Best claw DPI mouse in 2021


Not sure how to choose a dpi mouse? This is not difficult if you know about some of the features like the grip types – Palm Grip, Claw Grip and Fingertip Grip. Well-chosen peripherals will definitely increase the efficiency of work and play.

Mouse is the partner of choice for a long-term relationship. Dpi Mouse Lots of features are good, but equally important is convenience. Fortunately, all you have to do is know the type of grip you are using and then choose the best candidate. So, if you are curious about how best to hold the mouse in CS GO or another game, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Choose a Mouse for Yourself?

Each hand, over many years of training, has generally created a position in which it feels the most comfortable and stable.the best solution when you going to purchase a new mouse this can help you a lot. it is really the best solution.. First of all, we define the type of handle we use. The most popular types include:

  • Palm Grip – Palm grip focused on speed and comfort.
  • Claw Grip – grip with claws (claw), increases accuracy.
  • Fingertip Grip – Grip with your fingertips for greater control.

the position of the fingers determines the grip of any mouse. the surface of the device should be clear and easy to grip otherwise it will irritate you.

The most popular grip is the Palm Grip, or palm grip with your palm fully resting on the mouse. 

Palm Grip can be of several types. The lower part of the metacarpal bone rests on the surface or does not contact it at all. The grip is subdivided according to the type of finger placement:

Palm Grip is classic – the left button and roller support the index finger, and the right button rests against the middle one. On the left side is the thumb, and on the right are the other two (ring and little fingers).

Palm Grip with finger on scrolling – the index finger rests on the left button, the middle one is on the scroll wheel, and the ring finger occupies the right button. There is a thumb on the left side of the mouse, and a little finger on the right.

Palm Grip with index finger on scrolling scroll. This grip is considered more comfortable, although, in terms of accuracy, it is worse

Which Mouse Fits the Palm Grip?

A large, ergonomic, profiled mouse is recommended for this type of grip (palm and fingers on the sides should rest fully on the periphery body).

Advantages and disadvantages

    • Pressing the main buttons: the entire surface of the fingers.
    • Metacarpal-to-mouse contact: the entire metacarpal bone.
    • Movement: Through the wrist and forearm.
    • Ease of grip: the most comfortable.
    • Advantages: high speed of movement.
  • Disadvantages:

less precision in movements compared to others.

This type of grip is based on 6 points of contact for maximum control. The claw is based on the control of the keys using the fingertips. The thumb is responsible for the left side of the mouse, the small and ring finger is responsible for the right. The lower part of the metacarpal bone is placed at the end of the mouse. You can also find a 5-point variant, in which the contact of the metacarpal bone with the corpus of the periphery does not occur.

Which Mouse is Suitable for the Claw Grip?

For gripping with claws, mice with a high profile, symmetrical shape (no profiling under the right or left hand) are recommended. The body should not be too long or short (short ones are suitable for gripping with claws without contact with the metacarpal bone). The body at the back of the periphery is usually raised towards the rear.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pressing the main buttons: with your fingertips.
  • Metacarpal contact: bottom or no contact.
  • Movement: wrist.
  • Grip comfort: worse than other types.
  • Benefits: click speed.


The hand gets tired faster due to less comfort. Fingero-palm is the second popular type of fingertip grip. The palm is connected by placing fingers on the surface of the main buttons and the back of the mouse. The rest of the hand does not touch the periphery.

Small mice are the best choice here because only a minimal part of your palm metacarpal bone is in contact with the device.

Best Dpi Mouse

As with any tech product, choosing the best palm grip gaming mouse for your use is not an easy process. In today’s world with such a large selection of products for any technology, you need to think carefully about which product to choose. This is the case with choosing the ideal mouse, both in terms of features and comfort. 

You might even be curious about the differences between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. First of all, you need to decide which grip you usually hold: the mouse, claw or palm. Some mice have a better grip on the palm, while others prefer a claw grip, etc.

Which Mouse is Suitable

Once you figure out which grip style is best for you, you can move on to finding the best mouse for yourself.

Choosing the right palm grip mouse for you is a painstaking process. You need to find a mouse with a good sensor so that there is no lag or lag when moving the mouse across the screen. Also keep in mind that the best MMO mouse will differ from the best CSGO mouse. 

There are several other factors that may or may not directly affect your gaming performance. Some are just gimmicks, while others are actual features that may be needed for better overall gameplay or good results in FPS games.

for the Fingertip Grip?

Our picks for the best Palm Grip gaming mouse

Other factors such as mouse size also come into play when purchasing a grip gaming mouse, for example, not all mice are suitable for all sizes of hands. Some are better for large hands and some are better for small hands

Mouse weight and connection type, whether wired or wireless, are also critical so that you can choose which one works best for you. To save you all these problems, we went through the process of separating the average from the outstanding and provided you with a complete guide for the palm grip mouse.

Logitech is a large computer equipment company. Logitech is especially known for its mice. Over the years, Logitech has created some of the most notable products when it comes to mice, such as the legendary G502 Proteus Spectrum, long hailed as one of the best mice ever made.

Find Logitech Dpi Mouse

This is easy to see given the fact that this is a wireless mouse with a very ergonomic shape and symmetrical use. Time and time we see that this product is becoming one of the leaders of choice for a wider range of users.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse features the new HERO 25K sensor with a maximum resolution of 25,600 dpi mouse. This is not a heavy mouse

In fact, this is one of the weakest mice we’ve seen – just 80g. The G Pro is a wireless mouse that has a battery life of up to 48 hours with RGB lighting on.

you can increase battery life by turning off. The Logitech logo on the palm rest of the mouse has only one RGB light zone.

G pro shape

The G Pro shape makes it a very ergonomic and comfortable mouse. The hand rests comfortably on the mouse in a natural position, and thanks to its lightweight, you do not need to exert much effort at all to move it.

At the bottom of the mouse, you can see several areas of the PTFE feet for easy and smooth surface movement. This is a two-handed mouse because it has side buttons on both sides of the mouse.

The G Pro Wireless is Powerplay compatible. Logitech introduced a powerplay feature to allow device charging easily and fast. This requires you to have a Powerplay panel and your Power Play compatible device.

If you’re looking for a wireless alternative from Logitech, check out our Logitech G603 Lightspeed review

Powerplay sold separately. It is not provided with the product. The mouse itself isn’t at the bottom of the spectrum either, add to that the extra price you have to pay to get the Power Play feature and it becomes a really expensive product. A budget alternative from Logitech could be the G402,

Final Words

when you going to buy or consider buying a new laptop always the things  that we mention above in this article. so you will never going to loose your money for unwanted products that are not useful for you for your working such as if you want a mouse for gaming then you should buy a mouse with high DPI otherwise it will be not good for gaming and irritate you during game play and when you want to buy a mouse for drafting buy a mouse with low DPI.


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