Automotive Care: Garage Upgrades Must-Haves


Aside from backyards and indoor pools, a garage is one of the features that add curb appeal and value to your home. Most people never or rarely take time and attention to maintaining their garage, though. This is a big no-no. Your garage is more than just space for your vehicles. It is also more than just a room for all your extra stuff at home. Your garage should be treated like any other room inside your house.  

With that being said, it will also need proper care and maintenance. A garage might not be much for holding guests, but taking the time to update your garage needs is a great investment. It will help amplify your home’s resale value once you decide to put it up on the market in the near future. It could also accommodate you for your crafts and hobbies, and be a decent workspace. This is why it is important that you should never overlook the care that your garage needs.

To boost up its practical and aesthetic value, you must consider the following upgrades to shape your garage into its finest form.  

Upgrade the floor

If your garage is made with concrete, now may be the time for you to consider epoxy flooring. Concrete is prone to cracks and damage so pouring out epoxy coats above them will form a protective layer. The epoxy finish will keep your floor easy to clean from the oil stains that your vehicle produces. Not only that, it is a pleasant sight as well. However, if you want to make your garage a little more suitable for your crafts, you can try revamping your floor with vinyl tiles. You may also try laying on a carpet on a corner if you want to have a little office space right in there. 


Your garage needs accessible cleaning amenities, too. If you are going to use your garage for making furniture, cleaning your car, or hanging out for leisure, then you would need to upgrade your garage with plumbing necessities. Especially when you sometimes do laundry outside your home, having a handy water supply right in your garage is ideal. You might also need a small toilet or sink in the corner. That way, you would have no hassle going back and forth between your main bathroom and the garage. Just do remember to make this upgrade before you decide to have major ones such as the flooring. ;

Waterproof outlets

This one would be handy at all times when you are inside your garage. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlet when replacing your existing ones. You must also make sure that you place them well around your walls. Make sure that they are all easy to reach and you would not have any difficulty when you plug your wires in. Having GCFprotection in your home is now also required by the National Electrical Code. This will also ensure that your workspace will be a lot safer. Especially if you have installed plumbing nearby.  


If there is one thing that a garage is known for other than being a storage room for cars, it’s being a storage room for all your extra stuff at home. Cleaning your garage from to provide ample storage space will help you lessen the clutter in your home. Do not just stock up your boxes in a pile; do invest in a couple of heavy-duty shelves to accommodate your things.

Storing your goods in cardboard boxes would attract pests. If you do not clean your boxes regularly, you might find your things half-eaten or ruined. Installing shelves will save you a lot of time, money, and effort in keeping your things safer from pesky critters. You may also want to maximize your garage space a lot more by placing hooks on higher spots. That way, you can hang some extra stuff that does not fit your bins or shelves. Do not hesitate to go creative with your storage ideas!  

Installing a skylight

Lighting is crucial and important in a workspace. A garage that does not have enough late may be unsafe for you to work on. Consider installing skylights. Not only will you get great garage lighting, but you will also cut off your electrical costs during the day. It will also reduce the heating and cooling costs you have.

Make your garage appear bigger than it seems by installing bigger windows. Together with the skylight, it will make your garage brighter and safer during the day. You could also consider installing motion sensor lights for night use. You may also install different lighting fixtures for different purposes. Good lighting will make your garage a lot more suitable for all your productivity needs.  

Taking time to consider all these upgrades may not be quick, but it will be beneficial in the long run once you do so. Remember that practicality and safety must always be a priority for your and your family’s needs at home.


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