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Driver or chauffeur

The need for chauffeurs who can drive people to and from their destinations has increased as fewer people own vehicles (mainly because of the expense and trouble). Because of this and the proliferation of ride-hailing applications like Uber and Lyft, the need for chauffeurs and drivers is greater than it has ever been.

You’ll need at least one extremely fuel-efficient car (like a Toyota Prius) and to have some experience behind the wheel before you can launch your chauffeur/driver business. From here, you can register as a local taxi company (you’ll need a taxi licence) or as a contractor for an organisation like Uber (working for yourself, with Uber receiving a cut).

A taxi company will need to drive about seeking for customers (stations, business parks, etc.), list in local directories (building positive ratings), and provide a phone line for people to book through. Apps like Uber handle the customer acquisition portion in exchange for a fee. Overall, you’ll need to deliver an excellent customer experience, drive safely, and be at a competitive price point to develop a profitable local taxi driving business.

Lemonade Company

Make lemonade out of your life’s lemons and sell it to supermarkets! I’m not making this up; a friend of mine owns WeMadeDrinks, a beverage business that began as a campus lemonade stand. Soft drink demand is still growing as Coca-Cola and other beverage corporations profit greatly (low sugar healthy soft drinks are a current trend you could tap into).

Lemons, a production facility, bottling equipment, and much more are required to get started, along with the necessary licences whether you plan to make lemonade or another alternative soft drink at home or in a business setting. Asset financing is an option if you want to spread the expense.

You also need to design a beautiful brand, website and marketing materials. You can start by operating a mobile lemonade stand at festivals, community gatherings, and other high traffic areas, though the margins may be slim and obtaining such contracts may take some time. Alternatively, you can sell directly into supermarkets (Innocent tested their first smoothies at a festival).


Grooming pets

It’s astounding how much money British shoppers will spend on their dogs. There has been a rise in the number of people who want to get their pets groomed, especially dogs, especially when it comes to pampering in the form of grooming.

You can also promote your grooming business using whiteboard animation videos. For making videos you can use powerful whiteboard animation softwares like DoodleMaker or Doodly along with voiceover using speech to text softwares.

Typically, grooming an animal include trimming its hair, giving it a thorough wash, trimming its nails, and giving it a massage. With this firm, you will require a location with facilities right away (dog baths, hoses and other equipment).

You can advertise yourself on Gumtree and other directories that have sections for these kinds of services, or you can rely on passing trade (just be sure to choose a place with good foot traffic).


Relocation Service

The majority of people and businesses engage professional movers because moving to a new home or workplace is one of the most stressful and labor-intensive jobs anybody can undertake. In many situations, this is because there are so many things to pack and move.

A respectable-sized truck or van, a clear driving record, and professional driving expertise are all prerequisites for starting a removals business (considering the volume of driving you’ll be doing). Your expenditures will be heavily influenced by fuel; you should think about buying an electric van or truck, which, while pricey initially, will cost much less to operate than a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle. To transfer big items or huge amounts of products, you’ll also need access to packaging materials and at least one additional person.

Given that people and businesses only relocate once every seven years, this business’s immediate focus is on attracting new clients. You can advertise your removal company in local directories and work with estate agents to provide their clients with your services.


Vacation rentals

You can short-term rent out your entire house or a single room if you have a spare room or are going on vacation. It’s extremely simple to set up an account on sites like Airbnb and, and they’ll even insurance your house for up to $1 million in damages, so you can instantly reach a vast market of short-term tenants (holidaymakers and business travellers).

You must first register and specify the property or room you wish to rent, along with the times it is available. You must offer a comprehensive subscription, pictures, and a fixed fee (look at other properties similar in the local area to get an average price).

On sites for short-term rentals, getting bookings is entirely dependent on photographs and reviews. So, ensure your property has great images (some platforms will take them for you), and set your price below average to attract bookings and those crucial positive reviews (you can increase the pricing later on to market average or beyond based on occupancy).

If you don’t want to pay the commission that short-term rental platforms demand, you can also put up a website and booking system (using WordPress or another CMS), which is a little more difficult but doesn’t charge a booking fee. When it comes to marketing for your booking website, you should concentrate on improving your position in relevant search results by creating relevant content or utilising PPC to target searches for those terms (i.e. London holidays homes).





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