Best Design Practices For Product Page of an E-commerce Website

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Best Design Practices For Product Page of an E-commerce Website

The industry of eCommerce is growing magnanimously. The prevalence of COVID has introduced new habits and has changed the behaviours. As the physical markets were closed, people started to flux in the online markets and have merchandised their products. With the shift in the behaviours of people, the online market is expected to keep growing even if COVID roams in the markets or not. 

Where merchants have succeeded dramatically, some of them also faced failures. One of the reasons behind their failures was the weak and unconvincing outlook of their merchandise. Realistically, appearance matters a lot these days and has become a virtue. So, if you are planning to be an online merchant, you need to design a convincing, fetching, and elegant outlook of your website or you can consider web design Dubai. Before you start designing, take some ideas from the leading online marketplaces. 


Nowadays, even kids know that eBay is one of the biggest eCommerce websites. eBay does not support a colorful or elegant design but it is still a pioneer of the eCommerce market. Let us take a deep insight into its simple but customer-friendly design:

  • Minimalistic, easy to use, and quick response design.
  • The product title mentions the color, edition, and code of the product which delivers a quick description of the product and saves the client’s time. 
  • The display of the product and the option to enlarge the product image gives the customer a better and satisfying view. 
  • The CTA, Buy It Now or Add to Cart button is fixed in the middle of the page which is the ideal position of the cursor. 
  • The customers find ease when they do not have to scroll the page. From the estimated delivery time to shipping costs, from return policy to payment methods, each essential information is ideally provided on the product page. 
  • The box depicting Top Rated Plus and Money Back Guarantee helps in convincing the customer. 


The leading eCommerce store Amazon has an elegant, descriptive yet simple design. Amazon takes care of all sorts of customers whether somebody wants an in-depth description or those who get irritated with long descriptions. The brief description requires no further effort after landing on the product page but If you want to explore more, just scroll down slightly. Let’s get into it: 

  • Brief, elegant, easy to use, and customer-friendly. 
  • The product image gives an exclusive look of the product. The product can be seen from every angle. 
  • The product title often describes the specifications, material information, subject, and color of the product along with the name of the product. 
  • For the customer’s feasibility, different editions and variables are accessible on the same page with their varying prices mentioned. 
  • The #1 Best Seller badge convinces the customer to trust and make an order.
  • The customer is facilitated with every minute and essential description. The icons at the bottom of the center are catchy and customer-fetching. 
  • By seeing all buying options, and aside tab with multiple options from different sellers is opened. From varying prices to seller’s rating, each and everything is elegantly displayed. Most of the items often have the Add to Cart option rather than the unusual See All Buying option. 
  • With scrolling down, customers get to see recommended items, in-depth descriptions of the product, reviews of the customers, warranty and support, and everything one needs to know. 


Alibaba, the leading online B2B trade marketplace, is simply designed and enhanced with modules like Prestashop B2B wholesale module for better accomplishment of orders in bulk. Alibaba believes in indiscrimination as it equally treats everybody with its user-friendly interface. 

It is a typical design but it still makes millions of sales. Let us have a look at what it takes to build such a design: 

  • Simple and typical design. User-friendly interface. 
  • The product title offers a brief, essential and quick description of the product. 
  • The enlarging option of the images provides a better outlook of the product. 
  • Customers are given the option to compare different products from different sellers for varying prices, quality, and other comparisons. 
  • Convenience is promised as customers are provided with varying wholesale rates in accordance with the size of bulk they are going to buy. 
  • From the size and color selection to the seller’s reputation and response time, every piece of information is provided. 
  • For further product details, customization, and inquiries, Alibaba has installed the ‘Contact Supplier’ and ‘Call Us’ buttons. 
  • You can also have a quick chat with suppliers and Alibaba messengers. 


Zara, one of the leading clothing brands, has a simple, elegant, appealing, and fetching design. It soothes the customers’ eyes with its minimalistic design and soft colors. You need not wonder if ZARA is having great sales through its website. Let us take a close look at the design: 

  • Spectacles soothing soft colors. An elegant design as their elegant products. Minimalistic still magnifying. 
  • From product description to the finest and sheer outlook of the product is perfectly presented. The convenience is delivered as varying colors can be accessed without redirection of the page. 
  • Customers can have quick information about product price, shipping, and returns, material, and care.
  • The sizes can be selected in both European standards and US standards. The size guide is enhanced with the opening of the side tab on the same page. 
  • Customers have the option to modify the size of the text, magnify images, describe difficult words, adjust colors and navigation, to access night and day mode themes by just clicking on the accessibility icon at the right bottom. 
  • Zara also acts as your fashion designer by suggesting products that will match your desired product to deliver you the finest outlook as itself. 

Elegance is there. The description is there. Aesthetics are there. But the common trait of all these leading franchises is simplicity. Simplicity, the key to brilliance and trademark of genius, is the way to achieve excellence. It is not late yet, so start soon. Build your simple, elegant, and customer-convincing design by hiring one of the finest web designs in Dubai. 

Best of luck with your merchandise. See you soon on top. 


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