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San Diego’s three main beaches are an oasis of hedonism. A pile of toned tanned bodies bingles in the sand near the surf. In the southern part of the bay lies Ocean Beach (Ocean Beach), imbued with a hipster spirit. Go here to catch fish, play beach volleyball, have a picnic at sunset or ride a wave with surfers. Newport Ave is full of bohemian bars, eateries and shops with beachwear, surf equipment and antiques.

In the western part of Mission Bay lie the beaches of Mission Beach and its northern neighbor Pacific Beach, connected by the Ocean Front Walk, free of vehicular traffic. All year round it is full of skaters, jogging athletes and cyclists. The small amusement park Belmont Park on Mission Beach invites visitors with old wooden slides and a large indoor pool.

Take a look at Coronado Island, connected to the mainland by a boomerang-shaped air bridge. A local attraction is the Hotel del Coronado, famous for its lush Victorian architecture and guest book,

San Diego is also home to several naval bases, and other attractions include Silver Strand Beach National Park and Mount Soledad. In San Diego, everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

December to March Visit

If you are lucky and you find yourself in San Diego in December-March, you can book Airport car service san diego as a witness of an unforgettable spectacle – gray California whales swim along the coast. They are sent to breed in the Gulf of California in Mexico.

Two- to three-hour trips to the ocean for whale watching are very popular at this time of year. Close to these giant boats do not fit. In order to protect nature, it is forbidden to approach the wrists at a distance of less than a hundred meters, however, it is certainly interesting even from a distance to see fountains of water and steam, shiny backs, for a second appearing from the water, and the flapping of mighty tails.

San Diego Safari Park

Get to know the “wild” side of the zoo with free boundaries, an area of 1800 acres 15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido; general entrance ticket including adult/children’s tram ride $40/30, with a visit to the zoo $76/56; from 9.00). Giraffes pinch grass, lions idle, and at the bottom of the valley, more or less freely, noisily worn rhinos. To catch the atmosphere of a real safari, go on a “Journey to Africa” (Journey to Africa) on the tram, which will bypass the second largest continent in less than half an hour.

The park is located in Escondido, about 56 km north of downtown San Diego. Follow Highway 1-15 to the Via Rancho Pkwy exit and then follow the signs. Parking $10.


A wonderful fantasy park; Legoland Drive), Carlsbad (Carlsbad); adult / children $69/59; From 10.00) with many slides, attractions and shows will appeal mainly to elementary school students. Children will be able to dig up dinosaur bones, study an experimental helicopter and get their first driver’s license. Follow downtown San Diego (the park is about 51.2 km away) on a 1-5 freeway north to the Cannon Rd E exit. Parking $12.

How to get to San Diego?

Lindbergh Field is San Diego International Airport, located near the city’s main business district. From here there are daily flights to Los Angeles (the most popular destination), Atlanta, Chicago, Tokyo, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kansas City and other cities in the world.

From Moscow to San Diego can be reached by plane with a transfer in Los Angeles or New York.

Where to stay in San Diego?

The choice of housing in San Diego (USA) is quite diverse. There are many hotels, starting with budget hostels and ending with luxury hotels in 5 stars.

For a family holiday, you can choose bed & Breakfast hotels. If you want to save, you should stay in a budget hostel. Here you can stay in a single room or rent a small family room.

Another popular option in San Diego is camping. Depending on the wishes, you can stay in a tent or a small house on the beach or in the forest.

Every year, the California city is visited by thousands of tourists who seek to spend a great time swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean or looking at the most beautiful coastal and mountain landscapes. But most of all, travelers book limo party bus san diego and are attracted to San Diego by the sights of this place. We’ll talk about these below..


Coronado is the most popular tourist attraction in San Diego (California). It is a small peninsula that is located in the direction from south to north along the Pacific coast. This place will surprise every tourist with its beautiful beaches,warm waters and sunny weather. Here, small hotels and houses are scattered along the coast, where you can relax after a busy day. In addition, the peninsula offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the huge skyscrapers of San Diego.

Sea World

“Sea World” is a large one where you can see the most interesting and rare inhabitants of the ocean from all over the world (from the Arctic to the Antarctic). The oceanarium is located in the north of the city near the beach of Mashan Beach. In the “Sea World” every visitor will find entertainment to his liking. There are many exhibitions and events, as well as an amusement park on the territory of the oceanarium.

Balboa Park

The old city park Balboa is located in the heart of San Diego. It is an ideal place for a romantic walk, for a family picnic and sports. In addition, there are 15 museums in the park: art, railway, aviation and space, anthropological. Many of them are housed in beautiful Renaissance buildings. Balboa Park is a cozy place where you can enjoy the most beautiful ancient architecture in the Gothic and Baroque style, picturesque reservoirs and unique samples of Mediterranean flora.


San Diego is home to a unique zoo located in Central Balboa Park. It considered one of the largest in the world, because its territory is more than 40 hectares. More than 4,000 species of animals live here. Of these, 800 species listed in the Red Book.

In order for tourists to see all the sights of the zoo, a cable car equipped here.

San Diego Old Town

At the foot of the hill Presidio is an amazing area, which is called the old town. This place keeps the ancient Mexican, Spanish and Indian traditions. Here every tourist has a unique opportunity to learn about the first settlers and try the most unusual dishes of local cuisine.

In the Old Town, be sure to visit the Bazaar del Mundo, the first city cemetery, the ancient Spanish church and the Haunting House.

The most inquisitive tourists can go to the Point Loma Peninsula. Here, in the middle of the XVI century, the first European landed on the California coast – the Spaniard Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Today on the peninsula there is a historical reserve, where experienced guides will tell secrets and legends from the past of the city.

La Hoya District

This is one of the most popular tourist areas of the city. It has everything for a wonderful holiday: beautiful landscapes, exquisite restaurants, clean beaches, expensive hotels, marine reserves. In addition, in La Hoya there is a rookery of fur seals.


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