Bucket List: Canada’s Pre-summer Destinations to Visit

Canada Presummer Destination

Is it snow melting? No, it’s too soon, but it’s never too soon or too late to plan an adventure. Regardless of the weather, take a healthy those of mental wellbeing, and unfreeze your mind from the cold, because are going to plan some of the mightiest destinations you can visit in Canada this summer season!

Summer has its Charm

What’s it like to feel the sun in the air and sunbathing on the beach where you can take a dip if you get too warm? Hold onto the image and enter the realm of Canada, with its spectacular views. If you travel around Canada on airport limo in GTA, you will see the most amazing and, even, sophisticated views.

Summer is not all about a suntan, the freedom to travel that comes with it is always welcomed.

Its pre- summer-friendly destinations for you!

All seasons are noticeable here. The difference between each season is awe-inspiring and will blow your mind. From the south of Canada to its north, there are several destinations to visit, but this year we have our eyes locked on;

● Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Best suitable for a family vacation is the island of Nova Scotia, popular for its tons of wildlife, it is more than a perfect spot for a pre-summer travel destination. Activities such as kayaking, boat tours etc. are a mileage rundown for the tourists.

Dive into the cool water, and see the exotic life underwater, prevailing at its best. If you have fishing skills, you can go fishing and find your fish to grill, if not, don’t be disappointed, you can get a table at the breweries and distilleries!

● Canadian Rockies, British Columbia

Sounds fair? With compatible transfer rides in GTA, it is rather easy to book and travel wherever you want to go.

The Canadian Rockies is another of the most lovable spots. Why? The natural beauty of alpines on one side and the impressive mountain ranges on the other side with the Moraine Lake in the middle are captivating enough.

This travel destination is suggestible not only for summer (or spring) but for winter as well because of its ski resorts. If you are thinking to go camping, you don’t need to look anywhere else. The mind-blogging view is just picture perfect and will let you enjoy quality time.

● Niagara Falls, Ontario

Get a fix of your taste for the waterfalls that is enough to bulge your eyes. Considered as one of the most beautiful places in Toronto, you are bound to plan a visit here. Despite the fall, you can still visit it but where is the fun in that when you can wear shorts, tank tops, coolest sneakers and make your way on airport limo in GTA to the colourful light show of Niagara Falls?

This natural wonder can’t be missed, with the cruise tour, sky wheel and the resorts with the balcony view to The Falls? And while you are marvelling at the waterfall, save up your time to be more excited when you enter the charming town alongside Niagara-on-the-Lake.

● Calypso Waterpark, Limoges

Just outside Ottawa is the largest wave pool, with more than 35slides, and water games more than you count!

Are you still afraid to get wet after die-hard winter? Get some nerve and be ready for the splash in the themed river. It is a precarious family destination spot; you can enjoy with friends or make it a date-kind-of-a-day as well. As winters will pass on, you will have the freedom to jump, slide and take a dip nip in the water. A little pampering is a welcome change at such a private place, with the exclusive protocol.  Pre-summer fun is just about to begin for you with the exotic waterpark.

● Fort Henry, Kingston

You can have all the water fun and outdoorsy plans to spend a good time all around but can you dare to miss the UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Fort holds a peculiar attraction to tourists and the locals as well. If you never had the chance to experience an authentic British fleet (drum roll please!) this summer, get ready for the garrison parade. During summer, you can attend various hosting events such as demonstrations on rifle drills, military music and a ring of cannon firing rounds. The cherry on the top is the fireworks!

The crowd always loves such value given to the history and well, so does every tourist.


You do not need to stop here, but can take a round trip and visit every place on the way. Canadian attractions are always a smart choice to visit. Count your blessings and start gearing up for the upcoming summer.


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