Braces Colors: What to Avoid

Having braces can be scary, especially if you’re worried about the future color of your teeth. Will they be stained? Will you have to have your braces colored every six months? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the color you choose and your tooth sensitivity to various shades of pigment. This article will cover the best braces colors to avoid so that you don’t have to worry about stained teeth in the future.


Yellow, Orange, Red

Believe it or not, yellow, orange and red braces are popping up all over. But there’s a good reason why you’ve never seen them on anyone—they don’t go with any outfit or skin tone! Yellow teeth can look green when placed against light skin and red teeth can make your face appear flushed. Stick with white or clear braces if you want to maintain a natural look.


Blue, Green, Teal

Braces are more and more common these days, as more teenagers choose to straighten their teeth. However, if you’re a parent worried about how your child’s braces will look, there are some things you should keep in mind. If you want your child’s smile to stand out, steer clear of three colors that don’t work well with braces — teal, blue and green. Teal or navy blue tends not to show up against a tooth that has metal hardware on it (while black will). Blue is already a very dark color; if your kids have bright white teeth that contrast well with their skin tone, don’t go for anything but white.


Violet and Pink

Research shows that children wearing these colors may be judged as less intelligent than their peers. In one study, 91 fifth graders were asked to read a story about two characters and then answer some questions. After reading, students in one group were asked to pick which set of colored lips on a test card best matched those of one of the characters. Another group was asked which color would go best with skin coloring from another character; it just so happened that none of them matched. The kids in both groups showed no preference for either lip color or skin tone—but they had to choose among at least three options before giving up and indicating they didn’t know or care what they thought.


Pastel Tones

Although these colors may look like a pleasant change from traditional black, white, and clear-coated braces, they often aren’t as well received by peers. In fact, some people find pastel tones almost as tacky as bubblegum-colored glasses or fashion jewelry. While it can be fun to experiment with different colors—especially if you’re getting older braces or have just had them tightened—it’s always best to let your orthodontist help you decide what looks best for your smile. Although these colors may look like a pleasant change from traditional black, white, and clear-coated braces, they often aren’t as well received by peers.

If you’re looking for a straight answer about how long best braces colors take, good luck. The time it takes for braces colors to be put on and taken off depends on a few factors. In most cases, your orthodontist will first create impressions of your teeth in order to make a cast that is used by an outside lab (called an orthodontic lab) to make your custom-fitted appliances. Getting these molds back from the lab can take anywhere from three days up to six weeks depending on where you live, how busy they are and if you need anything modified or adjusted. Once you have your molds, things move quickly. It usually takes just one appointment to get them on and another appointment once they’re removed to get them out. But don’t worry—the entire process usually lasts less than two months! Good luck with those new pearly whites!

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