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Cuddle Pillow

The best cuddle pillow Designed for the entire night embraces, this body pillow will constantly be there to help you. Put it between your knees and Fold your arms over it. The Cuddle Body Pillow lightens tension on your arms and legs for full-body alleviation.




YKK Zipper Cover: The glossy pillow cover with top zipper prevents the foam from spilling out.

PILLOW FILL: Shredded Memory Foam Fill for fantastic delicate quality

Aspects: (54 x 20 x 6 inches)

CARE GUIDE: Machine launderable pillow

Best FOR: Side sleepers and pregnant ladies who love an embrace and hopeful moms who need support.


Once in a while all you really desire is a decent cuddle


Intended for the entire night cuddle, the best Cuddle pillow will constantly be there to help you. Through great evenings and awful. Loaded up with light, down-elective microfiber to help the shape of your spine as you rest on your side. Keep the embraces coming.


For what reason you’ll cherish the Cuddle


Complete support, no compromises


Whether you’re a to-be mother or a devoted side sleeper, the Cuddle’s 5-foot long casing will keep you upheld. Go to toe.


Light and breezy short the sensitivities


Offering a lot of protection while being light as air, the virgin microfiber fill wicks dampness away to keep you cool. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic. So you can disregard the residue, and simply contemplate the fantasies.


Satiny strength


Encased in a lavishly delicate modular texture cover that doesn’t pill or kink and endures forever. So the main thing you need to stress over is the way to account for a greater amount of these in your bed.


Your moment cuddly pressure buster


What’s superior to an embrace to liquefy the pressure away? Concentrates on by the National Library of Medicine show that embraces keep nervousness under control. Similarly as Sleepsia’s best Cuddle pillow does, relieving you through upsetting evenings.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


For what reason would it be a good idea for me to utilize a Cuddle Pillow?


Side sleepers can make some intense memories feeling upheld, a Cuddle Pillow offers the help you really want. In addition, concentrates on by the National Library of Medicine show that cuddle keep uneasiness under control. Similarly as our Cuddle pillow does, mitigating you through unpleasant evenings.


What do you mean by impartial spine position?


The nonpartisan spine position is your spine’s number one position. It’s the position where your head and neck are adjusted, and where they’re both under minimal measure of pressure. What’s the significance here for you? You awaken without any throbs or strains in the first part of the day.


Is Shredded Memory Foam Fill better compared to a down other option?


Other than being without brutality, the Shredded Memory Foam fill is likewise thick, giving you a delicate, fantastic extravagant feel. It’s additionally dampness wicking and a lot simpler to really focus on.


Could the Cuddle at any point Pillow be utilized as a pregnancy pillow?


Indeed! Our Full Body Cuddle Pillow is perfect for to-be moms and assists them with finding the ideal dozing position and remains comfortable.


A well-slept you is a perfect you!


Obtain free hugs the entire night with our pregnancy pillow


Up for a cuddle? So is our Best Full Body Cuddle Pillow! Long and loaded up with light as air virgin microfiber, Sleepsia’s Full Body pregnancy pillow scores really high in the solace division. So high, you may very well need to hug with over your partner! For the unenlightened, virgin microfibre is a down-elective that is similarly as delicate and vaporous and euphoria to crush. The justification for why we’ve involved it in our full body pillow is with the goal that you get full body support as you rest on your side – whether you’re a to-be-mother or simply a side sleeper.


For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick the Best Cuddle body pillow as your solace friend?

The response is basic. Side sleepers and pregnant ladies need to keep up with legitimate spine arrangement as the night progressed or they can encounter a great deal of stress on their back because of their favored resting position. The Full Body Cuddle body pillow can assist with forestalling that by keeping your spine adjusted so you can rest serenely and awaken easily as well.


With Sleepsia’s pregnancy body pillow for cuddle, you basically don’t need to stress over anything. Its created with hypoallergenic materials (cover and fill) so allergens stay away. Furthermore, it really does well in the breathability division as well. The fill and the cover join to offer adequate protection while wicking moisture away, keeping you agreeable all as the night progressed. The clincher? Cleaning this tough, non-wrinkling, non-pilling body pillow is just about as simple as 1-2-3. You can basically remove the pillowcase and add to it to your clothing load for the afternoon, giving it a speedy machine wash at whatever point required. Gracious, and did we specify that our full body cuddling pillow can decrease tension? Simply give it an cuddle as you rest to feel every one of your concerns liquefy away.


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