Canadian Drugs: Don’t Let the Idiosyncrasies Scare You Away


Americans are gradually warming up to the prospect of getting their prescriptions filled by online Canadian pharmacies. They are also discovering that there are some idiosyncrasies involved. For instance, more than one online pharmacy in Canada does not ship to Canadian customers. They only ship south of the border.

Canada Pharmacy is an online property that fills U.S. prescriptions in tandem with a physical dispensing pharmacy in Manitoba. They encourage U.S. customers to not let the idiosyncrasies of the Canadian system scare them away. Buying Canadian drugs online is completely legitimate.

What are those idiosyncrasies? Space doesn’t permit discussing all of them, but here is a sampling:

1. No Medicare Payments

Online Canadian pharmacies do not accept Medicare insurance. Therefore, you cannot order via your Medicare plan and expect to only pay your co-pay. Why is this? Because the Medicare program does not do business with foreign entities. It is as simple as that.

On the bright side, Canada Pharmacy says they can still beat co-pay prices on many of the most popular prescription medications. Naturally, you have to check the price for your particular medications to determine whether or not it’s true.

2. No U.S. Pharmacy Transfers

Another curious idiosyncrasy is that online Canadian pharmacies cannot accept prescriptions transferred from a U.S. pharmacy. That is due to differences in U.S. and Canadian law. However, this is not an indication that online pharmacies in Canada operate illegally. They don’t.


Canada Pharmacy is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). In order to be certified, an online pharmacy must work with a physical, dispensing pharmacy licensed by the Canadian government. Canada Pharmacy meets that requirement and, as such, are legit.

Incidentally, your typical online Canadian pharmacy can accept prescriptions from U.S. doctors. The real question is whether or not your doctor is willing to fax a Canadian pharmacy or call the prescription in over the phone.

3. Prices in U.S. Dollars

The one Canadian pharmacy idiosyncrasy that proves terribly confusing to some U.S. customers is pricing. Yes, online Canadian pharmacies typically list their prices in U.S. dollars. Despite being located in Canada, they primarily serve a U.S. audience. Therefore, it makes sense to price products in U.S. dollars.

Shipping is generally priced in U.S. dollars as well. In terms of how shipping is calculated, that varies from one pharmacy to the next. Canada Pharmacy offers three options:

  • Free for Life – Customers can pay a one-time fee to get free shipping for life. It is technically not free, but you get the point.
  • Annual Fee – Customers not interested in the lifetime deal can pay an annual fee instead. The fee covers all shipping for one year.
  • Per Order – Finally customers can choose to pay a flat shipping fee on every order.

The nice thing about shipping is that prices are generally low enough that they don’t make Canadian drugs more expensive. In most cases, you save even when shipping charges are added to your order.

Another Way of Doing Business


Idiosyncrasies aside, selling prescription medications over the border is just another way of doing business. Canadian online pharmacy properties do what they do because they know how desperate U.S. consumers are for cheaper drug prices. As long as the market for cheaper drugs exists, Canadian properties will keep feeding it.

As a consumer, there is no need to let the Canadian system’s idiosyncrasies scare you away. Check out a few online pharmacies and see how they compare. You may discover that Canadian prices are much lower than what you are paying at your neighborhood pharmacy.


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