Basics of investment and cryptocurrencies

Despite the volatility and the drawbacks, the cryptocurrency world is still on fire. Investors are looking to benefit from the hot and rising cryptos in the market. Many of the altcoins are following suit looking at Bitcoin’s jump in the market. The use of digital currencies is becoming popular and people are scrambling all over the world to find the best fit for them. The world of cryptocurrencies has also seen a vast multitude of new investors joining hands. While experienced traders already have a sense and feel of the market, the newer members could have a tough time learning the lay of the land.

Here are some basics of investment and cryptocurrency that can help people who have just begun this journey.

  1. Understand the asset you are investing in – The assets are plenty – you have land, gold, stocks, cryptos, etc that you can choose to add your money to. Any sector that you think of joining would require you to gain complete knowledge so that the analysis and predictions could be more or less accurate. Cryptos work the same. The thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist in today’s market work differently and have varied functions. Understand how each of these works.
  2. Watch the volatility – The word ‘volatile’ is met in every sense of the word when it comes to cryptocurrency as an asset. The prices could drop in mere seconds, and the causes can be something negligibly meaningful. For people who might have a solid grasp on the inner workings of the market, these dramatic rises and falls may not be depreciating. Day traders can also make good use of the volatility. Until you become an expert, make sure to not take any hasty decisions if the prices fluctuate.
  3. Risk management – Better management of risks helps to mitigate losses. Every individual will have a different threshold for risk and therefore, would have to plan their portfolios accordingly. Long-term trades often are better in terms of managing risks as there is more time to recover and regain from the losses, if necessary. Add a certain portion of your savings into the market first, especially in an asset as unpredictable as cryptos. Invest what you are willing to lose.

Cryptocurrencies in business – Not only individuals but also businesses and bigger companies are entering this sector. There is a massive increase in the companies worldwide that have begun to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoins for investments, operations, and transactional purposes. However, when it comes to bigger companies, many macro-level concepts come into play. Understanding things like zero based budgeting, business and taxation laws, market factors, etc would be more important in such scenarios.

Using cryptos in business can provide a host of advantages like –

  1. It can provide access to new demographic groups and cutting-edge clientele. Any business or company that gives importance to transparency in their transactions would be a great boon if associated with your business
  2. It can also give your internal workings access to newer technology and can help you keep up with the latest trends. This gives you a position as an upcoming and emerging space in the future.
  3. The use of cryptos can enable access to new liquidity pools and new asset classes
  4. It also provides several different opportunities that would not have been present with the use of traditional fiat currencies. The real-time sharing of money, globally, within seconds, along with maintaining transparency and low-cost transactions are all deeply valuable factors in any large business setting
  5. It is also an effective alternative to cash. Looking at the benefits cryptos have offered in recent times and the universal integration and acceptance into the mainstream economy, it might be a good idea to consider using certain cryptos and technology like Ripple, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin in business settings.

Methods of investment – You can invest in cryptocurrencies using the following methods –

  1. Crypto exchanges – Platforms like CoinSwitch Kuber and others tend to have a wide selection of cryptos that one can choose and invest in at competitive prices
  2. Traditional brokers – Brokers also allow the investment in Bitcoins in addition to other stocks and financial assets. If a broker is well-versed in a crypto industry blog, they might also be able to guide you in your crypto-business investments.

Incorporate the workings of cryptocurrency in your investment plan and widen your portfolio. The benefits and importance of this asset class are only predicted to grow in the future.


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