos. Such a combo solution is a highly practical solution that saves your space and looks highly aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the bathrooms in the UK has the issue with limited availability of space, so such Shower Baths UK becomes the choice. With it, you don’t have to sacrifice on choosing a single option rather choose as per your requirements.

Different Styles of Bathtubs

Square Shower BathsYou now exactly know what this shower and bath combo is all about. Before you decide to go ahead with your purchase, it is important to know the different types of designs that you will come across during this process. These combo baths come in a variety of types and shapes ranging from freestanding to shower and corner etc. Which one is perfect for you highly depends on your personal preference and where you want to install them?

  • Straight Bathtub: The simple straight shower baths are the most popular option for this combo. The main reason for its popularity is its shape that, despite being a shower bathtub, doesn’t require extra space. Perhaps it will take almost the same space as a standard bath. So, it has become the most economical choice that fits well into most bathroom spaces.
  • P Shaped and I Shaped Bathtub: These bathtubs are different from the straight bathtubs because these have either p or I alphabetical shape. The purpose of making it in such shape at the one end is to facilitate a comfortable bath experience. The big square round side is dedicated to the shower area. And it looks aesthetically pleasing when a shower screen is also there. So, such bathtubs are popular where you have some extra space available. And you can fit with one bigger end into the available space. In addition to that, these are extra deep and provide a luxurious bath and shower experience.
  • Walk-in Bathtubs: As clear from their name, these bathtubs are made for high accessibility. Anyone who wants to take a shower a bath can get into them without much effort. Most of the time, such bathtubs are suitable for people with limited mobility or who face difficulty using the standard bath. These combo baths are made by keeping in mind the safety of the users in terms of accessibility and material.

Final Thoughts about Square Bathtub.

If you are planning to install the square bathtub then you must consider the type of bath you will need. Despite the square shape interior that is highly comfortable and provides support should and lower back, your choice of bathtub style matters a lot. You can check all types of straight and shower baths at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 


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