Best Applications of SS Welded Pipes

Welded Pipes

Welded pipes are made from plates, strips, and sheets welded together. These strips or sheets are bent and welded from one end to the other. The heat generated by welding can result in lesser deformations in the pipe diameters.

Before welding, some materials require preheating. To ensure that the welded connections are adequately bonded, some material grades require post-weld heat treatments.

Welded tubes and pipes, on the other hand, can be vulnerable to the welded joints. As a result, the seamless pipes maintain the material’s minimal tensile strength and minimum yield strength. The welded pipes have slightly lower strength ratings, and the maximum strength is restricted by the welded joint strength.

Steel pipes having seams on the surface that are welded after bending and deforming steel strips or plates into round or square shapes are known as welded steel pipes. Steel plates or strip steels are used as blanks for welded steel pipes.

The quality of welds has steadily improved since the 1930s, thanks to the rapid development of high-quality strips, continuous rolling production, and advancements in welding and inspection technology, and the variety and specifications of welded steel pipes have increased and replaced seamless steel pipes in an increasing number of fields. Welded steel pipes by 254 SMO SS Welded Pipes Supplier are less expensive and more productive than seamless steel pipes.

Applications of SS Welded Pipes

Arc welded pipe, high frequency or low-frequency resistance welded pipe, gas welded pipe, furnace welded pipe, Bondi pipe, and so on are some of the numerous welding procedures.

Electric welded steel pipe is utilized in oil drilling and the production of machinery.

  • Spiral welded pipes are used for oil and gas transportation, pipe piles, bridge piers, and other applications. Furnace welded pipes can be used as water gas pipes, etc. 
  • Large-diameter longitudinally welded pipes are used for high-pressure oil and gas transportation, etc.


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