Best Ways to Pack Furniture While Relocating to a New Place

Best Ways to Pack Furniture When Moving

Moving to a new place is a fast-paced and stressful process. Any room you go, a countless number of items are waiting to get inside the moving box! However, one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face during a move is to keep their belongings safe and secure throughout the move, especially the furniture. But remember, not all furniture items are the same. Some of them are more delicate and fragile and are prone to dents, scratches, and other types of damage. Packing furniture is not as easy as packing your clothes or other household items. It not only needs expert skills but also requires a proper moving strategy and specialized equipment. The reason? Well, that’s because if your furniture pieces are packed in the wrong way, it will leave them broken into pieces.

But, fortunately, with the help of a professional removalist like a Sydney removalist, you can pack and move your furniture smoothly and efficiently. The team is well-versed with the best skills to pack and ship your furniture using the best packing materials and moving tools. In this blog, we have narrowed down some useful tips to pack your furniture so they are well protected throughout the move. Keep reading the blog till the end.

Tips to Pack Furniture When Moving

To help you pack your furniture pieces, have are some super-useful tips for you.

  1. Create a List of All Furniture Pieces

Before you start packing, don’t forget to make a list of all the furniture items in your home. It will help you decide which items to move to your new home and which ones need to be sold or left behind. The list will typically include wall cabinets, tables (centre table, bedside table, dining table), sofas, beds, chairs, wardrobes, nightstands, cupboards, and so on.

  1. Gather the Right Packing Supplies

Now that you know which furniture items you are going to pack and move, start gathering the right supplies. Unless you have the proper tools disassembling the furniture items or removing the screws can take you an entire day or even more! The supplies include bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing/sealing tape, sealable plastic bags, and more. In case you have a hefty schedule and don’t have enough time to pack your items for the house move, you can engage furniture removals services and offload the job to the experts. For instance, if you live in Sydney or surrounding areas, you can engage a Sydney removalist to help you pack your furniture items.

  1. Find Out Which Furniture Pieces can be Disassembled

One of the most important things you should do before moving is to find out which furniture items can be disassembled. If possible, take the bed frames apart, remove the legs from couches and tables, and wrap them separately. If you don’t know how to disassemble your furniture, let the professional removalists take care of it.

  1. Take the Help of Furniture Removalists

Professional furniture removalists are a pro when it comes to disassembling and reassembling furniture pieces. Being well-versed in the different packing procedures, they can pack and transport your furniture pieces with utmost care. Did you know, a reputable removalist in Sydney, like Sydney Domain Furniture Removals, only uses top-quality tools and equipment like furniture blankets, high-quality plastic wraps, packing tapes, and bubble wraps among many other things to make sure your furniture pieces are safe and sound throughout the move.

  1. Measure Doorways and Hallways

Should you want to make sure your furniture items fit through the hallways, doorways, or stairwells, measure all your furniture items as well as your hallways and doorways to determine how you will move them. If the furniture is too big, you may have to disassemble it before trying to move it. Some furniture items can’t be disassembled nor can they be moved through the doors. In such cases, you may have to remove the doors before taking them out.


There you go. Now you know how you can safely pack your furniture pieces without damaging them during the move. Should you be looking for a reliable Sydney removalist, reach out to Sydney Domain Furniture Removals. With our specialized packing, moving, and unpacking services, we will simplify your house move and make it stress-free. For more details, call us today.

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