Benefits of using Favouritetable Restaurant Ordering App

Restaurants looking for a better way to take orders and manage their takeaway business?

Favouritetable is the perfect solution! With our app, you can easily manage your orders, change order status, print orders, and more. Take your takeaway business to the next level with Favouritetable!

Our app makes it easy to manage your orders and keep track of your business. Plus, our customer support team is always available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Sign up today and see the difference Favouritetable makes for your business.

This blog post will inform you about some of the benefits of using a restaurant ordering app for both your business and your beloved customer.

So, let’s begin!

Favouritetable Helps Manage Orders for Customers

Have you ever tried to call your favorite restaurant only to find that the line is busy or no one answers? What if you could simply order from your favorite restaurant at any time without having to dial in the number or wait for a callback? With our restaurant ordering app, you can easily order from your favorite restaurants at any time so long as they are partnered with Favouritetable.

Benefits of a Restaurant Ordering App for Customers

1 – Ease of use

The Favouritetable restaurant ordering app is extremely easy to use. No matter what device you own, whether it’s a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, you can order from your favorite restaurant with a touch of a button. With the ability to reorder your most frequently ordered dishes and have them ready in no time, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without our app!

2 – Ability to reorder

With our app, customers can quickly and easily reorder their favorite dishes from their restaurants of choice. No more waiting on the phone or calling back to place order after order. Simply open up our convenient restaurant ordering app anytime, anywhere.

3 – No busy phone lines

With our restaurant ordering app, placing an order from your favorite restaurants with just a few simple clicks. You’ll never have to worry about busy lines when you use Favouritetable!

Favouritetable Helps Manage Orders for Restaurants/Takeaway businesses

Managing orders can be difficult at times. What happens when you order too much food? How about not enough? How do you manage the orders for each of your restaurants? Or even just one restaurant? How do you know which orders to start first so they’ll be ready when the customer arrives? With our Favouritetable restaurant ordering app, these problems are a thing of the past.

Benefits of a Restaurant Ordering App for Restaurants/Takeaway businesses

1 – Keeping track of orders

With Favouritetable, you can easily keep track of your orders! View order history, see what’s been ordered and from what restaurant. You can also view customer details to help better serve your customers and ensure a great experience every time they visit.

2 – Increased efficiency

When customers place orders through an app, it speeds up the process for both them and your staff. This means that orders can be delivered more quickly and with fewer mistakes. 

3 – Improved customer satisfaction

By using an app, customers can place orders faster and more easily than ever before. This leads to a better overall dining experience for them. 

4 – More sales opportunities

Our ordering app can also be used to promote special offers and menu items, helping you increase your sales and revenue.

Favouritetable is a pre-ordering app that helps restaurants attract local customers. It’s easy to use and will help you generate more revenue from takeaways. You can also manage your orders, track customer data, and get real-time analytics on how well your business is doing.

We make it simple for people to order their food online before they arrive at the restaurant so they don’t have to wait in line when they get there. They can even pay directly through our platform! 

Our goal is to make sure that every single one of our users has an amazing experience with us – whether it’s ordering or using the app itself! If you’re looking for a way to boost your takeaway sales, then download Favouritetable today!

After downloading the app, continue to read this blog post to find tips that will help you increase your takeaway sales.

The 5 Tips You Need To Know to Get More Takeaway Orders From Your Favouritetable App

1. Introduce the restaurant Favouritetable pre-ordering App to customers

You want to let people know about your Favouritetable pre-ordering app so they can download it and order their food before they arrive at the restaurant. If you need help attracting new customers, then start by offering a discount as an incentive for downloading the Favouritetable app.

2. Offer a discount on orders placed through the app

You need to get new customers to try your Favouritetable pre-ordering app. You can do this by offering a discount on every order placed through the app.

This will encourage them to try it out and become regular customers who use your pre-ordering restaurant app. We recommend giving a flat discount on orders over a certain amount, or a % discount on larger orders. You can set up your discounts in the ‘Discounts’ section of our app.

3. Use real-time notifications to know when customers have placed an order with you

One of the most important settings in your Favouritetable pre-ordering app is real-time notifications.

These notifications allow customers to keep track of their orders and know exactly when their food is ready.

4. Track your customers’ orders through the app in real-time

The Favouritetable pre-ordering app is designed with restaurants in mind, so it’s easy for you to set up notifications that make sense for you. They can include things like:

  • Notifications about an order being placed
  • Notifications when a customer has picked up their order
  • Notifications if the restaurant needs to contact the customer

5. Highlight popular menu items that are perfect for takeout

Promote your restaurant takeaway items on the Favouritetable app.

Let people know which menu items are best for takeout and create a special food category that highlights them. If you want to increase your takeaway sales, then use our app to create popular menu items that customers will want to order through the pre-ordering app.

If you want to increase your takeaway sales, then download Favouritetable and follow our tips. It’s a pre-ordering app that will help you manage your orders and boost your takeaway sales!


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