Benefits of different types of compressed air dryers

Water, electricity, and gas are the three main components of any manufacturing company. Where compressed air plays a major role in the number of businesses and industries for daily operation. There are multiple types of compressors used in industries based on their purpose and requirement. Compressed air dryers are chosen based on their excellent performance and durability. And their ability to produce the right amount of air at the right time at the less operational cost.

Let us discuss the advantages of compressed air dryers.

Aluminium compressed air dryers

Aluminium compressed air dryer has a compact design that works under the pressure range of 7–16Kg/cm (g). The main difference between the other compressed air dryers and aluminium air dryers is the variety of piping materials. In all other compressed air dryers’ galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel is used.


  • Aluminum piping gives more benefits like low installation & maintenance costs, avoids leakages and it has increased longevity.
  • It has higher efficiency.
  • It is free from corrosion and comes with an inbuilt moisture separator.

Copper coil compressed air dryers

The copper coil air dryer is light in weight, compact design with a robust frame, and easy to operate. It has two varieties air-cooled and water-cooled.


  • It consumes low power and has a low-pressure drop.
  • It has an inbuilt centrifugal moisture separator.

High-pressure compressed air dryers

A high-pressure air dryer is specifically designed to work under very high pressure. The working pressure ranges from 40–42bar. It is used in high-pressure compressed air systems and is ideal for the PET industry.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • High efficiency and excellent performance.

Wall mounting compressed air dryer

Wall mounting air dryers are used in pneumatic tools, automatic washing, paint spray, and machine tools. Copper tube non-corrosive heat exchanger easy to operate and compactly designed.


  • Eco-friendly and power saving
  • Dual mounting and easy-to-drain valve.

Wrapping up

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