Can WeCom Record Calls?


80% of Fortune 500 companies in China use WeCom. Not only is it a popular group messaging platform, but it also records both work-related and personal communications. In this article, we’ll explore whether WeCom record calls and other communications. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using WeCom as a business communication solution. You might find them useful:

80% of Chinese Fortune 500 companies use WeCom

80% of Chinese Fortune 500 companies use WeCOM to record calls. Its latest release, WeCom 8.0, has a variety of new features, including clocking in and out, approval request, online reporting and documentation, and video meetings. With over 140 million users, WeCom is the most popular call recording platform in China. It has been praised by Michelin and other publications for its user-friendly interface.

WeCom allows users to record calls on a number of platforms, including Skype, Microsoft Office, and mobile apps. In addition to being convenient and cost-effective, WeCom is also easy to install and use. Most of China’s Fortune 500 companies use WeCom for call recording. These companies account for two-fifths of the country’s total market capital. WeCom allows these companies to easily track the conversations of their employees across multiple platforms.

The paper cites data from three recent surveys indicating that 80% of Chinese Fortune 500 companies use Wecom call recording. The first sample of companies has an aggregate headcount of 21 million and a revenue of $2.8 trillion in 2010. These companies will account for 3.8 percent of China’s nominal GDP in 2020, and will represent a mere four percent of that country’s $8.7 trillion in 2020.

It allows for group messaging

WeCom provides an extensive range of OA applications and functions to enterprises, making work communication a whole lot more efficient and effective. WeCom messages can be checked to see who has received them, and you can start an online video/voice conference, screen share, or schedule an appointment with other employees. You can also live stream conversations into WeChat channels. And because WeCom messages are similar to those of WeChat, you don’t have to worry about sending irrelevant messages to the wrong people.

Another big change in group messaging is threaded replies. Group messages now allow you to create related text messages, so you can send them to multiple people. To create a threaded reply, you simply tap and hold a message. Then, select Reply from the context menu. Simply add more people to the group, or remove people if you wish. Then, your messages will be delivered to each individual person in the group, and you can respond to each of them.

Group Messaging

Another new feature that WeCom offers is group messaging. It lets employees share updates with consumers and colleagues. It also offers advertising options in China. Its business-friendly interface also allows for job reporting and 100 GB of free storage. It also helps ensure that your customer contact list belongs to your company and has not been lost to a salesperson. You can also scan a QR code to pay for a product. All of these features help improve communication between employees and customers.

Adding new contacts is easy with WeCom. Go to API -> Setting. You can also select to link WeCom to your Service Account. The WeCom CRM will then display customer menus so end users can easily find information. There are a few things to consider before signing up for WeCom. It can be difficult to know what features you might need or want to avoid. Fortunately, WeCom makes it easy to manage multiple contact lists from any location.

WeCom is certified by the SOC2 Type 2 audit, giving enterprises peace of mind about the safety of their corporate data. It can reach more than one billion users of WeChat. And it’s built on top of Tencent’s industry-leading security and privacy protection capabilities. With our advanced security and encryption, we can guarantee the security of your corporate data. That’s why WeCom is ISO 20000 and 27001 certified.

It records work-related communications

WeCom records work-related communications of individual users and companies. An individual user (referred to as “you”) is invited by a company user to use the service. Whether the individual joins the company or not is up to the individual user. WeCom records the data collected through account registration. WeCom controls all information generated by you as a part of the Service. For example, information about your CC recipients and fixed approvers is included in the WeCom controlled Data.

WeCom records work-related communications and provides useful office automation and management features. It integrates with Wexin for cooperative payments and mini-programs and helps enterprises manage their employees more effectively. WeCom also enables employees to communicate with consumers through WeChat, and create group chats to invite customers and colleagues. Users can collaborate with colleagues through live streaming and video conferencing. They can also create and share contact lists, schedule meetings, and more, and track the status of these conversations.

WeCom as Business Communication App

WeCom is a popular business communication and office collaboration app developed by the Tencent WeChat team. It gives users the same communication experience as the popular WeChat app, but with more professionalism and security. When the Covid-19 outbreak hit China, WeCom usage skyrocketed and was quickly recognized as an indispensable tool for remote workers. This feature allows businesses to keep a track of the work-related communications of all employees. WeCom call monitoring is also applicable for better communication compliance.

The WeCom application is a cloud-based communication platform that enables companies to communicate efficiently. Businesses can use WeCom for business-related communications, such as meeting minutes, file attachments, and notes. Its cloud platform integrates with Weixin, which is a popular smart management system, ecosystem, and services for enterprises. WeCom became a vital communication tool for those working from home. WeCom’s light OA applications and a wide range of third-party applications enable easy and convenient management of work-related communications.

It records personal chats

Tencent has released WeCom-Work Communication&Tools to their apps. This app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and supports iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPad Pro and iPad Mini. In addition to supporting iOS devices, WeCom is also compatible with Android and Windows. This application is designed to meet the specific needs of government and commercial entities. Read on to learn how WeCom works for your organization. Interested in using WeCom for your business?

What is WeCom? This app is a specialized version of WeChat. It uses the specially approved Tencent WeChat Archiving API to record all personal and business communications, including private chats, images, and multimedia. It also records deleted messages. To use the app, employees download the WeCom app from the App Store. The WeCom archiving connector is then added to their corporate account. Now, employees can use WeCom to record conversations with any WeChat user.

WeCom Ecosystem

WeCom integrates with the WeChat ecosystem, so users will feel at home. It takes less time to become familiar with WeCom. It was estimated that 5.5 million enterprises will use WeCom in December 2020. The app currently serves about 400 million WeChat users. Moreover, WeCom has 13 million corporate service personnel. These professional WeChat users help enterprises manage employees and customers. They can also use WeCom to track attendance, approve messages, and record holiday leave. WeCom is a convenient solution for storing customer data, as it allows users to reassign contact lists quickly and easily.

Because WeCom is Chinese, WeCom is subject to China’s mass surveillance network. Chinese laws mandate that companies store personal digital information on the mainland of the country. Companies must obtain government permission before sending data outside of China. WeCom also has a legal obligation to store this information in China. WeCom users should know that these laws are not intended to restrict the Chinese government’s surveillance of WeChat. However, there are no guarantees that we will not be hacked.


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