Build Your Own Airbnb Clone in 10 Easy Steps

airbnb clone

It is a technology-driven era, and connecting an owner of a renter property “host” and a renter of that home “guest” has never been easier with the best operating property rental software. Furthermore, software development takes several days. Consider putting together a framework. The process starts with minimum paperwork and concludes with a finish product that can be used. The steps for developing a property rental management app are also explain here.

The gig economy is prospering now more than ever, as evidenced by the growing number of Airbnb hosts and Uber drivers. Knowing how to design an app like Airbnb can be the start of a fantastic business, with an increasing number of individuals sharing their homes with travellers as a source of income.

In 2018, sales in the vacation rental business reached a new high of $44.3 billion. According to a research from the “Vacation Rental Marketing Blog,” the vacation rental business will eclipse the hotel industry by 2020, however this will be delayed because to the covid-19 pandemic.

The Airbnb Clone app is a website that connects those who are looking for a place to stay with those who wish to rent out their houses. The vacation rental market is distinct from hotels that provide short-term lodging for guests. A detailed guide on how to construct an Airbnb clone app has been compiled by RentCubo, a leading Airbnb clone app development business.

Before beginning the development process, define the app’s goal based on a range of factors such as the target audience, reach, and types of services. The goal of developing an Airbnb-style software is to provide seamless customer service in the rental sector by linking the “host” of a rental property and the “guest” of that home, as well as maintaining the property posted.

Make a list of the features you’d like to see in your clone of Airbnb.

Plan out and write down the modules that will be constructed. It eliminates lag time and speeds up the procedure. The Airbnb clone app is built around users (hosts and visitors) and system administrators. The following is a list of key features found in an app like Airbnb.

Make a flowchart that depicts the app’s functionalities.

Airbnb makes its users feel at peace by seamlessly connecting them. The process begins with the creation of a profile on one of the many social networking platforms that allow users to be verified. This is the point at which the user must choose whether to be a host or a guest.

In a rental app, users can be both the host and the visitor in the same account, and this seamless transition should be required. As a host, you can quickly post your rental property’s details so that guests can see them.

By looking through a large selection of rental listings depending on your search parameters, you can book the property as a guest. Then you can pick your favourite listing and pay securely to make your trip unforgettable.

Make a layout for your app:

By this point, we want you to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of creating holiday rental software like Airbnb. Now, by sketching the app’s design, you can combine those elements and create user-friendly software. You’ll have a better knowledge of how the software works and flows if you create a prototype.

Define the system in the backend.

Do you want to give your users an interactive experience? It is feasible by defining and integrating the vacation rental app’s back-end. The database, as well as the server and APIs, are laid out in a way that explains how the system works. Before you begin, make sure you understand what language will be used to connect, what type of database will be utilised, and what hosting platform will be used.

Application development for mobile devices

You’ve finally arrived at the most crucial part of the process: app development. Before you begin coding, decide if your programme will be cross-platform, native-platform, or hybrid-platform. You can create a unique app for each operating system on a native platform. Benefits of this type of development include faster execution, improved security, and increased client involvement.

Putting things to the test

Functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, regression testing, device-specific testing, and user acceptability testing are all part of the software product testing phase. Any flaws, as well as quality, speed, security, and performance fixes, are all tested and handled to ensure that the software runs properly. According to the criteria, the evaluate software is ready to be distribute in the appropriate app stores.

If you want to create your own AirBnB but don’t want to utilise a Whitelabel Airbnb clone that you can alter, or if you don’t want to establish a housing or short-term rental marketplace like Airbnb due to code issues, this is the choice for you.

Utilize bubbles.

Using Bubble, a no-code visual programming platform, you can simply design and adapt any web app for your individual needs and visions without hiring an expert or having any programming knowledge. We’ll walk you through the basics of setting up and managing your own no-code AirBnB on Bubble in this post.

Fill out the form below to create a Bubble Account.

Before you start using the Bubble app, we recommend that you go through the introduction courses. They will walk you through some of the most common Bubble features step by step. This will assist you in getting a head start on constructing your AirBnB clone without having to learn any programming.

Use in Industry

You can pick from a number of Airbnb clone templates.

Let’s start with the major sites that a no-code AirBnB would require in order to provide the functionality that your customers expect from a short-term rental marketplace.

These pages must be faultless because they will be the primary user. Interface via which your users will view and book rooms.

You can buy one of the templates created by Bubble community members. If you don’t want to develop your own Airbnb clone from beginning.

It’s one thing to build a great service like Airbnb, but scaling it to millions of users is quite another. Consult your product development partners when designing vacation rental software to get the greatest results. RentCubo’s RentRoom, a ready-to-deploy Airbnb clone script, makes it even easier by allowing you to quickly install. Airbnb clone app and start your vacation rental business.


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