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Is Dye Good For Beard?

When it comes to facial hair, there’s no shortage of surprises to be found. As your facial hair develops, you’ll notice that it’s different from the hair on your head, grows at different rates in different parts of your face, and requires daily shaves to maintain your neckline clean and free of debris. 

For many people, gray hair is one of those “surprise” things that can happen at any age. At that time, you get the strong urge to try out the best beard dye in the market. Many men begin to see gray hair in their beard long before they begin to appear on the rest of their bodies. Even though it’s completely normal, it nevertheless comes as a shock when it happens to you. 

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be gray—beards often seem reddish because the color of your facial hair doesn’t match the color of your head hair. Some men don’t give a fig about their beard, but if you’re one of them, beard coloring is your best ally. 

If You’re A Man, Is It Appropriate To Dye Your Beard? 

There’s no shame in adding a little color to your scruff. To keep well-groomed bearded manhood, the beard community accepts the practice of coloring it. It’s possible to have a more put-together appearance by having the same color beard and hair. In spite of how strange this may sound, it is quite acceptable to color one’s beard.

Reasons to Opt for dying your beard

  • Having spots of silver in your mane might make you appear older than you really are, even if it is a symbol of wisdom and authority. Even though aging is inevitable, if the prospect of looking old makes you self-conscious, coloring your hair might help increase your self-esteem. It’s not a long-term solution, but it will get the job done for the time being.
  • It’s Great to Be In Style! Take a look at some trends if you’re up for something new and daring! Colorful green, blue, purple, and pink beards and hair are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why.
  • The fact that certain firms favor younger candidates over older ones is well-known. If ageism stands in the way of landing your ideal career, don’t allow it! Make sure you look your best for that job interview by getting rid of those gray hairs!
  • It’s possible that it’s time for you to update your appearance. Change up your hairstyle, visit a new barber to get your beard trimmed, experiment with different looks, and go with any color you like for your beard as long as it matches your personality. For this to work, you don’t need a salt and pepper beard. You may not realize it, but a change of style every now and again is excellent for you.
  • Some people are blessed with a rare combination of symmetrical facial features and abundant beard growth. Not everyone is as fortunate. There are males with ginger hair and brown beards that don’t match or have a spotty, uneven tint all throughout.

What You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Beard

Don’t use any random dye

There is a chance that your cherished beard could become frizzy and brittle if you use this method. Toxic chemicals are found in hair colors, which can damage your hair.

How Safe Is It to Use Homemade Beard Dye?

You can, but we’d advise against it, especially if this is your first time taking part.

In addition, the at-home method may not be suitable if you’ve had problems with dry skin under your beard in the past. Going to a salon and having it dyed by an expert is preferable.

Why should you head into the salon to dye your beard?

 There are three reasons why it’s a superior choice:

  •  No doubt that most men prefer to dye their beards black in order to cover up those unsightly silvery strands, but getting the perfect shade can be difficult in certain situations. To get the most natural beard dye shade, you’ll need a professional who understands how to blend hues.
  • The greatest beard color depends on the type of beard you have, and a specialist understands just what to use.
  • Fewer of Them Are Afraid Goof Around. Beard dyeing may be a real pain. You don’t have to worry about your clothing or the restroom getting ruined because they have everything you need.

Observation and inquisitiveness are valuable tools for learning. If you’re unsure about the mixing procedure or which goods to use, get advice from an expert. At home, you may experiment with beard dying if you’re ready to take on the challenge.

Choosing a Color and Shade That Fits

Hair on your face tends to be coarser, rougher, and drier than the hair on your head, making it more difficult to manage. Dye absorption is an important consideration when selecting a color. If you want to prevent making your beard seem excessively black, stylists recommend picking a color a few shades lighter than your beard. Using a deeper shade of color might speed up the process of concealing gray hairs.

In order to keep your complexion from seeming pale, color your hair a darker shade of brown. Hair dye colors for men with black hair should be somewhat lighter than the color of their beards.

Things To Do Before Dying Your Beard

In order to color your own beard, follow these simple instructions:

Your beard should be completely cleaned and rinsed.

  •  If you’re looking to get rid of the dead skin and nourish your beard follicles, use a shampoo. This will help your beard keep its color for a longer period of time.
  • Make sure your beard is neat and tidy by trimming and styling it. 
  • It’s best to apply some petroleum jelly or mineral oil to the borders of your beard to protect your skin.
  • Moisturize your facial hair with beard oil.

Process of Dyeing

  • To avoid dye-stained hands, put on a pair of rubber gloves.
  • Dyes should be mixed. Always follow the directions provided in the package. In a separate bowl, combine the developer and color base in an equal amount.
  • Your beard should be dyed using the dye. A brush is usually included in the majority of color packages. Apply a generous layer of wax to your facial hair, including your beard and mustache. Make sure you cover all of the visible spots.
  • Wait for the dye to take effect. Within the first ten to twenty minutes, the color of the monitor changes. If you think it’s necessary, submit a second application. The solution can be wiped off with a moist cloth if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Further approach

To keep the color from fading too soon, there is a need for some upkeep. Here are some pointers to remember:

  • Apply a little amount of beard wash. The color of the beard might fade if you scrape too hard.
  • Use water that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Color-treated hair can benefit from the usage of beard shampoo.
  • Keep in mind to lubricate your snout. Wild Willies Beard Oil is what we suggest you use.
  • It’s possible to reapply beard dye every three to six weeks because it isn’t a permanent color.

For how long can I recolor my hair once I’ve dyed it?

Your hair’s growth rate will determine how often you’ll need to color it. There should be no problem with waiting a few weeks before recoloring your hair. In order to maintain a crisp appearance, you may need to color your hair more frequently if you have very obvious roots or hair that grows quickly.

Dos and Don’ts for Men’s Hair Dye


  • Before making any hasty judgments, do your homework. Begin by learning about the finest product brands as well as the best ways to apply them. If that doesn’t help you feel confident, seek the advice of an expert.
  • Consider your skin tone before making a drastic change to your hair color. Choosing a color that is too light for your complexion can only make you appear older and, in some cases, sick.
  • To avoid an allergic response, perform a patch test on a hidden area of skin before applying any hair color.
  • Once you begin dying your hair, it’s best to keep a close eye on it. People can tell whether you’ve changed your hair color by looking at your roots.


  • Make sure that you don’t go too far from your natural hair color, or you’ll wind up appearing as you’ve colored it.
  • Hair color shouldn’t be overdone. If you’re going for a bright color, go for a more subtle touch-up rather than a big splash.
  • Don’t forget about the color of your eyebrows and other facial hair to maintain your overall appearance looking clean and polished.

Final Thoughts

Beard dyes are meant to help disguise gray or other color discrepancies and combine the hue so that it seems more uniformly colored. As a bonus, they can make men with sparse beards appear fuller and more robust. Get the best beard dye from ElectricsShaversGuide and start doing it!



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