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SolutionBuggy, India’s largest platform for business consulting for MSMEs, has 800+ business consultants. Our experts can help you solve your business problems, optimize processes, and implement growth strategies.

Our goal is to build a digital ecosystem that enables MSMEs to solve their business problems and improve productivity. We have completed more than 300+ business consulting projects across the country for clients.

Our Business Consulting Services

No matter how hard you try to work with your internal team to grow your business, you will not always see the desired results within the timeframe you have set. CXOs should not depend solely on their in-house resources to make huge gains in revenue and profits. This is where external business consultants can be of great assistance. Businesses can access specialized knowledge and expertise from experts through business consulting.

SolutionBuggy consultants work with you to address a variety of issues, including long-term strategy, day-to-day operations, human resource management and technology implementation. Our consultants provide first-hand knowledge and guidance to help you grow your business. The proper analysis of data allows decision-makers to make data-driven, informed decisions.

Strategy Consulting

No matter the size of your business or where it is located, strategy plays a crucial role in the success. It plays a vital role in all aspects of an organization, including sales, marketing, and supply chain management. It is common for businesses to employ business improvement consultants to help them implement business change strategies, improve their internal functioning, and increase business productivity.

Business consultants offer consulting services in planning, development, and implementation of an organization’s strategy. It assists companies to improve their overall functioning and maximize profit. Business turnaround consultants can also help companies to restructure in order to meet their future goals and address current problems. Our goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness within the company, as well as make changes that will improve the company’s future prospects.

Management Consulting

Management consulting is a service that is provided to the top management to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the team and the company as a whole. Because it focuses mainly on key management, management consulting involves complex processes that are integral to an organization. It is essential that any business management consultant understands the unique and complex structure and working of the company.

Many businesses are managed by small teams that are responsible for many activities, including sales, customer service, finance, and operations. Complex problems can only be dealt with if you are familiar with every aspect of the organization. It is not possible to tackle all issues with a small group of people. Our business management consultants assist the top management in understanding the different aspects of running a business. They also offer advice on organizational issues, policy, financial and CSR. To improve the company’s brand image and to achieve greater growth.

Operation Management

Operation management is a service that improves the company’s internal operations and performance throughout the value chain. This focuses on improving the performance of various aspects of the company, such as organization design and governance across functions, departments, roles, and responsibilities, and overall team performance.

Consultant for business improvement

Our business improvement consultants can help you improve your operations through organizational and operational improvements. We can help you design and manage the flow and production process of your company, as well as the design and creation of the products and services. Our business consultants help ensure smooth material flow from production through shipping, receipt, distribution, and processing. We help businesses deliver better services to customers by developing and implementing efficient operations management plans. This results in significant cost savings over time.

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory consulting deals in finances, management and equity of debt, as well as issues regarding equity for internal projects, acquisitions and other growth strategies. As financial strategists, our consultants provide expert advice in areas such as business planning, corporate finance and investment banking. Our consultants assist businesses in reducing their costs and implementing business strategies that improve performance. SolutionBuggy provides a pool of highly qualified financial advisors who have worked with accounting firms. We can help you with many aspects of business management, not just financials.

HR Consulting

HR consulting is the provision of guidance and expertise in the management of various aspects of human resources management in order to improve an organization’s functioning. Any organization’s human resource management is an essential part. The success of any business depends on the management of its human resources. It is difficult for business owners to maintain employee satisfaction and improve productivity in this world where there is a high attrition rate. The market is experiencing an increase in the cost of hiring and keeping employees. Businesses can reduce the time and cost of hiring employees by consulting HR professionals. They can help you create strategies, procedures, and policies that will keep your employees happy. This will reduce attrition.

IT Consulting

This is also known as technology consultancy. It refers to services that help businesses use technology and digital platforms more effectively to reach their business goals. The way people do business has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Technology has a significant impact on business success. Every business must implement technology and digital systems in order to keep up with the latest developments in technology. IT consultants can help you adopt the most current technology to meet your long-term goals. Technology can help you reduce dependence on human resources, eliminate errors, and produce better results with less effort.

Our consultants can assist you in the implementation and management of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This system acts as an integrated platform that allows businesses to manage all aspects, including customer support, financial management, human resources, regulatory compliance, accounting, and supply chain management. By tracking and recording every aspect of a business, the ERP system helps businesses improve transparency in their day to day operations.

Marketing & Sales

Every business must have sales and marketing. It is difficult to implement a marketing and sales strategy in today’s competitive market without the assistance of sales and marketing experts.

Marketing and sales have seen many changes since the introduction of digital technology. Digital marketing is now more popular than traditional marketing methods. Businesses can reach a wider audience with digital marketing in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost. Digital marketing allows you to reach new segments of customers and offer more customized services.

Implementing digital strategies in sales and marketing is difficult because of the complexity involved. Our consultants can help you implement digital marketing strategies easily and increase sales. Our consultants can help you grow your customer base organically without relying on paid advertising campaigns.


Diversification can be described as a strategy for business growth that involves entering new industries that you aren’t currently involved in. This is a popular strategy used by conglomerates, which are large corporations. It is an option that small and medium businesses can also consider, provided they have conducted thorough market research prior to entering the other business sector.

Diversification is crucial for MSMEs to survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment. However, not many MSMEs are willing to diversify their businesses, seeing it as a low priority option. By providing small and medium-sized businesses with a tailored diversification strategy, we help them to diversify into new business verticals. MSMEs face unique challenges, unlike large companies. They have limited resources and are restricted in their scope. We are a business consulting firm that specializes in MSMEs. We help them to devise optimal diversification and long-term goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In business terms, mergers and acquisitions refer to the consolidation or sale of assets or two or more companies. One of the most popular practices in corporate finance is mergers and acquisitions.

An acquisition is when one company buys another. The name and legal structure of the acquired business do not change during an acquisition. It just functions under the parent company’s umbrella. A merger is the combination or acquisition of several companies to create a new legal entity with a single name. Mergers and acquisitions are done to increase the revenues and profits of the involved companies and create greater value than the former entities. By following the correct procedures, our business management consultants assist companies in integrating with other companies or purchasing them.


It is difficult to start a business. Although there are many things to consider when starting a business, such as land and funds, certifications are still crucial in many ways.

Before launching a business, it is important that the owner of the company has all the necessary documents and certifications. The essential documents and certifications needed to start a business are the shareholder agreement, founder agreement certification of incorporation, no objection certification, company PAN card, TIN numbers, non-disclosure agreements, GSTIN, and certificate of incorporation. These documents and certifications may vary depending on the business vertical. It can be difficult to get approvals from various authorities. We make it easy to obtain all necessary documents and certificates for your business.

New Market Entry

New markets offer better business opportunities than traditional markets. Businesses can explore new markets and reach new customers by entering them.

Different entry strategies are required for different markets. No one strategy is right for all markets. Direct penetration of a market might be beneficial in certain markets. It is best to work with local players in some markets. There are many ways to get into new markets, including acquiring a company or joint ventures, licensing greenfield projects, franchising, and direct exporting.

When choosing a new market entry strategy, many factors need to be taken into consideration. These include competitors, cost of operations and marketing channels. Local sentiments and government regulations. Tax structures are also important. Our business consultants help you to decide on the best market entry strategy. They will analyze all factors.


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