Benefits of displaying social Social media feed on the website and how to do this?

social media feed on the website

UGC or the User Generated Content is the key business tool to expand the brand’s exposure. Using social UGC feed is considered as one of the best marketing agenda by the marketers and businesses.

As a whopping 79% of the customers say that they base their purchasing decisions on UGC, incorporating the same on the website can even provide greater leverage to business sales. With UGC being more impactful than influencer marketing, focusing on creating UGC and displaying the same on the website is a way to go. Also, being the most preferred content people want to see from the brands, UGC photos and videos should be used as much as they could. Using the website as one of the mediums is all the better.

social media feed on website

Benefits of Embedding Social media feed on the website

Here is how your business can be benefitted by embedding social media feed on the website.

  1. Increases the authenticity of products

Embedding social media feed on the website helps new customers to put trust in your business. It helps visitors of your website to make purchasing decisions easily by seeing products used by others in real life. Embedding user-generated social media feed thus increases the authenticity and reliability of the products and thereby sales.

  1. Creates a social buzz

Embedding social media feeds on your business website in itself speaks volumes about your company. Moreover, adding UGC to it doubles the effect of creating social proof. Social UGC feed includes everything influencers, customers and celebrities speak and post about the brand online. When such posts are embedded on the website’s front page in a form of the social wall, visitors are attracted to it, engaged with the feed and influenced to make major purchasing decisions.

  1. Enhances conversion rates

Though social feed helps drive traffic to the website when embedded, it may or may not necessarily result in conversions. Driving traffic to the website without any change in conversion rates is useless. To assure an increase in conversion rates, embedding social media feed on website is a clue. With UGC social wall, the visitors on websites are likely to spend 90% more time on the site. With such high figures, there is a higher possibility of turning a visit into sales.

  1. Effortless content

The best part about social media feed is you don’t have to think upon creating good content to feed on your website. Your audience does the work for you and is ten times more effective than any content you create yourself or your brand. You will have endless social media feed on a website that visitors will be attracted too and end up spending more time on your website.

  1. Increase return visitors

Have you ever thought about visitors visiting you again after they leave your website? What’s the possibility that a visitor will return to your website after visiting it once? Return visitors are more likely to turn when they want to make a final purchase from your website. To increase the percentage of return visitors, simply embedding social UGC feed is what you got to do.

Moreover, according to research, sites with featured UGC saw an increase of 20% in return visitors.

Now that we are well aware of the benefits of embedding social UGC feed, now the question is how to do this? How can one embed social media feed on the website?

The simplest answer is by using Taggbox Widget. Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregator and display tool that helps in embedding a social media feed on your website. Taggbox Widget first collects the raw content from your social media account, aggregates it and turns it into a presentable form. With the help of its amazing features like customization, beautiful themes, filter and moderation, Analytics, responsive design, and others, your social feed is given made relevant and worthy to be integrated with your website. 

It also lets special posts which include offers, news, promotions to be highlighted so that visitors can identify them easily.

Taggbox Widget is an amazing tool that embeds social media feed in the form of a social wall with the help of a link or through an embed code.

So, this was all about embedding social UGC feed on your website and a tool you can use to do it. 


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