Best Residential Areas in Karachi

DHA Karachi

Best Residential Areas in Karachi

Karachi is the biggest metropolitan of the country. This along with many other reasons, are factors that greatly affect the population of the city.  Many have been living in the city for ages, many have recently moved as the city of the lights is the place to live. However, the vast majority of individuals who currently reside in the city are the ones who came to Karachi looking for jobs. 

Whatever the reason may be, the demand for houses and apartments for sale has greatly increased in the past few years. The question that many ask while searching for apartments for sale in Karachi, is where to buy one. 

Don’t worry; we can help you find the best possible house or apartment for sale in the city, in the best possible residential area of Karachi.  To make the decision easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best residential areas in the city.

Let’s have a look!

Best Residential Areas in Karachi


Gulistan-e-Johar is one of the biggest residential areas of the city of lights. According to some, it is also one of the most desirable places to live in Karachi. The area has been divided into various blocks and each block has all the basic facilities and high end amenities.

The many facilities the town has are, shopping centres offering almost everything, showrooms of various brands, uncountable roadside eateries and high end restaurants. The town also has trusted healthcare facilities, such as the Dar-ul-sehat Hospital and Liaquat Clinic. The town of Johar has clear access to the Airport, as it lies extremely close to the Jinnah International Airport.

These are the two most desirable residential areas in Karachi for you to look for the best apartment for sale in Karachi. We at JagahOnline can help you find the apartment that fits every single one of your needs and demands. Head to JagahOnline now and find your Jagah!

DHA Defence Karachi | All There is to Know

One of the most trusted names in the real estate market of Pakistan, is DHA Karachi. A heavily populated area near the shore of Karachi. The area was initially made to cater to the housing needs of the army officials and their families. As soon as you enter the neighborhood, you can recognize it because of its luscious greenery and planned infrastructure, wide network of roads and cutting edge facility.

You can buy a house for sale in Karachi, in the neighborhood of DHA. Whether you wish to buy it for the purpose of investment or to make it your home, buying a house for sale in Karachi is the perfect decision.

Let us tell you about the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi in more detail.


DHA Karachi, or just commonly known as Defence stands for the Defence Housing Authority. It is one of the most sought after residential areas of Karachi. Just the name brings comfort, luxury, quality and trust in one’s mind. 

The scheme is located right beside the seashore, giving you a picture perfect morning. There are houses and apartments for sale, in various blocks of the scheme of various dimensions, befitting the needs of almost everyone.

Managed by the armed forces of Pakistan, there is not a single thing out of place. Be it anytime of the day, you will find beautiful, clean and open roads without any sign of a traffic jam. There is greenery planted in the road belts. Various monuments have been erected through the housing scheme, thus making the place one of the best places to live in. 

Overview of DHA Karachi


Developed by a bunch of retired army officers in March 1953, the scheme was known as the ‘Defence Officers Housing Society’. After the first couple of years, the scheme was taken under the Government of Pakistan. 

The municipal issues of the locality are looked after by the Clifton Cantonment Board (CCB), under which falls maintenance of public parks, roads and streets. It also overlooks the greenery in the locality, provides water facilities and sanitation facilities to the residents of the area. 

DHA or most commonly known as Defence has been deemed as Karachi’s best urban and planned housing society. It spreads over an area of 8,838 acres and is divided into different phases from 1 to 8. These phases all have a standard commercial area for day-to-day groceries and other items. 

Location of DHA Defence Karachi

The reason behind DHA’s position in the real estate market is its location. The housing society is connected to the rest of the city via an extensive network of roads and bridges. 

The scheme is barely 25 minutes’ drive away from the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station, while Jinnah International Airport is just 45 minutes’ drive away. 

DHA is known for many popular places that include:

  • Sea View
  • Dolmen Mall Clifton
  • Frere Hall
  • Mohatta Palace
  • National Bank of Pakistan Cricket Ground
  • Ibn-e-Qasim Park
  • Karachi Gymkhana

Facilities in DHA

DHA Defence Karachi has many noteworthy facilities in the area for both the investors and the residents:

  • Mass Transit
  • Safety and Security
  • Shopping Malls and Markets
  • Mosques
  • Educational Institutes
  • Parks and Stadiums
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Cafes and Restaurants

For investing in one of the most lucrative real estate markets of Karachi, buying a house in Karachi in the area of DHA Defence, is the best decision. Whether you buy the property for the purpose of investment or for the purpose to make the place your home, buying a house for sale in Karachi with JagahOnline’s help is the decision you should make.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town Karachi

Do you know who the real estate mogul of Pakistan is? Yes you guessed it right, its Mr. Malik Riaz. Mr. Riaz with his initiative of Bahria Town has gained an esteemed title as not just a real estate mogul, but as a business tycoon of Pakistan. The project has been launched in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi. 

