Capital Valley Islamabad All About Opportunities

Plots in Capital Valley Islamabad
Plots in Capital Valley Islamabad

Capital Valley Islamabad is one of the most recent additions to Islamabad’s real estate market. It is located on Airport Road in the most attractive region, adjacent to Top City-1 Islamabad. The project is now in the pre-launch stage and provides a limited number of residential plots in easy installments.

The Capital Valley Islamabad is an upcoming RDA-approved housing community located in Islamabad’s Airport Avenue/Srinagar Highway/M-2 Motorway loop. Green Thumb and recognized Urban Solutions Private Limited collaborated to conceive and develop it.

The Capital Valley is known for its reputed developers, high quality, convenient location, and affordability. Because of these appealing attributes, it is among the best housing communities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Society is another term for the capital’s finest investment potential.

Islamabad has emerged as a center for real estate projects, with a number of new housing societies sprouting up throughout the city in recent years, indicating a considerable growth in demand for real estate. Capital Valley stands out among new developments due to its excellent location and excellent development approach.


The Capital Valley in Islamabad is one of the major developments leading to the new Islamabad International Airport and Motorway M-2. This residential complex is marketed as being “Airport Zero Km” from Islamabad Airport.

It is an excellent investment opportunity for everyone looking for a new housing society with an easy payment plan. Furthermore, the neighborhood’s proximity to Top City-1 and Airport Green Garden indicates the area’s investment potential, which ensures larger returns.

Owners and Developers

The developers are keeping their identities hidden until the real estate project is granted legal status. Furthermore, the developers seek to provide the best living conditions for all future residents and investors. Furthermore, the experienced workforce is working hard to give the best real estate venture possible. Last but not least, similar to Blue World City Islamabad, the developers are building this amazing real estate project in order to provide future occupants with the highest living standards at cheap prices.

Schemes of Payment

Real estate in Islamabad’s capital valley is relatively affordable and has all amenities. Furthermore, the prelaunch prices will simplify the acquiring process for investors. The charges are also reasonable, and an installment plan is available. The best part is that people with various economic perspectives can invest here and build long-term assets. Furthermore, according to the prelaunch rates, the housing program entails four annual and 48 monthly payments.

However, in order to commence the investing process, the financiers must deposit down payment. Investing here will be a straightforward and prudent choice for all investors. Furthermore, the prices range between 3,000,000 and 11,000,000 Pakistani rupees. Finally

Capital Valley is located in Islamabad near Airport.

Capital Valley Islamabad’s position on Airport Avenue is one of its most appealing features. Airport Avenue ascends directly to Islamabad Airport from the Thalian Interchange on Motorway M-2. The location is 0 kilometers from the airport.

Top City-1, Airport Green Garden, Mumtaz City, Capital Smart City, and Nova City Islamabad are just a short distance away from Capital Valley Islamabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are both easily accessible to society. This location is just minutes from all of the Twin Cities notable attractions and is easily accessible through Motorway M2.


Capital Valley Islamabad is conveniently located within a few kilometers of the city’s most well-known attractions.

  • Islamabad International Airport is 0 kilometers away.
  • 5 Minute Thalian Interchange
  • M2 Motorway – 5 Minutes
  • G-13 – 20 min.
  • 10 minutes on the Srinagar Highway
  • 15 minutes on the Peshawar Road
  • 22 Minutes – Quaid e Azam International Hospital
  • Saddar – Duration: 30 minutes
  • 34 Minutes Jinnah Supermarket
  • Housing Societies in the Neighborhood
  • Capital Valley Islamabad is a residential area with numerous housing projects. The following is a list of nearby housing societies:
  • City Number One
  • Mumtaz Town
  • Smart Capital City
  • City of Nova Scotia
  • Islamabad ICHS Town PECHS
  • Housing Scheme in Fazaia
  • Islamabad’s Faisal Town


Capital Valley Islamabad is sponsored by Capital Valley ESS Developers & Builders, which has accomplished various building and development projects in the past. The Urban Solutions Pvt Ltd is the town planner for Capital Valley Islamabad.

They have a solid reputation in the country’s real estate business. DHA, CBR, The Grand City Kharian, and Fazaia Housing Scheme are notable institutions that have entrusted them with development consultation.

This real estate project’s developers give investors facilities such as power, gas, and water. Furthermore, the home idea provides all of these advantages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When it comes to pricing, these amenities will be incredibly reasonable. Investing here will be profitable.

