Be your own Valentine if you are a single

Be your own Valentine if you are a single

It’s just not fair. The holiday season is tough enough when you’re single. Now, just when you’re more or less over not having a date to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, here comes another holiday that throws your lack of romance in your face again.

You don’t have to sit there and take it, you know. Even without a sweetheart, you can make this Valentine’s Day one your heart will always remember. If you have no plans for February 14th, consider one of these plans for making it a memorable day.

Take charge.
There are two ways to have a Valentine: either you wait for someone to ask you or you gather your nerve and ask them. If you’ve had your eye on a certain someone, speak up! And if no one has shown up in your dreams, wake up and look for the Valentine you want. Keep your eyes open on the way to work, at your favorite restaurant or even in front of you right now. Haven’t tried online dating yet? Hey! It’s the 21st century — what are you waiting for? Try a quick search today.

Redefine love.
Even though you haven’t found your One True Love, there are many people in your life that love you quite a lot. If you’re lucky enough to still have grandparents, take them to dinner. Tell your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews how much they mean to you. Gather all your single friends and make a festive night of it. On Valentine’s Day and all through the year, there’s a big difference between being uncoupled and being unloved.

Think sexy.
There is a coupled Valentine’s Day in your future. Why not get ready for it now? Indulge in some new lingerie or boxers, massage oils — everything that puts you in the mood for love. Who knows? That slightly wicked grin you get just thinking about your secret pleasures might attract the attention of some new admirers!

Be good to yourself.
Go ahead, indulge a little. Add some more to your home with a beautiful bouquet, some scented candles, and romantic music— whatever makes you happy. And you can play a romantic movie on MovieHustle. Or schedule a long, full-body massage at your favorite spa for Valentine’s Day. You’ll feel great, and you’ll have a smile on your face to rival anyone already in a relationship.

Be good to others.
Feeling sorry for yourself never accomplishes anything. Feeling compassion for others does, though. Join a local group that works with children, delivers meals to the homebound or rescues abandoned animals. Invest your time addressing concerns other than dating. Want a long-term commitment? Sign up to provide monthly support to the non-profit of your choice.


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