Best Makeup Subscription Boxes Ideas For Branding 2021


As the year draws to an end, we look forward to the new trends in wrapping design 2021 has in store. At first glance, they look unique. You have simple geometry in addition to super detailed ink drawings and complicated characters. But there’s a cohesive theme here, and it’s a shift in packaging design that is immediately read as commercial to packaging that looks like art. We’ve rounded up the best custom makeup boxes our readers have chosen, and we mean it when we say it’s full of excellent choices! Including choices at all costs, options for vegan beauty fans, and an impressive selection of set brands.

These choices are great options for those who want to enhance their makeup collection – and of course, make makeup enthusiasts grow. Who also want to keep their already impressive range. 

Small Illustrated Patterns That Show What’s Inside:

Patterns and illustrations can be more than just decoration. They can reveal what a product is. In 2021, you can expect lots of intricate designs and small images on the packaging and expect it to accomplish a specific task: give yourself a clue of what’s inside. These illustrations are often simplified or abstract, giving you a more artistic rendering of what’s in the package than a literal look at the product itself. For example, instead of a photo of real tortilla chips, a chip shop can decorate their bags with a triangular pattern reminiscent of tortilla chips.

Authentic Vintage Unboxing Experience:

Vintage-inspired packaging has been all the rage for a while, so what’s different this year? The fact that the whole unboxing experience feels so authentic makes you think you’ve traveled through time. You won’t see a lot of generic, vintage-inspired packaging in 2021. You will see packaging with an authentic old-fashioned look and feel that goes one step further by creating a completely immersive experience. You will come across packaging designs that are almost indistinguishable from anything your great-grandmother would have used and will transport you to another point in time.

This means going beyond logos and labels and embracing the entire brand experience using vintage-inspired textures, bottle shapes, materials, exterior packaging, and imagery. It is no longer enough to give a package pretty retro details. Now the packaging itself feels like it was picked from a fixed shelf in time. 

Hyper-Simplified Geometry:

Another packaging trend that we’ll be seeing a lot in 2021 designs that use elementary yet bold geometric concepts. We see aggressive geometry with clean lines, sharp angles, and expressive colors that give packaging design an edge (literally).

Much like the pattern trend, this trend gives consumers a taste of what a product stands for. But unlike the patterns and illustrations representing what’s in the makeup boxes, these designs are incredibly abstract. It might seem simple at first, but it’s an imposing way for brands to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Art Dressed Packaging: 

In 2021, you can expect to see plenty of packaging designs, where the packaging itself is a work of art. This trend is especially gaining momentum with advanced products, but you can also see it with mid-segment products. Designers take inspiration from paintings and painting structures, which they playfully integrate into their creations or place them at the center. The goal here is to blur the line between packaging design and art by showing that everything.

 Even a bottle of wine that ends up being recycled is beautiful and unique. In 2021, you can expect to see plenty of packaging designs, where the packaging itself is a work of art. This trend is especially gaining momentum with advanced products, but you can also see it with mid-segment products.

Organically Shaped Color Block:

Color blocking is nothing new. But the color blocking in the drops and the clips and the spirals and the valleys? So 2021. What sets 2021 organic color blocking apart from previous color blocking trends are the structures, unique color combinations, and variation in a block shape and weight. It’s not straight, crisp edges with colorful frames that form perfect grids and clean lines; they’re uneven, lopsided collages with freckles and spots inspired by an eclectic flower garden or Dalmatian fur. They feel real; they feel organic

Product Names In The Foreground:

Instead of making an illustration or logo in the center of the packaging, some designers choose to make the product name the star of their design. These are designs that get incredibly creative with letters to put the product name in the center. Each name on these packaging designs looks like a work of art in itself, giving the entire procedure a distinctive personality. With this type of packaging, there is no doubt about the product’s name or the type of product. So making it the ideal packaging trend for product-oriented companies looking to increase brand awareness. Their brand.

These designs are based on a healthy style that can carry the entire aesthetic of the brand. All of the additional design elements are just there to make the name shine.

Perfect Symmetry:

It is not uncommon for a year of leading trends to contradict each other. It happens almost every year, and the packaging trends in 2021 are no different. At the same time, some wrapping designers play with imperfect shapes in their designs. Others far away in the converse direction, creating pieces with perfect symmetry. These designs appeal to our sense of order and give us a sense anchored in chaos. Not all designs that match this trend are clean and intricate. Some, like Raluca’s design for the original Yerba Mate, is looser, more disconnected patterns that contain negative space for a less collected feel.

However, they are just as perfectly symmetrical as the more complex designs and create the feeling of visually satisfying perfection that characterizes this trend.

Story-Driven Packaging With Original Numbers:

Storytelling is an integral part of any effective branding, and by 2021, you’ll see many brands expanding their storytelling to their packaging. 2021 will give us characters that go beyond being mascots but seemingly live out their own elaborate stories.


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