Best Things to Do in Orlando Florida

Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando is more than the theme park grounds, which can ignite a light of excitement within you—followed by its attractive eateries surrounded by tree-lined streets, striking museums and astonishing art. Via a total of 233 days of sun each year, you might be tempted to spend your days lounging by the hotel pools, but you’d be missing out on everything this wonderful city has to offer, from nuclear tests to alligator wrestling. And here is our list of absolutely unmissable things to do in Orlando right now if you’re putting together a whole ultimate holiday bucket list.

This blog will mention all the things you can not miss to do in Orlando. 

Visit Universal Orlando Resort 

This is a legendary place ideal for families and anyone who is a massive fan of films as this place has all of the characters from wizards, witches to marvel superheroes. Harry Potter, Transformers, the amazing spider-man, you name it, and it’s there. You can get almost any character you are a fan of in this legendary record. You can just stay on the site and receive a priority entry to the park. Make a plan and pay a visit. We guarantee you are going to love it. 

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 

Does space, stars, moons and planets fascinate you? Are you a fan of astronomy? If yes, you are going to love the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You can fulfill your dream of tasting the touch of space. You can actually sense what it is like to be in outer space with its high technology, which exhibits features of reality and start-war like holograms—highlights such as the space shuttle Atlantis handing from the ceiling and showing off flight centered glory. The shuttle launch experience is something you can experience while saving the earth. Hurry up, Frontier Airlines Book a Flight at cheap rates! Offer limited. 

 winter park’ Boat Tour 

You can reach this small and picturesque town in 20 minutes from Orlando. This area is usually renowned for skiing; however, the scenic boat tour allures tourists. You can take the guided lake tour in the chains of the lake for about an hour. It’s like you’re lounging on a swing in the middle of a thick jungle. Along the way, you’ll pass by breathtaking scenery, waterfront houses, and abundant animals. 

Paddle Boat at lake Eola park 

Although it is situated in the thick of the metropolis, Lake Eola Park is a welcome respite. As it bounces on the lake, the city from this vantage point is breathtaking. You may go for a stroll to get away from the noise and bustle for a while. Paddle boarding is another way to unwind and have a good time. The boats are hilarious since they are shaped like swans

Explore the Fun Downtown Disney 

As thrilling as it sounds, Downtown Disney is a buzzing hotpot where you can shop until you drop and eat to your heart’s content. Gastronomy is an experience at a variety of specialized restaurants. Irrespective of when you visit, Downtown Disney, one of the top places to visit in Orlando, will always have various entertainment activities and events to welcome you.

Market Stage, Exposition Park, AMC Movies, Paradiso 37, Raglan Road Live Music, Splitsville Luxury Lanes, House of Blues, and Water-view Park are all popular attractions in Downtown Disney.

Alligator watch while an air-boat tour 

Can you think of something more terrifying than an alligator? If you are interested in the wilderness and looking for a thrill, you can not miss attending an air boat tour. You can spot the alligator in their natural habitat with guaranteed safety. The best location for this activity is the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. If you want this whole experience a step further, you can also go for a Gater hike trail, popularly known as Alligator Alley. 

Explore Orlando’s lush gardens

Hotels and bars are fun. However, you can not ignore the leisure walking in the rich gardens of Orlando. Even though Orlando is known for its splendid skyline, it’s not about the city all the time. Various parks allow you to connect to nature, and it can be one of the best things you can experience in Orlando for cheap. 

Enjoy Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf 

You probably would have guessed already by its name, and it is a mini-golf course with a pirate theme in it. Your journey is incomplete, If you miss this spot. You can blend into the magnificence of the tropical landscape, waterfalls and a pirate ship in this 18 hole golf course. Despite being located at the international Drive Route, its bestowed tranquility will captivate you anyway. 

Bike Riding at the lake Baldwin Trail

You can enjoy the bike riding experience within a classy and picturesque neighborhood. It is not more than a 2.5-mile trail where you can ride your bike along the shores of the lake. Because it is a popular tourist destination, you may encounter a large crowd in the evenings, so get there early! 

Enjoy your spa 

Orlando is known for its nightlife, but it also compensates for its exhaustion, followed by its spas. The eminent and tradition-abiding spas and modern therapies have won this city several awards. A rejuvenating spa is a solution for all the exhaustion you are facing due to all the travelling. 

Hop into the cultural events taking place throughout the year.  

Witnessing beautiful events and concerts that take place across Orlando, whether at night or during the day, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular things to do in Orlando. You’ll be relieved to learn that there is always something planned for folks of all ages and interests. Some exhibitions and activities take place on a daily basis, while others take place once in a while

Explore the museum art 

What exactly is it? Various permanent art collections, including African art, contemporary art, and the exceptional “Art of the Ancient Americas,” are housed here. This museum, one of Orlando’s cultural institutions, was founded in 1924 with the goal of allowing the public to experience and learn about art. If you are a fan of the arts, this is just the place for you. From paintings to ceramics, you can get anything here. After checking out the astonishing OMA art you can hop right into the ancient contemporary art. One of the most famous museums includes the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. you can get to view the integration of jewelry, ceramics and Tiffany glass art. 

Go to the New Smyrna Beach 

New Smyrna Beach, the most well-known among locals, is located on Florida’s Central Atlantic Coast. This picturesque surf town, located just over an hour from Center Orlando, features white sand beaches and a small downtown filled with creative boutiques and outdoor cafes. Though most tourists flock to Daytona Beach, the additional five – minute journey is definitely worth it for locals, heavy surf, and a laid-back feel. NSB is known because of its ‘drive-on beach access,’ making it one of the few spots in the United States in which you can travel along the sand before picking the excellent location to spend a sunny day. Take your boards and travel to Fernandez Bay for some of the best surfing in the area. Don’t leave town without stopping by JB’s Fish Camp, on which you can sample the daily catch, paddle board alongside sea lions, and interact with dolphins on the Waterway.

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The Designer Outlets

Orlando is a fashionista’s dream, with three designer outlet malls in the heart of the city.

Why are you going? If the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and Orlando International Real Issues with their who’s-who of brands from Tommy Hilfiger to Burberry wasn’t enough, the sprawling Lake Buena Vista Manufacturing plant Shops with a similar style as well as a available shuttle bus to and from many nearby hotels aren’t enough, there’s also the bustling Lake Buena Vista Factory Retailers with a similar style and a free shuttle bus to and from many nearby hotels. And that’s even before you visit the Mall at Centuries, which features brands such as Armani, Gucci, and Rolex. make Alaska airlines booking at an affordable rate, hurry up!

Take a walk at Harry P. Leu Garden 

In the midst of Portland’s more elevated sights and noises, the Harry P. Leu Gardens provide a welcome respite.

Why are you going? The gardens, a botanical haven only minutes from downtown, were built in the 1930 by neighborhood businessman Mr. Leu, who would tour the globe carrying rare plants and seed back for his burgeoning enterprise. The tropical and semi-tropical areas are spread out over 50 acres of groomed gardens and waterways, with meandering walkways covered by brf oak trees and jasmine forests. Throughout the year, different plants come into season, resulting in a continually changing stunning panorama. The cost of admission to the gardens is $10 for adults, $5 for children, and free for children under the age of three.

Final Words 

We have compiled all the things you can add into your Orlando bucket list. Things like visiting Universal Orlando resort where you can find any fantasy character and experience its magic. Or playing at the golf court at Pirate’s Cove; a pirate themed miniature golf court, or taking a rejuvenating spa which can make up for all your exhaustion or the most common thing you can do is going to the cultural events taking place throughout the year. 


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