Best Ways to Fix PDF and Print problems in QuickBooks

fixing the PDF and printer issues in QuickBooks desktop

QuickBooks is used for handling accounting that is preferred mostly by entrepreneurs all over the world. QuickBooks has a unique feature of Print and Pdf. At the time of using this feature in QuickBooks desktop software, users may receive errors and issues in the software, so the best solution is to fix them before your file gets damaged. But fixing this issue is the trickiest task for users. So, we have come up with possible solutions that can help fix PDF and Print problems in QuickBooks software.

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QuickBooks Desktop Software PDF and Print Repair Tool

This PDF and Print repair tool of QuickBooks Desktop software is specially designed to discover and repair the errors that arise on features regarding accessing PDF and Print files. The tool can easily fix all the PDF and print-related issues in QuickBooks Desktop Software.


Reasons behind PDF and Print Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

The major reasons that are responsible for causing PDF and Print errors in QuickBooks Desktop and we have listed all the reasons below.

  • The record part of the PDF might be missing.
  • When the PDF converter is not connected properly.
  • The framework is not able to connect properly with the printer.
  • QuickBooks Desktop software can be of outdated version.
  • When the arranged network is not available.

Some basic points need to be remembered before troubleshooting the PDF and Print errors.

  • The most basic step is to check whether the printer is properly turned on.
  • Now check whether the printer can print documents from some other program or not. If yes, then the problem is not with the QuickBooks Desktop Software.
  • Restart the system and check if the problem persists or not.
  • Many times, the printer can print documents but doesn’t print transactions. So, for fixing this issue the user can change the template of the form. There might be a corrupted template that is responsible for causing the issue.


Solutions to Fix the PDF and Print Errors in QuickBooks Desktop Software

Multiple ways can be helpful for you in resolving the PDF and Print errors in QuickBooks desktop software. You can simply implement any of the solutions listed below for troubleshooting the error.

 1) Use PDF and Print problem tool from the QuickBooks desktop tool hub

Step 1) Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • The most basic step is to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub. Now, save your file on the desktop of your system.
  • Agree to the terms of service of the QuickBooks tool hub software.
  • After downloading it successfully, open the file.

Step 2) Use the QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • The first step is to select the option of ‘program problems’ that is visible clearly on the QuickBooks tools hub screen.
  • Now choose the option of ‘QuickBooks PDF and Print tool’ that will take some time to run.
  • Try to send a mail, print, and save the file as a PDF.

If this solution work for you then it is great. But if it gets fails, then don’t worry we have other solutions for your help.

2) Reset the temp folder permissions

Step 1) Reset all the permissions of the temp folder

  • Open the run command on your system.
  • Enter ‘%TEMP%‘ and then press enter.
  • Press right-click on the empty space and select the ‘properties’ option displayed on the screen.
  • Select the ‘security’ tab.

Allow full control Screenshot

  • Check that all the usernames and groups are clearly displayed on the security tab and they have full control.
  • After setting the permissions on full control, try to ‘Save the pdf’.

Step 2) Give confirmation for printing on XPS

Now, the user-facing errors have to confirm whether they can print to their respective ‘XPS Document Writer’

  • Open notepad on your system.
  • Write anything on the notepad for testing purposes.
  • Click on the ‘file’ menu and select the print option.
  • Choose the ‘XPS Document Writer’ and select the print command.

XPS document writer Screenshot Image

  • Save your file on the desktop of your system.
  • Now visit your system desktop and check whether you can view the XPS document that is printed from the notepad.

3) Check if the reconcile window is off of the screen

For this specific case, the QuickBooks desktop appears to lock up after selecting the reconcile from the banking tab, if all the functions of PDF are operational then in that case the reconcile Windows will display off the main screen.

  • For this process, check the ‘Window menu’ and look if the reconcile window is listed properly or not.
  • Select the option, close everything and restart the reconciliation process again.

 4) Removing and renaming the printer files in QuickBooks Desktop software

If you cannot fix the issue with the above-listed methods, then you can try this method. For this, the user can delete the damaged file and thus can create new files. The steps listed in completing this process for fixing the PDF and Print error in QuickBooks Desktop are: –

  • The most basic step is to locate and spot the files.
  • Do not delete the files, instead of it just rename them.
  • Run the QuickBooks Desktop software and open the company files.
  • Select the file and click on the printer setup.
  • Now the user has to select any transaction for the form name and then press ok.
  • Copying the step given above will simply reset the printer settings in the QuickBooks Desktop software.

This solution is the easiest one and will surely give you a sigh of relief from the PDF and printer errors of QuickBooks software.


All the solutions are for the user’s help and we assure you that it would be helpful for you in fixing the PDF and printer issues in the QuickBooks desktop. All the solutions are tested for fixing the issue and help your system from getting more errors. 

But if you are not able to fix the issue on your end then the best possible solution is to reach out to the QuickBooks error support team through our helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347.


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