Ask Yourself These Questions Before Selecting a Custom T-Shirt

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Selecting a Custom T-Shirt

The perks of purchasing customized t-shirts are aplenty. Now that custom t-shirt printing has become popular, so many companies are joining this bandwagon. It makes the job of selecting a company challenging. So, before you intend to choose a brand that offers customized t-shirts to you, here are the questions that you need to ask beforehand.

Have You Checked the Quality of The T-Shirt?

No matter how trendy the design of your custom t-shirt is, quality is the most important parameter to consider. So, it’s recommendable to enquire about the t-shirt’s quality before you make your final decision:

  • Check out the company reviews
  • Ask someone whether they have purchased from the brand
  • Enquire about the company’s materials and printing method (SVG clipart, graphics, patterns, etc.)

Have You Learned About the Brand’s Pricing & Packages?

“I wouldn’t want any discount on my purchase,” said no customer ever. For this reason, many companies have different package schemes for their personalized t-shirts. For example, you can order them online for annual vacations, pre-wedding festivities, or college fests.

These packages are available at a discounted price. Some companies even offer memorabilia. Before you decide on a company, it’s imperative to consider learning these things.

Did You Check How Many Payment Modes The Brand Offers?

Since a majority of shopping gets conducted online, customized t-shirt printing brands require providing offline and online payment modes. Check whether the selected company has tied up with a secure payment gateway considering the payment modes.

Are You Familiar With Their Delivery Policies?

Upon choosing the customized t-shirt and payment, you need to wait for the product to deliver. So, it’s important to learn about the company’s delivery policies. Check the customer reviews to learn whether the brand delivers the products timely. Learn how the company formulates its strategies to ensure speedy deliveries.

What to Learn About the Company’s Customization Procedure?

Check whether the company that you choose has a huge stock. Learn whether they have official merchandise, plain t-shirts, and other t-shirts featuring plain & simple designs. Visit their official portal and look for the patterns, fabrics, etc. While opting for customization, be specific with your preference.

A company may offer you different catalogs and or predetermined designs. So, it’s really important to clearly convey what you seriously need. For this reason, you need to be specific about the company selection.

On that note, Prettygrafik offers you commercial use graphics, patterns, SVG clipart cut files & design resources available for speedy download. You can create your t-shirt by using Vinyl or HTV or even stickers for the planner.


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