Are You Need a Nasal Spray & Washes | A Full Guide Is Explained Here

nasal spray & washes

Nasal sprays: the shower for your nose. Like a high pressure hose that clears the gunk out of your gutters, nasal sprays and washes operate in the same way. Clearing the dried and gunky residue of colds and respiratory ailments that cause congestion to your nose (or nasal gutter pipes). Tablets are also a popular form of congestion relief, traveling through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. Although the differences between nasal sprays and tablets are slight, sprays and washes are known to work more efficiently at clearing your nasal passages. Here are four nasal sprays you should consider for the next time your nostrils need a deep clean:

Dimetapp: a very effective nasal spray that combats congestion caused by colds, hayfever, sinusitis and other respiratory allergies. Self proclaimed as ‘fast acting and long lasting’, Dimetapp nasal spray offers up to 12 hours of relief from symptoms of colds and other respiratory allergies. This nasal spray is also conscious of the environment and your budget, offering refill packs for future use. 

Sudafed: this is a nasal spray that clears blockages by minimising nasal congestion. This is a nasal spray that dries secretion of the nose and reduces mucus to make breathing easier. An effective relief that lasts up to 12 hours. Containing Oxymetazoline hydrochloride and benzalkonium chloride, the two active ingredients work together to decongest your nasal passages quickly. 

Bosisto’s: not into sticking anything chemically-based up your nose? Can’t say we blame you. If this is the case, Bosisto’s nasal spray eucalyptus saline is the one for you. At the very budget-friendly price of $8 in Woolworths, this is one of those nasal sprays and washes that promises to flush away pollen, dust and other pollutants to clear up your nasal passages through a salt water solution. This helps to thin and loosen mucus secretion and keep the nasal passages moist. 

Otrivin Plus: not only a shower for your nose, but a formula that unblocks and stops a runny nose in its tracks. As one of the more pricey options of nasal sprays and washes, the added assurance of stopping a runny nose makes the extra dollars a worthwhile spend. Along with xylometazoline hydrochloride, Otrivin Plus contains ipratropium bromide. The former reduces the swelling of blood vessels, whilst the latter reduces the production of mucus. 

As with most things, a good thing can’t last forever. Nasal sprays and washes would not be adhering to the parameters of the industry if they did not come with warnings. This is a nasal cleansing with consequences, people. If the need to clear out your nasal passages becomes an addiction (does that mean you’re a nasal clean freak?), the tissues in your nose are at risk of swelling once the medication has worn off, sometimes even more than before. This can become permanent with continued use. 

As long as sprayed responsibly, this is the wash your sinuses needed. So head back, trigger finger ready. You’re about to breathe better than you ever have.


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