Buy Inverter Battery Keeping a Few Things in Mind

buy inverter battery

A battery is the heart of the inverter. As an inverter is prudent for running modern-day appliances with ease when there is no power, the battery is important for the functioning of an inverter. So it is very important to buy inverter battery carefully and after considering the following factors.

1. Types of batteries available and the one that meets your requirements

The market is full of different kinds of batteries. A tubular battery offers stable, adequate, and consistent power when there are long and frequent power outages. Tubular batteries require less maintenance and are compatible with both grid and solar-based setups. Another type includes Valve Regulated Lead A id batteries that are usually heavy-duty batteries that don’t cause any flames and require even less maintenance. The last ones are the solar batteries that are compatible with solar inverters. Such batteries store the excess energy that is produced by solar panels which can be used later on.

2. The capacity of the battery

The batteries have different voltages, backup hours, and capacities. So, when you buy an inverter battery, you should be well aware of what all appliances you wish to run with these batteries and for how long. Once, you know this, it becomes easier for you to choose the right battery.

3. Brand of the battery

If you have a branded inverter but your battery is non-branded, then it is of no use. A poorly manufactured battery will hamper the performance of the inverter as well. It is always better to go for a branded battery that comes with a warranty period and is compatible with your inverter.

4. Budget

Never go for a cheap battery just to save a few bucks. The prices of the battery vary depending upon the brand, its capacity, and its quality. It is always better to choose one according to your requirements. Also, don’t consider price as the main parameter while you make your final decision.

5. Other parameters

While you buy inverter battery, you should also consider the life of the battery, its charging capacity, if it is anti-corrosive, has resistance to overheating or not, and also if it can recover after a deep discharge. You can also consider going for high acid volumes batteries that require minimal maintenance and can operate efficiently at higher temperatures also.

The best inverter batteries are the ones that can handle long power cuts and have easy-to-read electrolyte level indicators. While you buy an inverter battery, a little research can help you. You can also compare the batteries that are offered by different leading brands. You should weigh the pros and cons of the different kinds of batteries that are available in the market and then choose the one that meets your requirements and falls in your budget. Choosing the right battery is a crucial decision because the battery has a great impact on the performance of the inverter too.


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