Birthstones by Zodiac Signs

Birthstones by Zodiac Signs

Birthstones are gemstones that represent a person’s date of birth, which is usually the month or zodiac sign. These are frequently worn as jewellery, pendants, or rings to get access to cosmic powers. Although Birthstones by Birth Month and Birthstones by Zodiac Sign function the same, they might differ astrologically.

Zodiac Birthstones, also known as astral gemstones, are astrological equivalents of the monthly Birthstones that represent the Gregorian calendar’s birth months. Signs jewels, on the other hand, are based on the twelve Zodiac Signs, as opposed to Birthday stones. Birthstones are regarded as highly valuable and useful jewels since Zodiac establish your basic characteristics in Vedic Astrology.

What is a Zodiac Birthstone ?

According to Astrology, there are twelve signs in the zodiac, and each sign governs a specific gemstone known as a Zodiac Birthstone. The zodiac signs are determined by the month or period of your birth, and the zodiac signs gems are identified by the traits of the corresponding zodiac signs. It is believed that your zodiac signs and birthstones correspond to universal energies. One shapes your personality; while the other helps you nurture it by instilling positive vibrations. What is my Zodiac Sign Birthstone?

What is My Zodiac Sign Birthstone ?

It’s simple to find your birthstone! There is no hard and fast rule for selecting a stone that corresponds to your Zodiac Sign. However, several zodiac sign diamonds belong to the same element or have the same governing planet. As a result, it is always essential to consult a Gemstone Expert before selecting the ideal gemstone for your Zodiac Sign.

We’ve included a Zodiac Birthstone chart below, which contains a list of Zodiac Signs, their related dates, and the Zodiac Birthstones. This chart is a fast reference for determining your birthstone based on your date of birth. To find out what their birthstone is, simply cross-reference it with their zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign Birthstones

 Want to learn more about your astrological sign and birthstone? Here’s all you need to know about your Zodiac Sign Birthstones and how they might help you.

Aries Zodiac Stone

Mar 21- Apr 20

Bloodstone is the birthstone for anyone born under the sign of Aries. Aries people are daring, bold, creative, and full of energy. They have a sharp wit and are self-assured. These people are impetuous and irritable by nature, and they can lose their cool quickly. Bloodstone, being an Aries zodiac sign stone, provides these people with activity and vigour.

Taurus Zodiac Stone

Apr 21 – May 21

Tauruses are patient, solid, and dependable. They are warm, loving, and persistent. These indigenous people remain steadfast in their pursuit of a safe and stable future. Their flaws include laziness, inflexibility, self-indulgence, and envy. Sapphire, the Taurus Zodiac birthstone, aids people in following the truth and completely expressing oneself.

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Gemini Zodiac Stone

May 22 – Jun 21

Geminis are adaptable, talkative, and humorous. These bright and smart individuals live every moment of their life and frequently exhibit tense, shallow, and cunning characteristics. For balance and stability in their life, these people should wear the Agate zodiac sign stone. It is the most beneficial Gemini Zodiac Birthstone for leading a calm existence.

Cancer Zodiac Stone

Jun 22 – Jul 22

Cancerians are sensitive, caring, and insightful. They excel at imagining and safeguarding their loved ones. They have a temperamental and fluctuating personality. These people should wear Emerald, the Cancer Zodiac’s birthstone, to bring love and generosity into their life.


Jul 23 – Aug 23

Leos are generous, energetic, and open-minded people. They are incredibly imaginative and expansive. These people have arrogant, domineering, and dogmatic personalities. They should wear Onyx, the Leo Zodiac Birthstone, to conquer their unfavorable tendencies and gain greater power and consolation.


August 24 – September 22

Virgos are modest, quiet, and dependable. They examine everything and use a methodical and realistic approach. These locals are typically finicky and overly critical. Because of their meticulous attitude, they might be cruel to others. Carnelian is the greatest Zodiac Birthstone for Virgo. It assists kids in developing confidence and passion.


September 23rd – October 23rd

Librans are polite, urbane, and amorous. They are friendly and pleasant, with a laid-back demeanor. Because of their indecisiveness and gullibility, they are easily manipulated. These people should wear Chrysolite, the Libra Birthstone, to boost their confidence and mental fortitude in the face of difficult situations.


Oct 24 – Nov 22

Scorpios are bitter and obsessed by nature. They are notorious for their secrecy and obstinacy. Scorpions, on the other hand, have a resolute and intuitive capacity that allows them to realize their passion. These sensitive individuals should wear Beryl as their Scorpio Zodiac Birthstone to draw positive energy.


Nov 23 – Dec 21

Sagittarius people are optimistic, joyful, honest, and funny. They like their independence and are forthright. These intelligent and philosophical individuals are extremely sloppy and irresponsible in their duties. They might be shallow and restless in difficult situations. Citrine, the Sagittarius Zodiac Birthstone, should be worn by these individuals to bring plenty and pleasure into their life.


Dec 22 – Jan 20

Capricorns are realistic, cautious, and ambitious. They are highly disciplined and take a rigorous and systematic approach to their work. The fundamental shortcoming of these people is their gloomy disposition. They carry grudges and have a strong personality when it comes to money. They should wear Ruby, the birthstone.


Jan 21 – Feb 18

Aquarius people are noted for their friendliness and humanitarianism. They are forthright in their opinions and spend the most of their time engaging in inventive and creative activities. These folks are erratic and emotionless. They want to be free and are difficult to govern or deal with. Garnet is the Aquarius Birthstone or Zodiac Sign Gemstone. It is beneficial to draw vitality and ignite enthusiasm. This Aquarius birthstone has powerful healing and spiritual properties.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Pisces are sensitive and creative people. These folks are overflowing with love, compassion, and kindness. They are kind to others and may detect danger before it occurs. Their fundamental flaws are escapism and ambiguity. For more information you can also contact our world famous astrologer or you can also contact on our page dainikastrology.


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