Best Binary Trading App IQ Option Review 2022

iq option

IQ Option is the most unique binary trading app in the trading world. It provides the platform which allows you to trade in different and multiple financial tools, like ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. From this platform, the broker accepts traders from more than 213 countries, which includes South Asia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and other countries. This unique and innovative raised area is ideal specially for beginners because it has multiple tools to help beginners. It provides information about the ups and downs of the market such as Stock screening and iqoptions review, updates about the market, instability alerts, nominal investigation, and economic calendar. This month le app also allows you to view your account, important notifications, account position, and perform trades. Another feature of this platform is the lowest deposit of $10 and the lowest trade amount is $1.

IQ Option was founded in 2013 and in 2017 the broker was awarded the best communicator award. It is the most renowned trading platform in the world. It has more than 50 million registered traders and that is why millions of transactions are performed on daily basis. You can easily select the option that you want to sell or you are a buyer. IQ Option contributes for customers to trade in CDs on cryptocurrency, ETFs, stocks, and forex after starting as a binary options broker. Another imperative option is that it is available in 13 languages. IQ Option is always in line with the market leaders like eToro and plus500.

IQ Option accounts

There are three types of accounts on the Iq Option.

  • Demo Account
  • Real Account
  • VIP account

Demo Account

The demo account is free in IQ Option and it provides $10000 to use this learning account provides the platform to take risks without losing your money. Another benefit of this account is that it can be recharged. The demo account does not require a deposit.

Real Account

In this type of account, you need to deposit a Minimum of $10 and for trade, it needs only $1.A real account has multiple options and methods to deposit the amount and the withdrawal process is almost the same as the deposit so it is very easy to deposit and withdraw the amount. Remember you should choose the real account after getting the whole knowledge and understanding the risk of this account.

VIP Account

This type of account has similarities to the real account but it has some differences which make this account more reliable and more profitable. This type has higher betting limits and faster withdrawal. A VIP account provides you with a personal assistant to support you in making decisions about trading. Free participation in different tournaments but this service is in some countries. You can ask for help any time as this account provides 24/7 support.

Benefits of trading with IQ Options

  1. IQ Option is user-friendly for novice traders
  2. The highest levels of recompense are in the section of binary trading.
  3. Instant and free sign-up to the account
  4. Multiple products to choose the best
  5. It has multi charts options
  6. IQ Option is customized
  7. You can use it on a desktop, Browser, PWA, android, and IOS

Trading in crypto with IQ Option

When the IQ option initiates the process of crypto it earns more popularity in the trading market because of its simple and graspable technicalities. We search out crypto options on how to trade them in IQ Option

Crypto option

The crypto option is just like standard options but it is for cryptocurrencies. If you traded in IQ Option as binary and digital options then the crypto option would be more simple and easy for you.

Advantages of the crypto option trading

Cryptocurrencies are more impulsive than any other tools. The vital advantage of the crypto option is that after the successful deal the profit of crypto assets can be more than higher than the other tools of assets. But you should also remember that if the profit can be higher there are chances of loss and loss can also be very high in case of the negative ending of the deal.

Crypto Options On IQ Option

Trading in crypto options to get access to Binary and digital options with different cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Forex Trading

If you came to know what is Forex Trading and how it works believe me you will feel at the time the world is in your fist. Forex trading is an assumption on any currency prices to make it profitable. It is all about the assumption of whether the currency which you pick will rise in the market or it will fall in value as compared to other currencies.

Binary Trading App for Beginners

Binary options trading proposal depends on you to trade movements of the assets in a wide range. These ranges of assets can be stocks, indices, and even currency pairs. The benefit of the trading app is that you can trade when you wish to trade and where you wish to trade. One of the advantages of trading most brokers offer their traders a demo account. So this demo account provides you the opportunity to practice before deposit of your money.

Features Of The Binary Trading App

So when you prefer the binary trading app it must have certain features to consider that app. Here are some features about which a beginner should know.

  • simple To Use

A binary app should be simple to use so that the trader should trade Easily and you have the center of attention on trading.

  • Should have a minimum deposit

The minimum investment option in the binary trading app is the best app for trading. This is the most ideal option for beginners.

  • Practice Account ( Demo Account)

A practice account is an absolute way to understand binary options trading before you deposit or invest your time and money.

The practice account (Demo account) is free and has no charges. The goal of the demo account is that you will be able to see the full features of the trading app exclusive of the risk of your capital.

  • Submissive Earning Option

Most of the community uses the binary trading app as an Optional income mostly for the short-term investment. The beauty of the binary trading app is that it offers a high payment. So this is the ideal option to make money with minimum risk.

  • Trading Options

The trading asset is the option on which you can trade and these options are stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. These are the options for trading assets.


So when you start forex trading it analyses the assumption of the currency’s ups and downs to get profit. These ranges of assets can be stocks, indices, currency pairs, and commodities. Different methods on which you can trade. Trade can be a binary option, digital option, and now crypto option. IQ Option the trading app provides a simple and easy registration process and its more attractive features are a demo account with $10000 in the account and a VIP account with a higher betting limit with 24/7 support from IQ Option and the VIP account provides personal assistant to make effective trading. Crypto options got more and instant popularity when IQ Option initiate this tool. Crypto is more popular now because if you got the deal its profit would be higher as compared to other options. Trade with IQ Option is more effective because it has the best features


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