Green Thumb also actively contributes to the mapping of society’s geography. In comparison to other housing societies in the neighborhood, the housing society will stand out by offering greater green spaces.

NOC Capital Valley

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Capital Valley Islamabad is still being processed. It is expected to be approved by the proper authorities soon, making it one of Islamabad’s most sought-after housing complexes.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority will soon issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the Capital Valley Islamabad (RDA). Nonetheless, Capital Valley’s management and developers have completed all of the prerequisites to be recognized as a legal housing society as quickly as possible. The competent authority is presently processing the NOC, which is expected to be approved soon.

Capital Valley plots will beat many of its competitors after the Rawalpindi Development Authority approves the neighborhood.

Master Plan for Capital Valley

Examining the entire society’s master plan reveals that Capital Valley has one of the best masterplans in the entire city. It is designed to feature all of the essential comforts and qualities of modern living.

Modern parks and playgrounds are designed with families and children in mind. Along with residential flats, the society will provide commercial space along the commercial strip for recognized brands and businesses.

The Capital Valley Islamabad master plan was prepared by a highly experienced group of civil engineers, architects, town planners, and property developers with years of diverse property development experience. Capital Valley Islamabad was outfitted with both standard and lavish amenities, making it the best investment opportunity in Islamabad.

The pricing for the commercial zones will be provided by the developers shortly. The housing design now includes five distinct sizes of residential sites.

25×50 \s30×60 \s35×70 \s40×80 \s50×90

Capital Valley Islamabad has a multitude of investment opportunities with a good Return on Investment (ROI). Adopting global infrastructure development norms has elevated society to new levels of elegance and affordability. Earnings are guaranteed due to the maximum level of investment possibilities.

Features and Benefits

The list of Capital Valley’s features and services includes all of the new and contemporary living elements that make Capital Valley Islamabad modern and futuristic and an affluent housing community.


  • 24/7 Gated Security Fashion Street in the Community
  • Apartments in the Capital
  • Community Center and Capital Club
  • Capital Promenade
  • Water Park
  • Serviced apartments with five stars
  • Medical Complex Jade Park
  • Emerald Park’s World-Class Educational Structures
  • Commercial for Highline
  • Food Court in Capital Park
  • Lifestyle Center at the Capital Monument Zone of Gaming
  • Jamia Mosque for Housing Complexes

Capital Region Pricing and Payment Options

One of the key reasons that Capital Valley Islamabad is a desired investment location is the low cost of land. The society provides a 4-year easy installment plan that is incredibly adaptable and convenient for actual consumers.

Plot reservations at Capital Valley Islamabad require only a 15% down payment and a 5% confirmation fee. The remaining payment must be paid in four equal quarterly installments over a four-year period.

Farm House in Islamabad’s Capital Valley

Capital Valley Islamabad offers excellent farmhouses to all investors and potential inhabitants. Furthermore, the developers provide all investors with the best and most opulent living conditions. Furthermore, the tranquillity and luxury that these farmhouses bring will improve the community and the lives of future residents.

Status of Construction

The constriction work on the housing society will begin soon. Furthermore, the developers intend to provide a variety of luxury amenities to all investors. Furthermore, all prospective residents will find the amenities and features intriguing. The developers will build this housing society in line with worldwide urban town planning standards in order to produce a high-quality infrastructure, which will be the final and most important phase. Furthermore, the properties will provide first-rate amenities, raising the investors’ level of living. More information about the construction of this fantastic development project may be found on the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

How Do I Purchase a Plot in Capital Valley?

Contact Tagine Marketing if you are interested in purchasing a plot at Capital Valley. Please contact us by phone at +92 316 3332 567 or by email at [email protected]

Capital Valley Islamabad’s Pros and Cons


Anyone looking to invest in Pakistan’s Federal Capital in this developing economy should make Capital Valley Islamabad their top choice. The following are some of the benefits of living in Capital Valley:

  • inexpensive with a straightforward payment schedule
  • better features and services
  • an environmentally friendly atmosphere with specifically developed green zones by Green Thumb
  • Excellent educational facilities
  • Massive sports facilities as well as a gaming arcade
  • Gated community with 24-hour security (0-KM Islamabad International Airport)
  • Waste-Free Neighborhood


  • Although there are considerable drawbacks to society, investors may not find them to be deal breakers.
  • NOC is in the Process Development stage. The work is in its early stages.



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