Best Places To Visit In Taiwan In December 2020 For A Perfect Winter Escape

Visit In Taiwan

I think the most significant advantage of traveling across the globe is that you get to experience multiple kinds of weather all year round in numerous countries. Although the northern end has a complete winter experience, the southern end is baked in the summer heat. Some of the places in the middle enjoy the mildest weather years in the whole world.

Taiwan is located on the northern edge of the tropics. It is the most lively place during the months from October 10th to the Lunar New Year. The hot summer and autumn storms mean that Taiwan’s winter is the best time to learn about what the island has to offer. That being said, the weather does get freezing, and if you go on an adventure at night, you may need a scarf or even a pair of gloves. However, despite the cold air, this season is full of events and festivals. These are some of the best.

Visit Wenshan Hot Spring and take a refreshing bath.

Vacation is essential to get rid of daily life, but it is also vital to keep the body and soul calm. Visit one of the famous hot springs to refresh yourself and revitalize yourself. Taiwan’s hot springs are widely loved and loved by tourists for their novelty and therapeutic advantages. These hot water springs originate from the deepest part of the earth and contain a powerful fusion of natural chemicals and minerals. Therefore, it is suitable for health and can relieve various diseases.

Enjoy the intriguing scenery of Jiufen.  

Jiufen is a mountainside town that witnessed its first heyday during the Taiwan Gold Rush in the 1890s. Today, Jiufen is famous for its vibrant cafes and market stalls on its winding hillsides. Its tilt and the vast space shrouded in mist inspired the extraordinary and otherworldly magnificence of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Spirited Away.” Moreover, when you enjoy the scenery under the light of hanging lanterns, it is not difficult to feel that you have entered another world. From downtown Taipei, Jiufen Town takes about 2 hours by bus. You can also book one of the hotels and B&Bs in the town for the night.

Soak in the beauty of Taipei.

Taipei is a magnificent city with lively shopping streets. There are alleys from the Japanese colonial period and modern buildings. The bamboo-shaped skyscraper of height 509 meters named Taipei 101 is a gem of the town. Overlooking the city’s panoramic view is the observatory on top of the tallest high-rise building in the world. Try some delicious Taipei food; it is also famous for its cheerful night markets and street food.

Participate in the Butterfly pageant fest

From November to March, a vast array of Euploea butterflies rove over to Taiwan in the colder months and then head to the Maolin National Scenic Area during the winter. It is one of only two migrating butterfly canyons globally, making this holiday trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The locals call the Purple Butterfly Valley area, and seeing so many amazing butterflies covering the entire landscape is truly breathtaking. Visit there this winter, make your Copa Airlines Reservations and enjoy a comfortable visit to Taiwan.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year Taiwanese style

Although Christmas is an unofficial holiday in Taiwan, the state is well-lit and beautifully decorated on Christmas Eve. In order to entertain Taiwanese shoppers and tourists, all shopping centers, markets, and other shopping centers are decorated with holiday decorations. Wandering around these places and savoring Christmas dinner in Western restaurants and hotels is the best thing in Taiwan in December. Taiwan has its own unique Christmas traditions, and they are unique in their own way.

Pick fresh strawberries from the lake Baishihu.

If you are on vacation in Taiwan in December, don’t miss the 116-meter-long Baishihu Bridge. This bridge mainly connects the four mountains of Daluntou, Li Yu, Zhongyong, and Baishihu. It extends from Longzhou Rock as if a giant dragon is watching Baishihu Town. It is worthwhile to hike across this bridge in the Baishihu Recreation Agriculture Zone and pick some fresh strawberries. Only 30 minutes away from downtown Taipei, Baishi Lake is a place for you to enjoy hiking, beautiful scenery, and fruit picking. In addition to enjoying this, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.

In conclusion, Taiwan, the modern metropolitan capital, has many iconic attractions worth mentioning. You can also visit Taiwan by making Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and enjoy the mesmerizing beauties of the town.


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