Now the Bahria Town has set its focus on uplifting the living standards of the city of lights. Bahria Town Karachi has caught the attention of not just the ones looking to make the housing scheme their abode, but investors as well.

Let’s discuss the newest project by Mr. Malik Riaz in more detail. 

Scroll down to find out about the housing scheme having many houses for sale and apartments for rent in Karachi. 

Bahria Town Karachi : An Overview

Bahria Town is one of the most esteemed names in the real estate market of Pakistan. With the project now entering the biggest metropolitan of Pakistan, it is looking forward to raising the standard of living in the city.

Divided into 31 precincts, Bahria Town Karachi covers an area of 46,000 acres. All 31 precincts are fully equipped with all the basic facilities, apart from which the entire town has some of the world’s best amenities imaginable.

The town has many plots for sale, as well as many apartments for rent in Karachi, all of them in ready, in case someone wants to move in immediately. Furthermore, upon visiting, the administration has set up model houses, so that you can get a feel of living in the town before making your decision.

You can gain an idea about the demand for the housing scheme by the fact that, even though the project is still under construction, many families have already settled in the mini-city.

There are uncountable facilities present for the residents of the housing scheme, such as top class educational facilities, world class medical facilities, recreational facilities, such as Danzoo and Bahria Adventure Park. 

Location of Bahria Town

If you wish to make further queries about the facilities, or the location, you can use the below mentioned information to contact the management of Bahria Town Karachi:

Address: Customer Support Centre, Super Highway, Bahria Town Karachi.

Phone Number: +92 21 36161555, +92 21 33863693-6

Apartment for Rent in Karachi, JagahOnline

JagahOnline not only has multiple listings of apartments for rent and sale throughout Karachi, it has various listings available within Bahria Town Karachi as well. With the many real estate agents working with us, you will be able to make a worthwhile investment in the housing scheme.

So head to JagahOnline now, and find an apartment best suited to your needs in the many apartment complexes in the town, such as Bahria Apartments, Bahria Heights and many more.

Apartment for Sale in Bahria Town

A housing scheme worth your investment, a place that has all the facilities one could ask for or even imagine. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the esteemed Bahria Projects. 

Bahria Projects have made a name for themselves in the country. With their standard designs and well maintained quality of the entire project, Bahria Town Projects are the most sought after housing scheme in the country.  

The face behind the successful project is Mr. Malik Riaz, a business tycoon of Pakistan. After seeing absolute success in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore, the business tycoon has set to introduce the project in the city of lights.

Let’s see why Bahria Town Karachi has gained the attraction of investors and individuals looking to make the scheme their abode. 

An Overview of Bahria Town Karachi

Located adjacent to the Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway, M-9, the residential scheme is equipped with all the basic facilities and world class amenities.  We will discuss these facilities in detail later in the blog. 

The housing scheme spans over an area of 46,000 acres, which is divided into 31 precincts. These 31 precincts are named Bahria House, Bahria Apartments, Bahria Sports City, Bahria Farmhouses, Bahria Icon Tower, Bahria Heights and Jinnah Avenue Commercial.

There are plenty of houses and apartments for sale in Karachi that can be found in the housing scheme. There are plots for sale, for people who wish to build their own house, as well as readymade houses and apartments for sale, who wish to move immediately.

 Facilities & Amenities

The residential scheme is bursting with plenty of recreational, educational and medical facilities. The town has many parks for the ones who wish to spend their afternoon in peace and quiet surrounded by nature. For the kids and adventure lovers, the scheme has clubs, Danzoo, Bahria Adventure Land and Cinemas all within its bounds.

With the scheme spanning over an area of 46,000 acres, you must be thinking that having your own transport is a must, but don’t worry, the management has solved this issue as well and provided its residents with a transport system both inside the scheme, as well as outside.

Apartment for Sale in Karachi, JagahOnline

When you are looking for an apartment for sale in Karachi, there is no one better qualified to help you than the real estate agents at JagahOnline, and no better place to look for an apartment for sale in Karachi than Bahria Town. 

With the best realtors in the city working with us, we will get you an apartment best suited to your needs at the best price. All you have to do is head to our portal and type “Apartment for sale in Karachi” and Voila! All your problems are solved.



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