Attractive Designer Wash Basin For Different Bathrooms

Tabletop basins India
Tabletop basins India

Manufacturers of tabletop basins India are making several bathroom sinks in distinct sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Yes, materials. We usually have seen ceramic washbasins everywhere – restaurants, homes, and public washrooms. The material used to make the bathroom sink can decide its durability, maintenance, and style. You may not know but tabletop basins manufacturers are already making bathroom sinks from materials like clay, wood, glass, stainless steel, bronze, resin, natural stone, etc.

Each material has its characteristics and features. In this post, we will share the basic information and durability of the material used for making washbasins.


Ceramic is made of clay. Ceramic washbasins are crafted with quality assured clay and hardened by heat. Manufacturers are usually using mixtures of clay, powders, and water to shape the ceramic into the washbasin and firing the product in extreme heat in the kiln.


Ceramic sinks are durable and resistant to scratching, chipping, and impacts. Ceramic washbasins are ideal for everyday use. This is the biggest reason why manufacturers produce ceramic bathroom sinks in massive quantities.


Ceramic is a sealed smooth and hard material. When a sink is made of ceramic, it becomes easy to sustain since there is no dirt penetration through the sink surface. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. You can simply wipe off the dirt using a soft cloth. For tough stains, mild liquid soap and water works fine.


Porcelain is the hardest ceramic clay that is heated inside a kiln at the highest temperature to become less dense and porous. Porcelain is usually used by manufacturers to make sinks due to its low moisture absorbency and low maintenance and cleaning. Porcelain sinks are also used for trimming on products like faucet handles, inset buttons, showerheads, and bath hardware. Traditional homes were having porcelain sinks.


Porcelain is super durable. The porcelain sinks are made of a mix that has glass, metal, and clay. These sinks are prone to chipping and staining. If you want a porcelain sink for your home, you need to assure proper care by avoiding dropping heavy or sharp things to it.


Gentle soap or liquid dishwashing soap is the best option for cleaning porcelain sinks. Abrasive cleaners can damage the surface of the porcelain sink. It is necessary to clean the porcelain sink every day to avoid grease build-up, dirt, and soap scum. After cleaning, dry the surface using a soft cloth to protect it against water stains. Never use vinegar to clean your porcelain items including the sink.

Natural Stone

Sinks made of natural stone are the artistic choices to make. Such stone sinks are uniquely carved through a single stone block. Each block of stone has its list of traits like color variation, minor pits, veining, and even flakes of minerals like gold, silver, and copper.

Most stones are porous, sinks made of stone require special care to remain protected against harmful substances. Manufacturers provide heavy-duty sealer to seal your stone sink. You need to reseal your sink once or twice a year so that it won’t lose its shine. You must not apply oil-based sealers or plumber’s putty on the natural stone sink.


Natural stone sinks are not durable. They can easily get water stains that remain permanent. They are breakable.


You need to use a stone cleaner to wash your stone basin regularly. After every use, wipe the stone basin with a dry cloth. You cannot allow mineral deposits to build upon your sink. Avoid chemical based harsh cleaners since these products damage the stone surface to a great extent.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel washbasins have a little amount of chromium that makes the product more resistant to staining and rusting as compared to other types of steel.


Stainless steel sinks are great durable products. Moreover, stainless steel is 100% recyclable.


You need to clean your stainless steel daily using mild soap and water mix. You can even use nylon scrubber to remove the greasy build-up. Never use harsh chemical-based cleaners on stainless steel sinks as these may ruin the shine of the sink.


Wooden sinks are modern sinks prized for their strength and beauty. Manufacturers usually use teak wood due to its hardness and versatility. Teak wood is moisture resistant and thus, it is the best material used for making bathroom sink.


Teak has natural oils that make it water-resistant and protect it against warping, cracking, or turning into brittle. Teak wood repels fungi, mold, and mildew.


Teak is easy to clean and the best part is you don’t need to apply scouring products for removal of stains and grease. Due to natural substance, all types of wood get darker over time.

Tabletop basins India manufacturers are also providing resin basins, bronze basins, and glass basins apart from the above materials. You can pick your choice of washbasin from the catalog that suits your budget and requirement


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