Best Ways To Find A Real Estate Agent


Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest financial decisions in which various documentation, agreements, and other paperwork are involved. Therefore, a real estate agent is needed to be hired for assistance throughout the buying or selling process. They are responsible for providing guidance and advice to make better decisions. Whether it is listing properties, visiting homes, or connecting different clients, real estate agents are the specialized professional who handles the whole process.

Where to Find an Agent?

Finding an agent who can provide the best-personalized experience is a bit challenging. Nobul Corporation has simplified the step of finding suitable real estate agents depending on their transaction histories, services, pricing, reputation, and reviews. According to Nobul reviews, it provides a real estate agents marketplace that has made finding agents more transparent and simpler with easy communication options. 

Real estate is a business that might be rewarding as well as tiring. Therefore, licensed real estate agents who can manage both parties’ prospects need to be chosen carefully. Hence, the following are the best ways to find the most appropriate real estate agent.


It’s the most convenient and easiest way to find a real estate agent. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), around 40% of sellers find their agents this way. One can talk with friends, relatives, or neighbors who contact agents or worked with them. Asking them for their experience with the agents will be an advantage. One can also ask their social media connection for reference and to know about the agents and their services. Keller Williams Realty is one such company which you can find on social media.


Licensed agents may have their own informative and attractively designed website that makes it easy for clients to find them. Some agents are also involved in posting content on their social media account. The second option after taking reference that comes into mind is searching agents through Google search results. It also helps to find out their customer ratings. Online presence helps to examine their updated reviews. Then one can choose whether they want to call them or send them an email personally. 


Checking official referral sources is a convenient way to find licensed agents who are working in their local communities. Other referral sources include Local retailers, Accountants, Contractors, Lenders, Appraisers, Attorneys, and Mortgage brokers. Asking professional referral sources provides more authentic services. 


Finding a referral agent for service has a high conversion rate. According to the Agent to Agent Referral Economy Survey, it was found that 42% of agents are generating income around $10,000-$50,000 per year as referral fees. Referral agents are helpful when people are looking for property out of their state where they lack connections. In return referral agents earn a part of the commission earned on real estate transactions. 


The clients may have different experiences with a particular real estate agent. Factors that are needed to be considered are relevant certificates, knowledge, technical skills, marketing skills, contracts, and customized attention. Therefore, one needs to follow the best ways to find the most appropriate agents who can manage the complexities created while buying or selling a property. 


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