Aster announce the best Aster pro-2 Software its use is connect multiple pc with one CPU.

Many institutions and companies make use of an electronic document turnover, so computers are an integral component of their equipment. However, modern computers feature a far greater capacity than that required for office applications.

If compared to using separate computers, ASTER PRO 2 ensures a better value (price/quality relation) and can be recommended for office units, banks, and post offices.

Banks, offices, and post offices

one computer for office ASTER PRO 2
Figure 1. Example of ASTER 4 in 1 application to computerize office workers’ stations

Advantages of ASTER application for computerization

You can reduce costs of equipping workstations for employees. One system unit can provide up to six clerks with independent computer stations.
You do not need to fit the local network. All common resources and devices are automatically accessible from each station.
Electric power is saved thanks to the reduction of the functioning equipment quantity.
A faster and less costly modernization. In fact, you will need to upgrade only one computer.
Less space is needed for the stations. This is a plus for premises with a small area.
Different ASTER editions can be used to assure optimal productivity of the stations. At the moment we offer versions for 2,3,4,5 and 6 workstations on the basis of one system unit.

Download and try the ASTER free of charge here

If you have not made a decision yet to purchase our product or have any doubts concerning its possibilities or compatibility with your software or hardware we give you a chance to download ASTER and test it right now!

The software will work without any limitations for 14 days, after which you will have to buy and activate it.

Before installing the software it is highly recommended that you read the User’s Manual for the corresponding version of ASTER.

Important: Read User Guide and End User License Agreement (EULA) first!


Five stations operating in the network, each comprising a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. All five are functioning from just one system unit.

Better than five computers

The entire system has a single IP-address, which reduces the costs of Internet and local network connection.
No need for a local net among the stations, as all stations work from the same system bloc. Internet and peripheral devices (printers, scanners, and others) are automatically accessible from all workstations.
Mobility. A fast and easy way of rearrangement and disassembly if safety cannot be guaranteed.
Less space required. Since there is actually only one computer, the whole system takes up much less space, which is important for trade shows where floor space is limited.
Fewer electric power outlets are necessary.
Costs for equipment purchasing can be cut down to 80%, as each workstation is only made up of a keyboard, mouse and monitor, while all common resources are automatically available.
The administration process is simplified

check-in and check-out process. So, why should you use several computers, when you can easily do with just one to provide for multiple workstations?

ASTER is an inexpensive, affordable, and convenient solution for providing those outlets (check-in/check-out points).

Check-in and check-out terminals

Advantages of ASTER application for computerization

  • You can reduce the total cost of ownership for workstations for employees dealing that require computers when dealing clients. One system unit can provide up to six independent workstations for your clerks.
  • No need to setup local network for computers as all common resources and devices are automatically accessible from each workstation.
  • Save on electricity bills thanks to the reduction of the number of computers required to just one.
  • Faster and less costly to upgrade. In fact, you will only need to upgrade one computer to upgrade your workstations. ASTER PRO 2
  • Less space is needed for workstations. This is a plus for premises with a small area.


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