Best Gates for Stairs: Secure your home

Baby gates

Best Gates for Stairs: Secure your home

Baby gates for stairs can make your home safe for baby as well as prevent home accidents. In addition, you should make your home child friendly and baby proof when bringing a newborn home.

For first time parents it is not easy as everything need to be ready from a bed, stroller, baby bottle, formulae, toys etc.

Parents with other children and pets in the house should also ensure the newborn is safe too. Particularly, due to accidents in the home with can lead to huge medical expenses, ensure everywhere is safe for baby.

When Do You Need a Stair Gate?

Challenges comes when the baby starts crawling and learning to walk. Not only, will they stroll to different rooms in the house but can eat unhealthy foods they pick around the house.

Baby gates will help a lot in restricting their movement. You wouldn’t want to find your baby in the kitchen bin or around the dog food bowl or cat food if you have a pet.

Types of Stairs Gates

We have different baby gates that can be used to restrict baby movement around the house.

For instance, gates for top and bottom of stairs, baby and pet gates for hallways or doorways, some can be put in accident prone areas around the house like bathroom, kitchen, balcony and windows.

Houses are different and one can prefer to go for pressure mounted stair gates instead of hardware mounted gates. Both are great for stair and restrict baby movements.

Unquestionable, pressure mounted gates are best for bottom of the stairs, hallways and doorways, and are easy to fix.

Subsequently, hardware mounted gates are best for permanent use and are best for top of stairs. Not only, are they recommended as the baby cannot fall from the top of the stairs as they are tightly fitted with screws and bolted installation.

Babies are adventurous and one minute they can be near you and next they are in the kitchen pouring flour on themselves.

Even with a baby camera and monitor to monitor them while you do your chores once they learn walking it may be hard to station them at one place.

Depending on the place you want to place the baby gate one need to consider various factors from space, portability, material, price and assembling.

What Materials are used to Make Baby Stair Gates?

Baby gates come in many varieties, some are made of wood, others foldable, some have a lock system, portable and others can be folded while some have a small pet gate too.

For best stairs gates one can opt for one that is easy to assemble/disable in minutes, portable, constructed with steel material that is rust free.

When moving to different homes one would loves to have a stair gate that can be adjusted to suit different width, easy to extended for wider spaces and reduced for smaller spaces.

Hallway baby gates can also be used around the playpen, these baby gates can be foldable, made of wood or have a small pet gates to allow your cat free movement around the home.

As a baby’s grow the baby gate that was once long to reach can be a thing of the past. Clearly, when shopping for a stair gate you can opt for lock secure gate instead of swing and lock gate.

What to Consider when Buying a Baby Stair Gate

The baby gate for stairs, hallways should be safe as well as meet the required standards set. Most baby gates in the markets are made of metal, plastic and wood.

Check if the material is safe for the baby. If the stair gate is made of metal check that it is well coated and will not rust, for wood check for any loss chip that would pierce the baby when holding. Also the paint/ garnish used to coat it, is it safe for baby?

Moreover, other types of plastic are dangerous to baby health hence when buying a stair gate made from plastic ensure it is PVC free. Babies are very sensitive and can be affect by chemicals, particularly the ones used in making it.

Importantly, the manufacturer should be approved and meet the standards put, check that when purchasing the stair gate.

We want the best stair gate as parents and caregivers and the gates are designed to suit babies from months old to years. Lastly, get the safest and best for your baby.

Article written by editor – Carol Gretta


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